Brenda and Bug do REI

August 17th, 2011

Brenda and Bug do REI

I’m a fan of REI but I hadn’t been there since before Bug was born. It’s been that long. I guess when you have kids sometimes outdoor adventures like camping and hiking get put on the back burner. Which is such a shame because who enjoys outdoor adventures the most? Kids!!! So Bug and I decided to take an adventure to REI and check out what they’ve got for kids.

how abou this one?

We tested the tents.

snuggling in the tent

We snuggled with some sleeping bags.

testing out the sleeping bags cozy!

I love it that they let you take the sleeping bags down and try them out. Did you know there are special sleeping bags made just for kids with special cinch ties at the bottom so little bodies don’t have to work so hard to keep warm. How smart is that?

Lego stuff too?! toys!

We also checked out the toys. I had no idea there were so many camping-related toys. It was insane. It was like Toys R Us for the outdoorsy kid. I was impressed. I think when I was little I made do with a stick. Now you can get flashlights in Lego shapes, there are all kinds of bug catchers and magnifying glasses, frisbees in all shapes and sizes…I could go on and on. Our favorite toy was a mini lantern. It was so wee and cute. It would make a sweet night light for beginning campers.

I didn’t photograph it but they also had a huge section just for dogs. I guess that shows you what a newbie dog-owner I am because I had never even thought about taking a dog with me camping. How FUN would that be?!! We could totally take Holly, the dog, camping with us. But then the helpful REI staff member who was helping us (Special shout out to Ryan Bocks who was super nice and helpful) let me know about how dog claws can rip up tents. I had never thought about that before either. Good to know. They had special dog claw tarps to put down and, get this, special hiking boot slipper things for dogs. I’m not even kidding! Because dog feet get tired too. I can only imagine what burning hot trails feel like for them. So consider my mind blown. Dogs – Camping – Gear. Wow.

kid section

Next we moved onto the book section. Like everything else it was impressive. They had a bunch of books for kids at their level of course. Bug sat right down and got comfortable. It was great. There was everything from Curious George Goes Camping to campfire song books and guides for parents taking newborns camping (ie: how to pack babyfood in your backpack). I found the books on Camping in California particularly interesting because I love those things. They’re thick and they are full of hints.

camping books!

this one is cool! cruisin' through the bicycle section

Of course we checked out the bikes too. It wasn’t really part of my whole camping adventure plan but Bug’s at that age where she’ll soon be ready for a two-wheeler so I had to let her ride one around the store. They had a pretty good selection, as you can see. I might have to come back when I’m ready to make that big purchase.

pink puffy!

Did I mention they have clothes? A lot. I love this puffy. It was a bit on the pricey side but soooo cute! I think they had one in my size too. Ryan Bocks said they pretty much had everything in ALL sizes.

miles and miles of flip flops

Flipflops for miles and miles…

back pack inspection blow that whistle!

My favorite thing though was this little backpack. It looks like a normal kid backpack but it’s not. It has a pocket in the back for putting a bladder. Do you know what a bladder is? I didn’t either. Such an awful name for such a cool thing. Basically it’s a pouch of water with a long tube straw that you can drink from when you’re out hiking under the hot sun. I thought that would be cool for Bug who probably normally would not want to carry her own gear. I know the novelty of a straw coming out of her backpack would be just the thing for her. But that wasn’t all.

The buckle doubled as a whistle. Not a quiet one either. You blow on the side and it emits a super high-pitched whistle that could be heard anywhere in the woods.

back pack buckle whistle!

As a paranoid mom worrying about her kid getting carted off by mountain lions or bears, this is pretty cool. I know I probably don’t have to worry about that but I like having a whistle anyway for my peace of mind, not to mention if she were to get lost I could probably track her down by listening for it. I thought it was a pretty nifty idea all around. Way to think REI.

Ryan and Bug

And that concluded our tour. I took a picture of Ryan because he was just so kind and awesome. He really deserves a promotion. The store was pretty busy and he got interrupted often by people looking for odds and ends but he made us feel like our adventure was the most important one without being rude to anyone. Our tour was sponsored and I’m sure he was on his best behavior because it was his job to make sure I write a good post but I got the feeling that I could drop in any day and get treatment like that. Lots of regulars said hi to him and waited for his expert advice. Customer service is rare these days and it really impressed me that REI didn’t skimp on the number of employees in their store. It was hopping busy too. I did get the down low on what time to come when it’s not busy though. Ryan recommended Monday and Tuesday mornings. Good to know!

REI materials

Ryan gave us a lot of good advice. I left with a printed checklist of everything I might need for any camping adventure and a cute Adventure Journal for Bug. It has puzzles and journal writing prompts. It’s pretty cool. He also gave me their monthly newsletter that has a calendar in it with local events. There are all kinds of REI events, anything from kayacking classes to how to pack your backpack classes to volunteer beach clean-up days and photography walking tours. There’s a lot going on. If you are thinking about getting out and about more with your family I would definitely recommend checking them out online and visiting their store. I think so many people just buy their gear at big box stores and don’t realize how much more a store like REI has to offer.

What outdoor activity do you pledge to do with your family this summer and how would a $100 REI gift card help you get there? Take the REI Outdoor Pledge and submit your comment to be entered.

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173 Responses to “Brenda and Bug do REI”

  1. Mary O Says:

    We are planning on going camping on Labor Day weekend, and we need another tent for our growing family. :)

  2. Meghan Says:

    I love REI! I want to take my nephew kayaking, and $100 would help me buy a life vest for him, (and maybe a few fun things for me too!)

  3. Sharon Says:

    I pledge to play outside more in general. I am really bad about not wanting to go outside at all, because it’s so darn hot! We have a pool this summer and I am trying to say ‘yes’ to going outside and playing more. An REI giftcard would help me get some fun outside stuff. I would love to do a backyard camping trip at the end of the summer and I could buy some supplies for that.

  4. Courtney Engle Says:

    We have camping trips scheduled for EVERY weekend in October! We need better bedrolls!

  5. caroline Says:

    I LOVE REI! I keep promising my boyfriend I’ll go camping with him – could use some camping gear for sure!

  6. AbbieBabble Says:

    I am DYING to go for a hike!

  7. kvossler Says:

    Because it’s so so hot here in Texas, we are planning to camp this coming fall with our 15 month old. We’ve got a tent, but we’d use that gift card to stock up on more water bottles, a decent lantern and a propane-fueled camp stove, among other things. We love REI and are members! Thanks for the give-away!

  8. Susan Says:

    Oh how we love camping in New Mexico! We’ve gone several times already, but we’re pledging to go again in the fall, despite hectic school schedules. The kids need kid-sized sleeping bags, and I’d LOVE a stuffable down jacket. Camping is the BEST with kids.

  9. Abigail Says:

    After finally (ever so slowly year by year) getting all the basics necessary for camping, I woul use the card for some fun novelty stuff. And maybe that hot pink puffy vest. IT’S SO CUTE!

  10. Stacy Says:

    We’re taking our daughter hiking this weekend and since she loves the outdoors so much, I’d love to take her camping. $100 from REI would be a great start towards getting her a kid sized sleeping bag and a tent.

  11. chalica Says:

    It would be awesome to get some “now we have kids” camping gear!

  12. cc Says:

    After camping without the kids this summer we realized we need to get a new tent so we can go camping with the kids.

    I loved camping as a kid, when I didn’t have any responsibilities, but I found that I enjoyed cooking over a campfire and being without the electronic ties we have to the world.

  13. Sharon Says:

    A slightly bigger tent would make our next overnight backpacking excursion more comfy. Our 2 person one didn’t work out so comfortably with us parents and our 1 year old squeezed in.

  14. robyn james Says:

    We live in Arizona, and our favorite day trip is hiking up in Sedona. I’ve never been to REI, however you have just convinced me I’ve been missing some wonderful gear!

  15. beyond Says:

    with a newborn, all i can do is go for walks at this point…

  16. Lisa Says:

    So many cute photos of Bug! As a family, we camp a lot usually on our boat but I want to get back into tent camping too. I think some of those outdoor friendly kid toys would be perfect for helping our kids enjoy camping more, especially that little lantern! Of course, I could always use a more comfy bedroll. :)

  17. flyingbird Says:

    We camp as a family, and our little guy is growing out of his sleeping bag–ready for a more technical bag!

  18. Christine Says:

    We love REI, and my two-year-old already has her eye on a pale-blue bike with training wheels that she has to sit on every time we visit, so I think I’ll say we’d go cycling as a family (the five-year-old can ride his two-wheeler really well now) and buy her the bike of her dreams…

  19. Christine Says:

    We love REI! If you become a member – I think there’s no fee for that- you get a portion of your annual purchases back each year. I think they are also a very responsible company and treat their employees well. I’m happy to give them our business:)

  20. Jenn S Says:

    i would love go canoeing with my family this summer. an REI gift card would let us get some fun gear like hats, etc!

  21. Heather Says:

    I haven’t been to an REI in forever! Looks like a lot of fun!
    I’d love to get the family out to a lake this Labor day weekend. Have to travel a bit, since we’re in the desert, but there’s some nice places around here we could check out. Would be great to have some REI gear to take with us!

  22. Dena Says:

    Camping! (with smores ;)

  23. Teresa M Says:

    We love REI Did they tell you about the benefits if you join? My hubby has a card that gets him money off!

    Looks like you had a great time!

  24. Tracy Says:

    Camping and sailing. We’re planning on sailing to a local island that is a state park that is only accessible by boat. Then we’re camping on the island with our two dogs. I can’t wait! Thanks for the tip about the tarp to put down so our dogs don’t rip the tent (I’ve seen what they can do with hardwood floors). :-)

  25. oma Says:

    we’re planning to camp with our two-year-old next month, but some new gear–particularly new kitchen gear–would make it a very fantastic experience.

  26. Brooke Says:

    We go for bike rides almost every day and both kids have logged enough miles that they are pretty well due for new ones. A gift card would help them earn their money faster!

  27. Jolene L. Says:

    I pledge to camp with my family. REI can help me get there with this double sleeping bag:

  28. Jolene L. Says:


  29. Meggan Says:

    I bought a kayak at the beginning of the summer and have been using it up a storm to help me be outside as much as possible. I would like to get a new PFD….gotta be safe!

  30. Melaine Says:

    We’re a big camping and hiking family. Sadly we are not much of a bike riding family these days because one of my kids is terrified of his bike, but I’m doing everything I can to rectify that situation. Some snazzy new bike accessories from REI just might be what the doctor ordered!

  31. Rachel Says:

    We are going on a weekend canoe trip in the Adirondacks in a couple of weeks. So much gear to load up on! :)

  32. Kate Says:

    We have been walking our dog every night. We would love to go hiking more and a gift card would help us get the right shoes!

  33. Tonya Says:

    We are planning on going camping in october and we could use some new bed rolls.

  34. mary Says:

    we are planning on going to the beach and sailing for the up coming holiday!

  35. jill Says:

    I’d LOVE to go on a camping trip with husband and 3 sons. They dream about sleeping in a tent!

  36. Wendy Says:

    Would love to take my 9 year daughter on her first camping trip ….

  37. Kuky Says:

    Isabelle has been asking to go camping. We are talking about going to a ummm I don’t know what it’s called. Like a camping event thing for Halloween. It’s not really camping but we will need camping gear like a tent and sleeping bags. There are bathrooms and they provide the food. Faux camping. :-D We’re doing it this way because I need to ease into camping.

  38. Sara Says:

    We pledge to keep walking, hiking and exploring with almost two-year-old Alice! Mama needs some new shoes, and this would help!

  39. Amy G Says:

    This post absolutely made me want tot high tail it over to the closest REI, which I’ve never really been interested in before!!

  40. Ann Says:

    We love REI! The girls and I love biking and hiking along with water sports. We are looking to buy a kayak and new life vests. I have always found the nicest customer service folks in REI!

  41. kimberly Says:

    I love REI. Used to work at one in Atlanta part time way back when in my college days. We are just getting into stand up paddleboarding. So far we’ve just been renting boards and other gear but I would love a gift card to use toward getting started on having my own gear. With $100 I could start off with getting a PFD.

  42. Donna G Says:

    We are quite fond of REI – the Boss has a membership thingie where he gets points for purchases or something. Lat time we were there, he was really eyeing the bicycles. It would sure be nice if he got one too, so we could ride together as soon as the danger of melting has passed (around about the end of September or so).

  43. Melinda Says:

    We just rediscovered our love of camping this summer and have one last camping trip planned for mid-September. We’d use the gift certificate to better outfit our mobile kitchen.

  44. kelli Says:

    We’re going boating during the last week before school starts! (And we’ve been camping this summer, too.)

  45. kelli Says:

    (oops, the comment posted before I was finished)

    We’re going boating during the last week before school starts! (And we’ve been camping this summer, too.) I would totally get some new sunhats for the kids to use on the water (as well as at school recesses in CA).

  46. Linda Stewart Says:

    With the weather finally cooling off here I plan to take the boys our a hiking adventure to collect leaves, nuts, twigs, and sticks to use in making photo frames for Christmas gifts.

  47. Angela Says:

    I could use the $100 gift card to get a some great new cycling shoes. Since the weather is cooling off and I’m working on losing weight, it would be nice to ride a bike outdoors sometimes.

  48. Angela Says:

    Tweeted the promotion.

  49. kecia barnhill Says:

    cant wait to hike with the kids.

  50. Lori Says:

    I would love to take my two girls on a camping trip. They have never been fishing or camping and we would love a chance to get some gear so we can have a great family outdoor excursion!

  51. Natalie Says:

    I might have to actually go down the block from where I work to check them out. We need some new outdioor activity ideas for our family now that our daughter is old enough to go on longer walks!

  52. Julia Says:

    Hoping to go camping, but need a tent! :)

  53. s Says:

    We love the outdoors and every fall my husband and the kids camp out with friends at our lake. Our youngest was so excited to turn 5 because he claims he is officially old enough to camp vs come home with mom at the end of the night (good thing I still have to head home to stay with the dogs who aren’t allowed to camp there – one time I’m thankful for a no dogs allowed sign haha)

  54. Lisa V. Says:

    I tweeted!!/Alaskalark

  55. Elaine C. Says:

    I just moved to Oregon from a warm climate and I could use a winter jacket for all the hiking & skiing I plan on doing!

  56. Katy Says:

    I love REI, I just bought some new hiking shoes there for a trip this weekend!

  57. Jennie W Says:

    We are planning another camping trip, and will be getting better sleeping bags after the last not so successful trip with a 20 month old.

  58. Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) Says:

    We plan many more hikes with our daughter. At age six, she is finally able to keep up for longer distances.

  59. Heather in WA State Says:

    Wow, I wish I could get sponsored to go to REI! Though, I’m there all the time anyway, so actually someone would have to pay me to stay away! I’m a volunteer with Girl Scouts, so I’m there all the time stocking up for camping trips, cook-outs, hikes, etc. One time bought 10 compasses for the girls on the way to camp so we could learn orienteering. REI always seems to be our last stop on our way out of town. What’s most fun is that they are always carrying new and amazing products, so there’s always something fun to discover, which of course means I buy stuff I didn’t even know I needed!

  60. shel Says:

    More camping; we haven’t gone in at least a year and the kids are always asking when we’ll go again. Some new sleeping bags from REI are in order!

  61. shel Says:


  62. nicole@deliajude Says:

    what if i just completed my pledge? we just arrived home from a 10 day camping trip in Yosemite…I pledged to camp for 10 nights without giving up to the cold and dirt and hip hip hooray we did it…the most memorable family trip ever!

  63. kb Says:

    Camping and hiking. We need to do a practice run with the tent and sleeping bags in the backyard first!

  64. runnergirl Says:

    I pledge to take my kids hiking…we misplaced their safety whistles so a trip to REI may be in order before then.

  65. Melissa E Says:

    I LOVE REI!! I have no problem spending hours there – looking at gear, learning new things, checking everything out. When I took up swimming, REI was where I went for gear. I buy a lot of my biking, running and almost ALL of my camping gear there.

    We live in a small town, so it’s easy to get out and ride the bikes. We’ll be heading to the farmers market and then hopping on the smooth, flat, paved trail that goes through the town and out in to the country. Can’t wait!

  66. Tim Says:

    Hiking with the family has been great, our daughter loves being in her Deuter Carrier.!/tbasham/status/104604748950421505

  67. Jenna Says:

    I love R.E.I, but I also love borrowing gear to make camping trips more enjoyable without breaking the bank. I would LOVE to win a gift card to R.E.I so I can stock up on much-needed gear for my family, like a new, bigger tent! I love the whistle on the buckle of the backpack. Genius!

  68. Janice Says:

    I don’t have kids, but thanks for sharing how great REI treated your family!

  69. Jenn Says:

    I pledge to get at least one more hike in this summer.

    My son has that backpack you were looking at and it has been a lifesaver. We always struggle to get him to drink enough on the trail and the hydration pack makes it so easy! I’d love to get some for the whole family.

  70. JTKessOH Says:

    A kid can have just as much fun camping as they can at Disney. To many the outdoors is a fantasy world and a trip camping can lead them to a lifelong enjoyment of nature. I pledge to continue educating family and friends of the local adventures with miles of home and others far away.

  71. Liberty Says:

    My husband and I call ourselves backpackers but we haven’t put on our packs in over three years. Now we have a 1 year old and can’t wait to introduce him to the great outdoors when the humidity goes away. Now that there is an extra one in tow, we need some new equipment and a gift card to my favorite store in the world would be awesome!

  72. Melodious Says:

    I’m getting back into cycling and I’d love to take one of the bike maintenance classes at my local REI. I have all the tools in my bike bag, but I’m not sure how to use all of them properly! I know the experts at REI would be just the ones to teach me. That $100 GC would pay for the class, as well as leaving some to purchase other bike items I might not have considered necessary.

  73. Nancy L Says:

    If I won the gift card I would get my husband and I some bike gear so we could do a lot more biking than we have this year! We moved to Colorado 1 1/2 years ago and they have so many trails and groups to go biking with here!

  74. Denani Says:

    Looks like you had a blast there! It’s awesome seeing people getting their kids outdoors, and it’s always cool when you can take your dog with you out on a trip! keep getting outdoors, and encouraging those LNT Principles as well, so that Bug can still have beautiful places to visit when she is older!

    Personally, I pledge to go try salmon fishing for the first time, and to take at least one more weekend backpacking trip with friends up here. I’d like to try canoeing before everything freezes up as well if I can find a canoe partner!

  75. Ashley Sue Bullers @AshleySue Says:

    My husband and I are trying to plan a group for some good old fashioned car camping to end summer! We just got a new, awesome sleeping bag from REI to go with alllll the other stuff we pick up from REI in order to make camping rock, and it’s going to be great – as always!

    By the way, ADORABLE girl! We’re trying to start a family, and cannot wait to have our little outdoor baby in tote!

  76. kelly Says:

    I have not been the yellowstone yet…next park on my list~!

  77. Tyler Gaisford Says:

    Ug! I want a family now just to go camping with them,

  78. Matt Says:

    I pledge to get outside and bike with my family. REI can help me get their with this bike:

  79. Matt Says:!/mjplower/status/104616397178552320

  80. Jolene Says:


  81. Ms. Smarty Pants Says:

    Lately, I’ve definitely been shopping more for my dog than for any humans at REI. $100 would sure come in handy!

  82. Jeremy McWatty Says:

    I shall be in the Linville Gorge with some friends Labor Day Weekend to celebrate the unofficial end of summer and the knowledge that we will soon get some temps that are bearable for hiking here in the South East.. Oh and I need a Nano puff Jacket for the winter trips planned!!

  83. Gene Busbey Says:

    Went on a hike of the Ozark Trail this summer and discovered the need for a lightweight sleeping pad. I’m big so need a substantial one for my size which means added price. $100 would be a huge advantage to getting what I need to be able to continue hiking.

  84. Kristen Says:

    I’d like to hike with my dogs in some state parks, and I could really use some new hiking shoes/boots!

  85. John Says:

    Im setting up a camping trip this saturday with some friends at quarry close by.

  86. Cristine Says:

    I would love to go hiking with my family and a $100 gift card from REI would come in handy to get some hiking gear and supplies!

  87. Ashley Sue Bullers @AshleySue Says:

    @AshleySue tweeted –!/AshleySue/status/104613317900910592

  88. Rebecca Says:

    I want to go camping – it would be great to be able to buy new shoes for my toddler so he can run through the trails.

  89. Amy Tong Says:

    I love camping and I used to camp a lot before I have kids. Now, my kids are older (2 and 4) and should be able to enjoy a camping trip. I really want to take them camping so they can have fun and experience what I enjoyed so much. $100 REI gift card would be wonderful to help me get some camping equipment that I needed!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  90. Laura Rose Says:

    Thanks for the adorable photos! I love the one of your little girl in the tent! My boyfriend loves hiking and camping (and is currently hiking the John Muir Trail!) and I wanted to surprise him for a fun trip for his birthday! Unfortunately, we both don’t fit in his one-man tent! I would love to be able to help buy him a new (larger) tent for our trip!

  91. Diana Says:

    Great photo essay of your trip to REI. I love the store in our area. This summer (what is left of it) I pledge to go sailing for the first time. The desire to have fun on the water has been there but my fear has been greater. So here I go and wish me luck. I could use a wind breaker…

  92. Jaynette Says:

    We plan on hiking at Silver Falls. The hike is 5 miles long and meanders past 10 waterfalls. A nice, challenging hike.

  93. Carrie Says:

    We are going beach camping soon! I am so very excited. Our family loves REI. My husband and I registered with REI for our wedding registry. :)

  94. Rick Says:

    Weeks away from a 3 day backpacking trip on the Long Trail with friends. Looking forward to a trip to REI, my favorite toy store to replace some old gear and toys with newer lighter stuff!

  95. Jill L Says:

    I pledge to do more exploring of the trails and even more geocaching. We love being outdoors. REI could help me get everyone hydration packs.

  96. Jill L Says:


  97. christin Says:

    I love REI! Could spend hours there! I would love to get some equipment for a camping trip!

  98. Jessie C. Says:

    It will be great to take the kids on a hike, we could use some hiking shoe.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  99. Jessie C. Says:


  100. Kristen Says:

    I pledge to get to Bryce canyon this summer. I would use my gift card to buy a cambelbak so my husband wouldn’t have to carry all the water!

  101. Mami2jcn Says:

    I pledge to take hikes with the kids and we’d love some hiking shoes.

  102. Mami2jcn Says:


  103. Sarita Says:

    Love your photos. I didn’t know they had books for kids. Will definately check it out next time I m there. I love REI! I pledge to have our family go on bike trips together around where we live. We just got back from beautiful Yosemite where we rented bikes and it was one of my fav things we did. Now I am looking to get a bike at REI and the gift card would really help out :)

  104. Russ Says:

    We love to hike, bike and camp. I pledge to explore our nature spots where we live with my family.

  105. Annette D Says:

    We are planning a family camping trip once the weather cools off some. We love REI!

  106. Annette D Says:


  107. April G. Says:

    I’m planning on finding a few swimming holes! But $100 from REI would help me buy a new swimsuit.

  108. mick mc bride Says:

    going to get the family camping together again, it’s been at least 20 years since the whole crew camped together. Card would go toward comforts of home gear for mom.

  109. Susan Smith Says:

    I pledge to go camping with my family and the REI GC would help buy camping equipment

  110. Susan Smith Says:!/susan1215/status/105028607138738177

  111. karina Says:

    I am going to take the family on a camping trip

  112. Jen Says:

    We plan on doing more geocaching and hiking.

  113. Stacy Says:

    Our son just got a new bike today!

  114. Steph Says:

    i pledge to explore more parks and would love to buy new hiking shoes with this!

  115. Steph Says:!/DesMoinesDealin/status/105095664987422720

  116. ShoutLaughLove Says:

    ooh, i’d love to get a bigger tent for our bigger family:) we haven’t camped since we had kids three years ago. it’s about time.

  117. @GradyHallenbeck Says:

    Outdoor activities are a big way that my family spends time together. This summer, we have pledged to spend more time together doing activities such as hiking, biking, and camping. A $100 REI giftcard could help us get there by allowing us to provide various supplies for the activities that we might not otherwise be able to afford.

  118. Joy B Says:

    I would like to mtn bike more. We have a great place to go about 10 minutes from our house. It even has a highly rated competion track. My husband & I could both use better bikes. We got cheap ones about 8 yrs ago. They don’t shift well & could use a better shock system. We have been eyeing the mtn bikes at REI which are much improved over ours. An REI employee fitted us for bike sizes. We are good to go. Now if we just had some more money to get those new mtn bikes, to get us out on the trails more. Hmmm.

  119. Felix Says:

    We just got back from our annual camping trip in Sequoia National Park – have been taking my daughter every summer since she was 7 months old. We love camping! REI has so much fun stuff – and a $100 gift card could get help us get some more great stuff for our adventures.

  120. Erica Says:

    I would like to buy a backpack carrier to take my daughter on hikes. I’d also get her some kid-sized camping gear. I want to introduce her to the outdoors and teach her to appreciate the beauty of nature.

  121. Christopher Sorel Says:

    LOVE rei and their product there own brand is as good as the name brand ones. THe best tent and easy to put up for some backyard camping with the kids

  122. Christopher Sorel Says:


  123. Abel Says:

    I dig REI! this promotion rocks !

  124. bets Says:

    We are going on a family bike ride this week.

  125. alison Says:

    We visit REI every fall to get our staple winter jacket for my daughter…. we live in Colorado so this is a must. Every year we buy just the basic REI brand fleece jacket and every year it has held up beautifully! Now the jackets are starting to get a second turn with my younger daughter. So, my point is, I love REI!

  126. Frog Mom Says:

    Way to go REI! I pledge to camp in the snow in the Sierras this winter. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers but I’ve always wanted to try it and my girls are always up for an adventure.

  127. Julie Says:

    from sleeping bags to dresses… we buy EVERYTHING at REI! Seriously, my husband (the minimalist) has worn the same pair of Mountain Khakis at least 3 days a week to work for the past 2 years! Quality and (our kind of) style. With the gift card, I would buy my toddler her first sleeping bag… so she doesn’t have to keep using a really really old one of ours :)

  128. karen M Says:

    we took the pledge, more biking, i would replace the tires on one of bikes and get a bike and helmet for our youngest gal.

  129. Kendra aka The Meanest Momma Says:

    We just got back from a fabulous Montana vacation and it has inspired me to do more hiking with the kids!

  130. Kelly Massman Says:

    I’d like to do more hiking!!! and swimming!
    I might be able to buy a
    Osprey Manta 25 Hydration Pack from REI!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  131. johnny M Says:

    We like to get out and fish and hike with the kids . its a great way to teach them about nature ! thanks for the chance :)

    miketx60atmail dotcom

  132. Cindy Says:

    Camping, camping, camping!!! For the first time, oceanside!!!

  133. Cindy Says:

    Tweet tweet tweet!!/KiniWoman/status/106433085096210433

  134. tracy lynn Says:

    I would so love to take my girl on a bike ride. I would put the funds toward a bike trailer – the kind where she can “ride” her own bike, but be attached to mine.

  135. Karen S. Says:

    We need a new tent–I would love a gift certificate! :)

  136. claudia Says:

    i pledge to keep taking the kids out for bike rides …and to make it more fun we always have a picnic :) and the REI GC would be great for getting a new helmet for my daughter.

  137. Gena Says:

    We’d pledging to do more family hikes together and family bike rides with our new bike trailer. That $100 would definitely help us all get some helmets or a new pair of Keens!

  138. Christie Says:

    I would do a camping/kayaking trip in N. MI! I would get a footprint for my tent. The plastic tarp’s just not cutting it… I love REI and the gift card would definitely be greatly appreciated!

  139. Tania C. Says:

    We would go camping and use the money toward a larger tent!

  140. Tania C. Says:


  141. kay swederski Says:

    REI is such a fun store – we need to get another tent!

  142. Shalana Varon Says:

    We will do a hike with the kids on the C&O Canal this weekend…and also some fishing! We took the kids camping this summer up to Maine and they totally got addicted to fishing. Since mine are still in training wheels a hike is a much more pleasant family experience than a bike ride.

  143. Sarah Brant Says:

    That IS a lot of flip flops. I love REI!

  144. helga jones Says:

    I’d put the REI Gift Card towards a new sleeping bag….my boyfriend and I love to backpack and I no longer have my AwEsOmE down bag I purchased years ago….at REI:-)

  145. Helen Keeler Says:

    We will be swimming this summer. The $100 REI gift card would help with swim suits.

  146. Helen Keeler Says:


  147. lyndsey Says:

    my husband and i would love to go camping, but we don’t have a tent!

  148. Emily Says:

    REI has such great stuff- i could really use a sleeping bag so I’m ready for my next camping trip!

  149. Leanne Johnson Says:

    We should hike more, but I need some boots with ankle support

  150. jessica edwards Says:

    bike riding

  151. KristinaYellow Says:

    I would love to get some new fall camping gear; we hike quite a bit but would love to start camping again with our toddler!

  152. Tracey Byram Says:

    I could get a new propane stove and lantern for our next camping trip.

  153. Selinda Says:

    I pledge to go hiking with my son and would be able to get him some new boots for it since he is growing so quickly!

  154. Tina M Says:


  155. Tina M Says:!/HappyTina0115/status/108697841223999488

  156. Tina M Says:

    Camping!!! I need a new tent

  157. Crystal Says:

    We love REI!

  158. Hattie Says:

    Favorite thing about REI is the fact you can try everything! Hiked a whole lot this summer, looking forward to fall camping and cooler temps!

  159. Heather Says:

    REI is a favorite for sure. We would love to have a gift card to stock up on some fall/winter gear for this year!

  160. Russ Says:

    I loved the pictures trying out the sleeping bags.

  161. Denise Grier Says:

    I need that $100 to buy a bike!

  162. Nicole Howe Says:

    I took the pledge! REI is great! If I won the money I would buy my mom a pair of keens…(so I could get mine back)! She tried them on and never wants to give them back! The safety whistles are great aren’t they! Makes me feel safer too!!!

  163. Emily J. Says:

    REI is my happy place!

  164. Amanda Says:

    I pledged to take a family bike ride! A good reminder to get out and enjoy summer while it lasts. With that gift card, I’d probably buy some nice biking gloves for long rides.

  165. Susan:) Says:

    I would love to take my nieces hiking! With a giftcard, I would get some of those nifty backpacks with the “bladder” and whistle, and probably a couple of books and journals for the trip.

  166. Angie Says:

    We will definitely be taking a hike this weekend on the Columbia Gorge. I would love to get my daughter that backpack with the “bladder” (that is a weird word for it!) in it. She hikes like a mountain goat! And she gets thirsty. We love REI, and before kids we used to go a lot…it’s nice to see they have so many kid friendly products! I love the sleeping bag with the cinching bottom so they stay warm!

  167. Elizabeth Says:

    We would go camping and hiking in our favorite state park!!

  168. Kristen Says:

    I plan on taking a hike with my boys! They love being outside!

  169. JoAnn Says:

    We absolutely love REI! We are avid RV campers and rely on REI to outfit us for our summer adventures. The girly girl can always use new clothes :)

  170. Colleen Says:

    We go camping, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing with our kids who are 8 & 10, and have done so since they are little. I am very proud of the fact that I do things with my kids, rather than running them around to soccer and the mall!

  171. Suzanne K Says:

    I took the pledge. I pledge to go hiking in the local botanic garden with my daughter and take pictures while there. REI has hiking boots, sunscreen, hats and classes on digital cameras to help us!

  172. Angie Says:

    We love REI. We were just there over the weekend to pick up some stuff for our upcoming camping trip, and the staff are just the best! Still need a few more things though…

  173. JennD Says:

    We took the pledge… but didn’t need too… we love being outdoors in the summer! Geocaching, Camping!, hiking, Beach trips!! oh the fun we have outdoors! and Bonus… a NEW REI just opened in our town!! yippie! we bought the kids cool lunch boxes and have spent a few hours browsing camping gear… drooling over things we want… ;) new camping mats would be fabulous…REI has a fabulous one! (oh… we camp with our dog… he LOVES camping! and the beach!)… we love having him with us! ;)