Spin Spin (away) Sugar

May 12th, 2011

for boys and girls

I hate to gross anyone out but I have to admit we struggle with brushing teeth in my house. Especially when it comes to the youngest one in my household—my daughter. I admit this is 100% my fault because I have not been as diligent with her as I should be. She brushes her teeth nearly (Gasp! It’s so hard to admit this!) every day but not without a fuss and a fight. I admit I have been known to rush her out the door without making sure she’s done a good job. How many times have I said, Is your toothbrush wet? Eh, good enough, let’s go.

Far too many.

My only excuse is that I was blessed with hard teeth. I’m 38 years old and I have never had a cavity to this day. I come from a family with very few dental problems (other than orthodontic) and so does my husband. What can I say? Some people are blessed with long beautiful cellulite-free legs, others are blessed with hard teeth. Unfortunately, I got the latter.

But just because we don’t have to worry about dentists’ drills and scary shots doesn’t mean we get a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to brushing. First of all there’s bad breath (ugh, don’t even get me started) and secondly, we have to worry about gum disease. Brushing is ALWAYS good. I got in the habit of it when I had braces. Once you get used to that clean feeling you can’t leave the house without it. However, I admit I wasn’t raised to always be this way. My parents were very lax with my brushing habits and I’m ashamed to admit I’m following in their footsteps when it comes to raising my daughter.


Which is why ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush® My Way! ™ and Orajel ® Kids My Way™ Toothpaste particularly caught my eye. What better way to motivate a creative kid to brush her teeth than to let her get creative with the tools?! With stickers! It’s brilliant! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?


I have to admit I secretly wanted to break out my marker pens and make the toothpaste dispenser into a dragon but my daughter was plenty keen on the stickers. She LOVES stickers and they dialed her right in with the bling-bling girly-foo-foo hearts and diamonds and kittens, oh my! I preferred the stickers that came with the boy version Arm and Hammer accidentally sent me but this product was for her, not me. I’m still perfectly content with my old drugstore toothbrush I bought last week that doesn’t even spin.

"it feels like a lawn mower on my teeth!"

Speaking of spin action, boy was that a hit! I was so worried when I signed up for this review that I’d have to back out because my daughter refused to even try it. In the past, I’ve tried getting Bug to brush her teeth with a spin-brush and it did not go over at all. She was afraid of that thing like a cat is afraid of a vacuum cleaner. I couldn’t even turn it on in the same room as her without her running for cover. But somehow between growing up a few years and taking ownership of it with a passel of free stickers, she actually had the guts to try it. And she liked it! I took a bunch of photos for you and for me. It was a big moment for us.

Her reaction? “It feels like a lawn mower in my mouth, Mommy.”

Lawn-mower away, sweetie-pants. Lawn-mower away all that plaque, is all I could say.

new brush new chart!

Orajel ® and ARM & HAMMER®, I think you have a winner here.

So who else wants to be a winner? You do! And you can be by commenting below! How do you like that for a segue? I know, I work hard for the money, I do! Well you can work hard for your money too. Tell me a little bit about your morning brushing routine. Do you have any creative tricks to get your kids brushing? Or if you don’t have kids, do you have any tricks for yourself? Do you brush in the shower? With coffee? I’m dying to know. Leave me a comment and I will enter you into a sweepstakes for a $100 Visa gift card, provided by BlogHer and ARM & HAMMER. Visit the Exclusive Offers section for more chances to win. Sweepstakes ends June 9th.


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171 Responses to “Spin Spin (away) Sugar”

  1. Mary O Says:

    Brushing teeth is hard in my household too. I do a lot of tackling and holding down arms to get my kids’ teeth brushed properly.

  2. Susan Says:

    We don’t exactly struggle with brushing teeth, but I struggle to fit it in in the morning. So I’ll often ask the nanny to preside over toothbrushing for me- avoidance!

    It’s helped us that in the mornings as long as they do a good job we don’t require a parent-brushing after they do their turn, like we do at night. And, big surprise, they really like to floss (mint taste, I think), so that’s the treat after we finish brushing at night! Maybe I just have weird kids. (They’re 2 and 5.)

  3. Yara Says:

    I have trouble with the 2 younger ones… L&L had that same toothbrush last year and it was easier getting them to brush. I really should go buy it again.
    Sadly, I usually end up holding K down so I can brush his teeth. It is not fun.

  4. Kuky Says:

    We don’t struggle with Isabelle. But boy do we struggle with Nathan. The dentist suggested we put him in a headlock. I don’t know how to manage that. But I do sit on him sort of, to keep him from kicking me. Well “sit “sounds so baby smooshing. More like crouch over him without my full weight. Then he cries and I can get the toothbrush in. It is not pretty.

  5. Robin M. Says:

    I let them pick their own toothpaste – usually its something with SpongeBob on it.

  6. jenifer Says:

    I have an almost 7 year old who is a daily beast about toothbrushing and considering I have the worst teeth ever I must be dilligent. That toothbrush would sure be handy in our house and since its like daddy’s (and daddy is king, of course) it may take the edge off of the twice daily battle.

  7. jenifer Says:

    I tweeted too!

  8. april yedinak Says:

    No great tricks for brushing, though when my son was being especially resistant to brushing his teeth, I subtracted a dollar off his allowance each time he didn’t brush. He started brushing regularly again.

  9. Susan Smith Says:

    I let them pick out their own toothpaste and toothbrush, but we really don’t have any struggles getting the children to brush their teeth.

  10. Susan Smith Says:


  11. Kurt Says:

    whatever it takes to get ‘em to brush!

  12. Amy Says:

    I recently got the “my way” set for my little girl (turning 2 soon)! She has so much fun with the decorating and using it! Now, my boy who’s been using his Thomas (his favorite charactor) begs for a “my way” brush set too! It’s a really cool product!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  13. Kelly Massman Says:

    Play a little song that they can brush to!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  14. Karina Says:

    I bribe them

  15. Mami2jcn Says:

    My sons like to brush as long as they get to pick out their own toothbrush.

  16. Mami2jcn Says:


  17. injaynesworld Says:

    Being that I work at home, I usually don’t brush until I’m ready to go out for mid-day errands and have had my coffee and breakfast. I should probably brush first thing in the morning, but that would make my coffee taste horrible.

  18. injaynesworld Says:



  19. Maria Says:

    My son loves to brush his teeth. My daugher on the other hand needs to be reminded until she gives in.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  20. Kim D. Says:

    No tricks here to get my daughters to brush. They just know that they have to do it otherwise they’re going to have lots of visit to the dentist.
    mom22girlz at ymail dot com

  21. Kim D. Says:

    I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/mom22girlz/status/70050521213452288

  22. Andrea Says:

    I have a sign (stick note) on my nightstand that says, “Don’t even THINK about going to bed unless you’ve washed your teeth.”
    Yup, I threaten myself.

  23. Victoria Says:

    I was an office manager for a dental office for 10 years. Now that I have my own children I have them brush twice a day and it’s been easy going for the most part unless there is a wiggly tooth. You just do the best you can, I say.

  24. turkeylurker Says:

    Whoops! Morning brushing? Doesn’t happen – yet. I am pretty proud of the fact though that we have brushed without a struggle every night since 4 months old. That should count for something, right?

  25. Dena Says:

    Usually morning brushing is done too quickly, but at least they try, right? I help when they let me. I choose not to help when I predict the screaming tantrum will erupt.

  26. anna bella Says:

    I need this myself! Actually I’m pretty good about brushing because I’m addicted to that clean feeling, but I just read a report that says flossing is actually more important than brushing. I need some way to remember/take time to floss. Sigh.

  27. sherri crawford Says:

    our morning routine is pretty simple. my kids like brushing

  28. Milissa Says:

    I do not have any kids. But when I was a little kid, I hated brushing my teeth; and my dentist could tell! So he made a deal with me….every time I had a good check-up, he would take me to McDonalds for a kids meal. That motivated me to start brushing better!

  29. Milissa Says:

    My kids use fabric markers and paint to design their own clothing. They enjoy wearing their own masterpieces.

  30. alison Says:

    Personally I just HAVE to brush my teeth as soon as I wake up in the morning. If I don’t do it then (gasp) I may never get it done. I admit my daughters teeth brushing habits are less then stellar too. However, she does have a spinny brush that she likes and I’m all for it because I figure that at least we’re making the most of the short amount of time that brush is in her mouth. I also feel that nighttime brushing is more important because that’s when all the icky food germs sit on your teeth all night. Maybe I’m crazy about that!??

  31. Steph Says:

    i brush my teeth in the shower! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  32. Steph Says:


  33. Jessie C. Says:

    I brush my teeth three times a day, after each meal. To get kids to brush, stickers and rewards work for us.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  34. Jessie C. Says:


  35. Ashley Says:

    I am constantly sending all three of mine back to brush, chewing on the toothbrush does not count as brushing anymore, they now have permanant teeth I would like for them to keep!

  36. nan Says:

    i used to have to do tricks with my son..but now he is all for it..i just remind him that the dentist is going to be so happy at how clean he’s keeping his teeth
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  37. Heather Says:

    I find it so hard to get in the habit of making sure my kid brushed her teeth! I know I should have her do it when I’m brushing my own, but sometimes I’m in such a rush, just doesn’t happen.

  38. Sara Says:

    Our daughter’s brush is a Sonicare and she loves that she could choose the decorations. It’s nice that the whole thing is rechargeable! The built in timer has definitely helped with the cleanliness of her teeth overall. :) The toothpaste in your review is a new favorite in our house too!

  39. Jaynette Says:

    Honestly, the key to my kids brushing every day was getting braces. Only one of them has braces, but what are you going to do? They are getting bigger than me.

    But, when the brush gets old I use it in the laundry to scrub out stains. Great fun for mom doing a mundane job.

  40. sandra Says:

    a singing toothbrush

  41. Betty Says:

    The trick for us was starting early and making sure that the kids knew we put a lot of importance on brushing.
    I’m still dealing with my own habits. I brush regularly but drinking coffee on the way to work tends to eliminate all of the sensitivity and enamel rebuilding benefits in the toothpaste/rinse. Instructions say not to eat/drink for 30 minutes. sigh We are trying out different rinse flavors because daughter dislikes the mint taste and diligently rinses her mouth of the rinse flavors which is also not letting her get the benefits we want.

  42. dianne Says:

    brushing is a struggle in our house too! lately, we’ve gone with “no legos until you’ve eaten, gotten dressed and brushed”. that is on school days anyway. the weekend doesn’t go as well…but we’re trying!

  43. Betty Says:


  44. Elizabeth Says:

    Just wanted to mention — brushing and flossing is crucial to physical health. All that junk on your teeth and gums (and between your teeth) goes into your bloodstream and over time causes plaque on your ARTERIES. So not brushing affects your heart health!

    One more reason to brush!

  45. Diane Says:

    You know that stuff that turns kids teeth blue so they can see where the plaque is? well I use that. It helps me see exactly where I need to pay extra attention to. Plus it tastes great : )

  46. jennifer horn Says:

    We don’t struggle right now. My 2 year old likes being like her big sisters, so she brushes when they do.

  47. jennifer horn Says:

    tweeted. http://twitter.com/jen_r_horn/status/70909363447005184

  48. elz Says:

    I tell my kids to sing/hum the “ABCs” while they brush. It (hopefully) guarantees that they are brushing long enough. They would go crazy for a tootbrush with stickers. I’ll have to check it out!

  49. Gina Says:

    Brushing is easier on school days because we have a routine. Weekends are harder! I’ve noticed that new toothbrushes and toothpaste help make brushing a little more exciting.

  50. anash Says:

    I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/anashct/status/71027667364876288
    Thanks for the chance!!
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  51. anash Says:

    i dont have any problems getting my kids to brush- my 2 year old walks around all day with her toothbrush! she loves it absolutely!
    Thanks for the chance to win!! What a lovely giveaway
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  52. s Says:

    no tricks, just consistency, although I do have to say the pictures the orthodontist gave the kids of those who didn’t brush so well with braces certainly influenced them to spend some extra time brushing! Our ortho also gives “report cards” each ortho check which can be used to earn a small Gift Certificate, so they have added incentive there as well.

    The spin brushes are great – we tried them on our dentist’s recommendation after a particular difficult checkup when one of my kids had his first cleaning. The dentist said kids who use spin brushes are much more comfortable with the dental apparatus used to clean their teeth than the kids who only are used to manual brushes. Our kids have one of each.

  53. Sunshyn V Says:

    Generally I brush first thing in the morning, before coffee even. I guess it would be better if I did so after coffee, but that just doesn’t seem to fit with my schedule.
    chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

  54. Sunshyn V Says:

    I tweeted this
    chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

  55. Leah Says:

    We try to distract our kids by singning silly songs during toothbrushing time.



    kytah00 at yahoo dot com


    2nd ENTRY TWEET @ http://twitter.com/#!/kytah00/status/71640153331994624

    kytah00 at yahoo dot com

  58. Sarah - PS Mom Reviews Says:

    I remember the days when I sat on my son (gently of course) to brush his teeth. I’m glad he’s better about it now. :D


  59. Sarah - PS Mom Reviews Says:

    Tweeted- http://twitter.com/#!/psmomreviews/status/71672093737103361


  60. injaynesworld Says:

    No kids, just me and I brush just before I go out the door for the day, whether it’s morning or mid-day.

  61. injaynesworld Says:



  62. One Scrappy Gal Says:

    My little girl is wonderful about brushing her teeth. She was easy and just being consistant worked with her. My boys…not so much. I have to literally wrestle the oldest down to get a toothbrush in his mouth.. but he has autism and doesn’t like anything in his mouth that isn’t edible. The youngest boy, affectionately nicknamed Dragon Breath, is just stubborn. I won’t give up though!!

  63. Katie Says:

    My kids are awesome about brushing their own teeth, so all I have to do is get the toothpaste on them and hand them out!

  64. Christy Says:

    My daughter has about 4 or 5 toothbrushes to choose from. I found that if I give her options, I’ll get results rather than arguing with her to brush her teeth from the same old toothbrush every day.

  65. Emily N. Says:

    I usually brush my teeth as one of the last things I do before I leave the house in the morning, after I’ve eaten breakfast.

  66. Melinda Says:


    we use a coin jar, everytime they do a chore we add a penny, and it adds up to enough to buy themselve a treat

  67. Joy Says:

    Once at night, sometimes in the AM if I’m not in a rush

  68. BG Says:

    twice a day usually, and floss weekly

  69. shopping chic Says:


  70. Brooke Says:

    Brushing is the last thing I do before I leave the house. I drives my husband batty but I’ve done it like this for as long as I can remember. And of course before bed. Don’t want to make the dentist angry!

  71. Shannon Schulte Says:

    We have our boys sing the Happy Birthday song to their stuffed friends as they brush, at least 3 of them. It keeps it fun and makes sure they brush long enough!

  72. Shannon Schulte Says:

    tweet http://twitter.com/#!/sethandshannon1/status/73174171382849536

  73. Jessica Says:

    Sticker chart!!

  74. kay swederski Says:

    We don’t really struggle with brushing but they get stickets on there chart when they brush – so they love that!

  75. eileen marie Says:

    No kids…yet, but we do brush our dog’s teeth! Honestly buying a power toothbrush was one of the best investments we ever made not only b/c it helps keep hubs & me cavity-free, but b/c…we can do other things while brushing our teeth like check email & such so no excuses for skipping brushing!

  76. eileen marie Says:

    Here’s my tweet:
    Cute blog -awesome contest!

  77. john Says:

    Electric tooth brushes ALMOST make the drag of brushing “fun”

  78. lyndsey Says:

    electric toothbrushes rock!! my teeth are in the best shape ever.

  79. Helen Keeler Says:

    I wait until I ve had my morning caffine and taken all my medications. Then I jump into the shower and brush my teeth there.. helenkeeler@comcast.net

  80. Janice Cooper Says:

    I brush my teeth as soon as I get out of before I take my shower in the morning. I’ve had this routine forever. I also brush at night before bed.

  81. Janice Cooper Says:


  82. Teresa Says:

    My daughter likes her flavored toothpaste.

  83. Teresa Says:

    I tweeted this giveaway – @tssk10

  84. Dawn Says:

    The moring brushing routine with my 2 year old is a nightmare. It involves lots of screaming and takes forever since she will not cooperate.

  85. Kevin Ramsden-Meier Says:

    I have to remind my 10 year old daughter every morning to brush and to use mouthwash, you would think that someone who has been brushing their own teeth for the past six years would not need to be reminded to brush her teeth!

  86. JOrdan Says:

    Bugs live on our teeth and we aim to kill them each night! (:

  87. David Gresh Says:

    I grab the toothbrush right after I wash my face

  88. Annie Says:

    Set a timer for the little ones twice a day so they know how long to brush for! Make sure the dentist has shown them how to brush approrpiately. Teeth health is very imporant. Have them brush before doing anything else.

  89. Gina @ The Crave to Save Says:

    My son is only 12mos, but we are just starting to get him used to brushing since he has a good number of teeth already on the top and bottom! Start ‘em young! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  90. Gina @ The Crave to Save Says:


    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  91. sy Says:

    thanks for the review, personalized toothbrush is a great idea. i have really bad morning breath even i can’t stand it lol so what’s motivating me to brush is not kill myself with my bad breath..
    songyueyu at gmail

  92. sy Says:

    tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/syytta/status/74286046199816192

  93. jessica edwards Says:

    brush before shower while its warming up

  94. karenM Says:

    no struggle on most days.. we have a routine and they pretty much follow it.. there are days where we are rushing and don’t get a chance to brush as hard as I would like them too. The older girls usually brush right after their showers.

    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  95. karenM Says:

    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  96. Jammie Says:

    Not to many creative tips, sometimes it is a challenge to get her to brush her teeth. Weak teeth run in the family so I sort of scare her into keeping her teeth cleaned.

  97. Jammie Says:

    I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Jammie79/status/74354458909347840

  98. Judy Says:

    Brushing is a must in my house! Can’t leave the house without clean teeth or something feels off.

  99. Judy Says:

    tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/judes715/status/74550626171879424

  100. Annalisa Says:

    My kid hates the taste of mint so I had to find a different tasting toothpaste and she’s OK w/brushing now.

  101. Tina M Says:

    My kids love Brushing teeth. They brush the teeth twice a day.

  102. Tina M Says:


  103. Miranda K Says:

    I try my best to distract my daughter, at 17 months, she isn’t too thrilled with having her teeth brushed.
    I give her my phone to play will so she pays attention to the phone and the experience isn’t a negative experience.

  104. Sylvie W Says:

    I brush while I’m watching Good Morning America when an interesting segment is on so I “put in the time” without even knowing it.

  105. judith Says:

    tweet https://twitter.com/sodahoney/status/75074750178799616

  106. judith Says:

    Blogged http://sodahoney.blogspot.com/2011/05/spinbrush-my-way.html

  107. Vera S Says:

    I motivate myself to brush my teeth and the kids by thinking of dental bills and toothless kids! :)


  108. Vera S Says:

    I tweeted this giveaway.



  109. Sarah L Says:

    I usually brush morning & night.
    Thanks for the contest.

  110. Sarah L Says:

    blogged: http://slehan.blogspot.com/2011/05/win-100-from-blogher-and-my-way.html

  111. Olivia Says:

    I find that putting some kiddie songs in the CD player and brushing to music makes the whole process fun. This is for the kids. With me–I brush in the shower cause I’m always in a rush.

  112. Christie Says:

    I’ll bite–I DO brush in the shower!! I got hubby started on it, too. It came about because I was in a major hurry one morning, grabbed my brush as I started my shower, and then realized that it was a time saver PLUS I didn’t have to worry about getting tooth paste on my clothes.

  113. Tina S. Says:

    I make my little one brush his teeth morning and night. I just say the toothbrush wants to give his teeth a ticklin.
    stroker881 at hotmail dot com

  114. Donna B. Says:

    I would never think to brush in the shower! We brush after breakfast, but before leaving the house… and we try to remember to brush before bed (that one’s hit or miss).

  115. mell Says:

    We brush together. At first it was a challenge, but I told my little one that a toothbrush is a vacuum that takes yucky germs off teeth.

  116. Amber Says:

    Aww what a little cutie! We try to make brushing a game at our house, and we like to use colorful or flavored toothpaste.

  117. Maria Says:

    I tweeted…

  118. Maria Says:

    This product would be perfect for my niece, since she hesitates to brush her teeth.

  119. Terri P. Says:

    The only creative trick I use these days is to let the kids pick out their own toothpaste and brushes. Of course I have to remind them more than once to brush but (luckily for me) they usually do so. Thanks!

  120. Terri P. Says:

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/dahbou/status/76261712784932864

  121. Judy Ford Says:

    My kids are much older now, 15 and 11, but even now I have to still ask DID YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!

    My husband always laughs because I follow it up with a GOOD JOB!

    Judy Ford

  122. Jeannett Says:

    My girls are four and five. I gotta get them one of these.

  123. Selinda McCumbers Says:

    My son thinks that the timer on the microwave is wonderful, so we let him set the timer for two minutes and he brushes away:)

  124. Lauren Says:

    My daughter Ava is 4 and just learning to brush her teeth herself. This would make it fun to learn and she absolutely loves stickers. Stickers are on everything we own I think :)

  125. Becky Says:

    We use a small gum scrubber right now because our son is only one and we are trying to get him started on the toothbrush

  126. Lisa Davis Says:

    I finally have my twin 2 1/2 year old girls running to the bathroom for “brush time,” I’m not sure how it happened but hopefully it lasts! I think it was a combination of a really positive first visit/experience with the dentist, dora toothbrushes and good old fashion sibling rivalry (who gets to go first is a BIG deal).

  127. Lisa Davis Says:

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/lilpinksocks/status/77230854287532032

  128. Susan E. Says:

    I brush every morning after breakfast and every night before going to bed.


  129. Calee Says:

    Um. We’re not so good with the morning brushing. BUT! Because of this post, I bought a spin brush for Audrey. She LOVED the stickers and brushing is happening every night without fuss. So go your advertiser because it work for us!

  130. Debbie Bellows Says:

    I brush every morning just before I leave for work and every night before going to

  131. Debbie Bellows Says:



  132. Carolyn K Says:

    I’m very much not blessed with hard teeth, thus I brush often. At least twice a day. I’m jealous!

  133. Jenn S Says:

    no kids yet (currently growing #1 — only 3 more months!) but for myself, i have to make sure i do it before i eat breakfast or i’ll forget (which is super gross). this also seems to have helped while pregnant as it keeps me from losing my breakfast due to brushing (which happens more than i’d like to admit!)

  134. Hannah Says:

    My kids LOVE to brush their teeth, but at ages 21 mos and 3 yrs, they’re not very thorough. Unfortunately, they’re also very independent and have been known to pitch a fit when we try to guide their hands or just do it for them. I’ll admit that I don’t fight to make sure I get in there for a second-round brushing as often as I should. My biggest problem? I hate the taste/smell of “kid” toothpaste, and my 3 yr old was using “adult” paste just fine until someone told her it was “too spicy” for a kid. Now she won’t go near it, and I feel like brushing with the glittery blue stuff is about the same as slathering frosting on her teeth. Blech.

  135. Amy Says:

    My daughters last dental visit was not pretty so we/she uses a spin brush twice a day and we’ve even started flossing at night.

  136. Katrina Says:

    morning brushing routine – the kids usually have their breakfast and then brush their teeth. They love the spiny toothbrushes. They would absolutely love to decorate their own!! I do brush in the shower or when I first wake up, or when ever I have time. If nothing else, we all brush together in the mornings – but I can’t stand waiting until after breakfast to brush, yuck!

  137. Katrina Says:

    I tweeted!!


  138. Lisa Says:

    My daughter loves to pretend that her regular toothbrush is an electric one like Mommy’s and Daddy’s and she’ll “push” the button to start it before she brushes. She would love one for real! :)

  139. Jen Says:

    I got one of those toothbrushes that lights up while my son is brushing. He knows he has to keep brushing until it stops. He also loves the suction cup on the bottom, so he can stick it to the counter.

  140. Laurie Says:

    The timer works for us, as well as the chart with stickers that the dentist gave us.


  141. Tabathia B Says:

    For my youngest two I have a twooth timer that they love to hear go off when they are finished brushing
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  142. Tabathia B Says:

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  143. Grenda Says:

    My daughter is pretty good about brushing. It’s just routine so it’s never occurred to her to fight it.

  144. Amy @ Binkytowne Says:

    Ooops. Sometimes we skip it. I am DILIGENT about brushing at night though.. (shhh. don’t tell anyone..)

  145. Cindy Says:

    One of my daughters is really good about brushing her teeth. The other one gives a cursory swipe of the toothbrush and calls it done. That is my big goal this summer to get the brushing done better and flossing started.

  146. Callie Says:

    I don’t have kids (yet) but I often walk outside with my toothbrush in the morning so my dog can sniff around and go pee. It gets me brushing longer.

  147. Callie Says:



  148. rhondajoy Says:

    My 5 yr. old does pretty well with brushing his teeth when I remind him. Now he also puts a little bit of paste on his 2 yr. old brother’s brush so he can “brush” too! We haven’t gotten into the flossing thing, tho…

  149. Lee-Anne Says:

    I am one of 7 and my dad always “fixed” our toothbrushes twice daily with toothpaste so he knew who brushed and who didn’t.

  150. Sherri Ruth Taylor Says:

    we have no problems brushing but we do make sure all the toothbrushes and paste are easily accessible anytime we want them

  151. sheila carter Says:

    i have to stay on my son michael about brushing his teeth he had braces and now their off he doesn;t brush like he should i could use the 100 visa to purchase a plane ticket to tx to see my son shawn after 33years may god bless

  152. Sherry Thomas Says:

    We brush and floss after every meal it’s been a habit for a long time and no one has had a cavity so it works for us and that’s a good thing.

  153. Nenette Seaux Says:

    Treats like fruit and veggies then a game of brushing teeth, real fun! softie100@hotmail.com

  154. Tracy R Says:

    Children learn what they see, so I brush 3x a day, they grew up knowing to having the same habit.

  155. Amy Green Says:

    This is a pretty sweet contest! I wish they’d invented the Reach Access flosser when I was little.

  156. Katherine McMullen Says:

    Absolutely love the Reach Acess flosser. It’s much easier to use and less messy.

  157. Dan Andreozzi Says:

    Brushing used to be a problem with my 6 yr. old little girl , but once we got her the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush , brushing is no longer a problem. Oh also we tried different brands of toothpaste ,but the only one she likes using is Orajel Kids My Way Toothpaste . So that’s the only one we buy now.


    Love it for my grandkids
    Thank you
    Have a fantastic day

  159. Johannah B Says:

    With my nieces, I use a timer ~ they brush while it runs down. Suprizes if they do it… usually I color with them, buy them a kit we then make, or I let them decorate my white envelopes for mailing. I don’t have to “help remind them to brush” daily, so I can use an unconventinal approach!
    1prizewinner at gmail dot com

  160. Johannah B Says:

    Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/1prizewinner/status/78621660084846592
    Twitter name: 1prizewinner

  161. Cori Westphal Says:

    I usually wait to brush until after I’ve had my coffee. My stale coffee breath is a great reminder!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  162. Cori Westphal Says:

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/coriwestphal/statuses/78660310881419264

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  163. Nenette Seaux Says:

    Started playing a game with my children when it’s time for brushing, works wonderfully!

  164. Mari Says:

    We got our son to brush at bedtime by not allowing him to do anything during the period of time we brush. He would have to sit silently, with no tv, computer, video games, toys etc., if he didn’t brush during nightly routine time. Eventually he got so fidgety he gave in and now he brushes with us every day.

  165. sarah woods Says:

    Love to win win win and and we use the brush brush your teeth to row o row your boat.

  166. LAMusing Says:

    Playing some music makes brushing more fun

  167. Eugenie Says:

    I look forward to having a minty taste in my mouth–that motivates me.

  168. LAMusing Says:

    tweet! http://twitter.com/LAMusing/status/78968583148941312

  169. Lee H. Says:

    I listen to morning news as I brush–combine two good reinforcing habits.

  170. Norma Says:

    I liek to try different flavor toothpastes

  171. Larry Says:

    I try to brush often.