Move Over Disposable Mop

May 2nd, 2011

obviously we don't mop enough in this house mop-antics

I’ve always been of the mind that when it comes to mopping your floor, the best tactic is to just get down on your hands and knees and attack it with a rag, a bucket of water and a big ol’ can of elbow grease. This may explain why up until recently I only mopped my floor about every other month or so. I know, shocking! Come back! Come back! I swear it’s not as gross as it sounds! Heh. Half of you are disgusted and the other half are chuckling silently because you are just as bad as I am, right? That’s what happens when you have a floor that doesn’t show dirt that much and a very full life. Sometimes things fall through the cracks. At least the kid is fed and dressed and I usually remember to pay my bills on time. I think I’m doing pretty good.


As you know, I recently moved. With that move I acquired a light-colored linoleum floor in my kitchen that does NOT hide dirt as well as the darker wood floor at my old house. In fact, it has the nasty habit of looking dirty every other day! Blarg! I also have a dog now who is great at licking up food, but also great at covering everything with dark black dog hair. EW! And I have been making citrus-based treats like lemon bars and marmalade and things like that. You know what lemon juice does to a floor? It makes it sticky. And every time you walk on that sticky spot it sticks to your flip flop or your bare foot and it’s just too disgusting to ignore. To make a long story short: my laid-back, mopping-every-other-month routine is now history. Now I have to mop weekly. Sometimes more. I’m not such a fan of elbow grease anymore. I think my elbows are about to go on strike.

scene one

Enter the Libman Freedom Spray Mop, stage right. I know what you are thinking: Not another disposable mop. We are SO over those things.

I never actually purchased a disposable mop myself but my mom has and I admit I’ve tried it. At first I loved the handiness of a quick swipe to clean the floor and then off went the pad into the trash without the mess of a bucket and soap and all the tedious (and disgusting) rinsing that traditional mops usually take. But then I hated it. I ran out of pads and I hate being dependent on refills. Other times I forgot to seal the package and the whole box went dry on me. What a waste of money and materials!

So when I saw this new Freedom Mop with it’s own machine-washable pad and a refillable solution bottle I was intrigued. Did you know you can make your own floor cleaner for pennies? It’s super easy and works very well.

homemade floor cleaner

Vinegar is my new favorite cleaning agent. It works like a charm and makes my kitchen smell like a cucumber salad. Well, not really but I happen to like the way vinegar smells so I like using it. Lots of homemade cleaning solutions call for adding a drop or two of peppermint oil or baby oil or some other foofy scent if you don’t like the smell of vinegar but I think it’s magical. Besides the smell dissipates pretty quickly taking with it any other foul odor you might have in your house. All you need to make floor cleaner is a gallon of hot water and a quarter cup of vinegar. See you later, garish grocery-store cleaners that look dangerous and cost a fortune. I’m over you.


So anyway, back to the mop. I like it. It’s sturdy, it squirts my magical vinegar solution and when I’m done mopping, I can pop the handy-dandy wash-cloth pad thingy into the washing machine and kiss those days of sudsy buckets goodbye. Not that I was all that familiar with the bucket or anything but this is definitely the better way to go if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to mop more often than every other month.

So maybe you’d like to win one of these handy dandy mops?! Today’s your lucky day! All you have to do is leave your favorite cleaning tip in the comments below and one winner will be chosen on May 31st to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card from BlogHer (score!) and a Libman Freedom Spray Mop from Libman (open to those 18 and up, USA residents). You can also visit the Round-up Page: Exclusive Offers section for more chances to win.

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Or just check out some Libman cleaning tips here!

Good luck and happy mopping!

349 Responses to “Move Over Disposable Mop”

  1. Mami2jcn Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is getting the kids involved. Yesterday my son cleaned the porch and he was THRILLED to do it. It’s like a game to kids and it helps mom out a lot!

  2. Mami2jcn Says:


  3. Ginny D. Says:

    My best tip is to do a once over of the house every day. |It is not really dirty, but just needs a little TLC. Takes only 5-10 min, but saves those nasty big cleaning jobs, (as you don’t let it get dirty) – or at least severely minimizes their frequency.

  4. Danielle Says:

    I’m with you on the vinegar as a cleaning tip–so much cheaper and the smell really does dissipate (but I’m currently in love with the smell of lavender so I add a few drop of essential oil sometimes). I use microfiber cloths and a squirt bottle of vinegar/water for almost everything. I have a mop with a washable pad–but mine doesn’t have a fun squirt bottle.

  5. Joan Says:

    I love using homemade cleaners that I find in the pantry and love the fact you could use vinegar and water in the Libman mop. And I love the fact that I could wash the cleaning pad with my towels.
    a favorite cleaning tip is to use dishwasher powder just a small sprinkle in a food crusted baking pan to soften the gunk for easy removal. I also use a tiny bit of this powder in plastic containers pitchers stained by tea or colored beverages.
    I hope I can in the mop.
    Thanks for your hints.

  6. Blossom Says:

    I use old newpaper pages to wash my windows/mirrors/ etc. Using newspaper instead of a papertowel or rag puts them to another use after reading and also doesn’t leave little “threads” on your windows.

  7. Stephanie M Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading the tips…I’m trying to think of mine. The best I can come up with is sprinkling baking powder in the bottom of your trash can, before you put in the trash bag. It keeps the smell away, and has the added benefit of helping clean up leaks by at least semi-absorbing the beginnings of them.

  8. Jessie C. Says:

    My best cleaning tip is to use baking soda, it’s natural, quick and gets the job done.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  9. Jessie C. Says:


  10. Maria Says:

    I do not like mopping floors. I get daughter to do it. She loves it. I have no idea where she gets it from.

  11. Bonnie Says:

    Cleaning, well first off I have to”want” to clean. The other side of that moody coin is… When I’m in the mood to clean, Katty bar the door and unless you want to be drafted into “helping”, get out, run don’t walk!
    I use vinegar as well for everything, Windows too. I keep a spray bottle of peroxide to wash down the sinks and cabinets in kitchen ad bath.

  12. Milissa Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to use a lint roller to clean dust and other stuff (in my case, cat hair) off of fabric lamp shades.

  13. beyond Says:

    like you, i use vinegar. especially in the kitchen and bathroom. i use a little spray bottle, half vinegar, half water. works wonderfully.

  14. Steph Says:

    i use cloth rags in place of paper towels, and make the rags out of old tshirts!

  15. Steph Says:!/DesMoinesDealin/status/65226589025222656

  16. Carole Spring Says:

    My best tip is to thoroughly clean 1 room at a time. That way cleaning doesn’t seem like such a monumental task.

  17. Carole Spring Says:


  18. Tabathia B Says:

    You can use vinegar and fresh lemon juice in the place of cleaning agents for a more natural clean
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  19. Tabathia B Says:

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  20. Jenny Says:

    Lemon or orange rinds down the garbage disposal–make sit smell much better.

  21. Lisa Says:

    My mom always uses vinegar for cleaning but I was never a big fan. Now I want to try it though!! Since I’ve had kids I’ve really started using clorox wipes to help keep door/cupboard handles clean and spot clean the floor. My daughter also loves to help with cleaning so I will hand her a spray bottle filled with water and away she goes. It’s great at keeping her entertained!

  22. Brandy Says:

    I use vinegar too! Wow Im elated you can refill the mop and wash the pad. I have the ol swifer dry pads and use my vinegar solution to do my tile floors. But you still have to replace the pads. Im thinking I need to get me one of these.
    Cleaning tip:
    For mold in the corners or grout of showers. You can use a bleach and water solution 30/70. It kills the mold spore and brightens your grout too.

  23. Joanne Says:

    I just use water and a few drops of dishwashign liquid and it cleans everything!

  24. Kelly Massman Says:

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  25. Emily Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to clean on Friday night so you don’t have to do it on the weekend when you want to play!

  26. Dawn Says:

    I HATE being dependent on having to buy refill pads and cleaner, so this is a great product for me. My cleaning tip is more for laundry. For whites, let them soak first, right in the washer (turn on the washer to fill about 1/4 of the way with water, then turn off until you are ready to run) in a solution of water, bleach, and Oxiclean. Your whites will be AMAZINGLY white, and it takes out all stains.

  27. Mom24@4evermom Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip? Hire a maid!!

    Ha ha! I wish.

    Anyway…I love disposable cleaning wipes. I keep them everywhere and clean up constantly. I’m seriously always wiping a counter or toilet seat or floor or whatever. I’m not so great at deep cleaning, but swipe a wipe I can do!

  28. Felix Says:

    I recently switched from a Swiffer to a steam mop and love it…no more yucky cleaning solutions! The cord is a drag but I love cleaning with it since the pads are washable.

  29. Ines Says:

    Oh Brenda…I’m with you on the mopping! I suck at keeping up with it. My tip is more for plumbing…I de-gunk the sink and tub with baking soda, vinegar and boiling hot water!

  30. Martha Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip (for young moms like me, anyway) is cleaning the bathroom while my toddler is in the bathtub!

  31. Linda Stewart Says:

    My tip is to keep things in their respective place and when you’re finished using whatever it is you are using put it back where it belongs rather than laying it aside with the intention of putting it away later. Also, do a daily wipe down so dirt, dust, and grime do not build up.

  32. Janet S Says:

    I have been using vinegar & baking soda almost exclusively for a few years. A cupful of baking soda in the wash with the dog bed and dog towels (I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest with a furry dog) and the dog smell is gone. Sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming is also a great way to get rid of odors.

  33. Sunshyn V Says:

    I try to do a couple little things as I go through each room. That way I don’t get as overwhelmed when its time for heavier cleaning.
    chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

  34. Sunshyn V Says:

    I tweeted!/The_Sunshyn/status/65480997394853890
    chainmail (at) iwon(dot) com

  35. Tanya Says:

    My cleaning tip is Baking Soda. It’s amazing what you can get clean with a little baking soda and warm water. I use it to scrub my floors (about once a year when I really scrub them instead of mopping) and I use it to clean walls, the fridge, everything!

  36. Julia Says:

    I use baking soda and vinegar for as much as I can! :)

  37. Rachel W. Says:

    I too am a fan of the vinegar. I have a spray bottle with a bit o vinegar, a drop or two of dish soap and water. I use it to clean everything, and have no qualms passing it off to the kids if they want to “help”. Also, I am definitely in the mop once a month (maybe) camp. My kitchen area is pretty small, so I find it easier to just wipe up the occasional spill or sticky spot, eventually.
    On an unrelated note, we have a few chickens roaming the backyard and haven’t seem too many earwigs since. That may not work with your dogs however…

  38. jenidi Says:

    I use the flat plastic bag ties that come on hamburger and hot dog buns to save my fingernails the job of scraping up the caked on messes when I mop or use my stovetop. The flat end of the tie is perfect for getting the yucky stuff up and it won’t scratch tabletops or wood floors!

  39. katie Says:

    I’m a bad un-environmentally friendly person. My favourite cleaning product is windex and paper towels. Picks up dust, cleans windows, cleans most of the bathroom and besides, when something is in a spray bottle it more fun. Guess I’m still 5 at heart.

  40. Jenn S Says:

    my favorite cleaning tip is just to do a little bit of cleaning every day…that way it never gets *too* out of hand!

  41. lisame Says:

    Baking soda and vinega! Can’t live w/o them. I use them together to get the icky smell out of sinks.

    Also, I’m a fan of newspapers for window cleaning.

  42. Amy Says:

    I’m a convert to vinegar and baking soda too. I love the baking soda shakers you can buy in the baking aisle and sprinkle it on bathtubs or sinks, then spray with vinegar. It DOES smell like a salad for a while, but you’re right…the smell dissipates really quickly.

  43. Anne Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to have someone else do it for you! Yes, yes, I too love and use baking soda/vinegar/borax/lemon juice/water/etc for my cleaning needs. I too hate the chemicals and love plain vinegar.
    But even more do I love the barter system.
    We have a college student that currently lives with us and part of her rent is cleaning the house once a week. The second best thing is that another part of her rent involves her watching the children one day a week. It is glorious.

  44. Donna G Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is soaking paper towels in vinegar and letting them dissolve the hard water crud that builds up around my faucets. Of course, the kitchen smells like a pickle, but at least the counters are clean!

  45. Heather Says:

    I’m a huge fan of vinegar for cleaning! Love that the mop has the re-usable pad.
    I’d say my best cleaning tip is vinegar in the laundry. It works wonders with cloth diapers and gets stains out that even the stain removers can’t!

  46. Lisa Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is this: if it takes less than 1 minute to do, just do it instead of putting it off. I’m way guilty of not following this rule, but when I do follow it, life becomes so much easier. If I can take 1 minutes and just pick up some laundry off the floor, or throw a few dishes in the dishwasher, it won’t pile up and become a huge chore once the weekend arrives.

  47. Misty Says:

    Loving the idea of this mop, I use swiffer right now but I agree it’s a pain to remember to buy refills and make sure that little box is tight, plus it’s not very green!

    My tip is that I leave a sponge under every sink and in my shower (usually a Mr Clean sponge or generic that already has cleaner in it) that way I can clean the sinks, shower, etc, in 10 seconds everyday and never have to do a BIG clean. All that is left is the floors – oh and hey, look at that handy mop up there! lol

  48. Kelly Says:

    I make my own laundry soap. My ingredients are about 10-15 dollars a year for my family of three. Borax, washing powder and dr. bronners liquid soap (the splurge-y ingredient, you can use regular bar soap too) I make 3-4 gallons at a time, it takes about 30 minutes and that usually lasts a month or so.

  49. alison Says:

    I use vinegar too. I have a totally random cleaning tip. I use a Sonicare toothbrush and I always hated how it seemed like the removable head was dirty. Recently I figured out to use a normal toothbrush to clean it. Toothbrush to clean a toothbrush!

  50. Samantha Says:

    I have a dog that just loves to run around the kitchen when we’re making dinner or mopping. One day, we put a wet rag down on the floor and he used his paws to run around with the rag all over the kitchen floor. Cutest thing ever! He loves to do it which means I don’t have to mop :)

  51. Kate Says:

    I rotate cleaning chores. Monday – the bathrooms, Tuesday – kitchen, Wednesday – living room etc etc. It makes it a little less unloveable

  52. Sonja Says:

    I used to clean my house every Friday, but then the weekend laziness and business would happen, and by Monday morning, my house looked terrible again, so now I just clean on Mondays. The Clean lasts much longer this way. :-)

  53. Christy Says:

    I use vinegar and baking soda for all my cleaning. I recently learned about grapefruit seed extract and have been adding that to my bottle of vinegar and water. Which is what I use for just about every surface in my home. The GSE is like magic, I haven’t learned everything it does yet, but it adds to the antimalarial nature of my cleaners.

  54. KristyC Says:

    I don’t really have a cleaning tip, because I’m not much of a cleaner (heh). However, I do use vinegar a lot. I particularly like using it with baking soda to periodically clean the drain and pipes in the kitchen sink.

  55. Tracy Says:

    I really love using baking soda as a low-cost, green scrubbing agent. I also like cleaning my coffee pot by filling the glass pitcher with ice, salt, and lemon juice. I let is soak for like 10 minutes, then swish the ice cube/salt mixture around in the pitcher. The ice, salt and lemon juice do all the scrubbing for you. Then you just wipe the pot clean and rinse out. Voila!

  56. SusieQ Says:

    I’ve started making my weekly phone call home from my bluetooth and making myself clean and organize until I hang up. I end up getting a lot more done than I realize!

  57. Debra B Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to use a Mr Eraser for any tough cleaning job, especially useful on textured surfaces, I love it in the bathroom on my tub surround and my fridge, the counters the walls, garbage cans, and well the list goes on and on, it really does a great cleaning job on everything you need to wipe or clean

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  58. Linda B. Says:

    I love using microfiber cloths for dusting. They are the only thing I’ve found that works really well. They are also great for cleaning my computer screen and iPod.

  59. Debra B Says:


    thanks again

  60. Katherine Says:

    My best move was hiring a cleaning lady. :) Not only does she do a lot of the cleaning, I appreciate being forced to straighten up before her bi-weekly visits. It keeps the piles from getting too big.

    Plus, my cleaning lady regularly unclogs the bathtub for me, saving the money it would cost to hire a plumber.

  61. ErinFromIowa Says:

    My tip is for disabled people cleaning. Every time I get up from resting I clean/tidy for 15 min. My friend who works at home has started applying this to when she takes work breaks. It is amazing what you can accomplish in a well planned 15 min!

  62. Katrina Says:

    My best tip is to move through zones–take everything off the counter or the desk to wipe it all down, throw stuff away and take dirty dishes to the kitchen, and then move everything back to it’s place (or if you’re like me and have stacks—move it back, but try and make it look neat) Then…at least you know there aren’t a ton of germs building up .

  63. Abby Says:

    I like to use vinegar to clean. It is super cheap and actually kills germs better than a lot of expensive, toxic chemicals sold in stores.

  64. Azul Says:

    My favorite tip is actually a cleaner recipe:

    Make an antimicrobial cleaner with 1 part each White Vinegar, Alcohol, and Water. Add a few drops of essential oil, and use as a glass and general purpose cleaner.

    I keep this in a trigger bottle under each sink and use is to swipe down my bathroom and kitchen every day.

  65. karen Says:

    The best cleaning tip anyone ever gave me was to do at least one thing every morning before I went to work.

  66. sandra Says:

    get all family members involved

  67. Dena Says:

    I have to try the vinegar thing.. i had spending so much $ on cleaners:)

  68. Mary H. Says:

    Clean a little each night! Its a lot less overwhelming. Sometimes hard to follow my own advice, though :)

  69. Kristy Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip: Magic Erasers. My husband builds custom iron work and he comes home filthy every day. The interior doors in our house are white, so you can imagine the handprints he leaves. Magic Erasers wipe ‘em right off.

  70. Penny Says:

    I love to use vinegar and baking soda also! Cleans like nothing else and no chemicals!! I really like to use newspaper to clean the windows. Great recycling tip! I love all these tips! I am writing some down so I remember to use them.
    Something I used to do when my three daughters were tweens/teens. I would make a list of jobs that could be divided equally by three. I would put the list on the table each Saturday morning. The first girl up got to inital her three choices for chores and so on. Last was up always got the least pleasant job, (Bathroom!). Incentive to get out of bed and get started!!

  71. Lisa H. Says:

    My 4 year old suddenly loves to vaccum up ‘dust bunnies’. It’s awesome. I hand him the vaccum attachment and tell him to go crazy. It takes twice as long as if I just did the job myself, but he has fun and I get to do other stuff while he cleans the fdog hair off the hard floors!

  72. diana Says:

    get a cleaning lady! ha, am i like the 14th person to say that? probably! the only disposable thing i use is for the toilet, and i will never give that up. toilet cleaners are gross, and i have toddlers who like to walk around with stuff. GROSS!

  73. leslie Says:

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy that mop – I love that you can throw the pad in the wash! My tip is kind of the opposite though – I love keeping Clorox-type wipes on hand. I do a quick wipe-up in the bathroom every morning and it doesn’t even feel like a chore!

  74. Sarah Says:

    Vinegar! Love it. Also, coffee filters to wash windows and mirrors. I learned that when I worked at one of those windoow-filled national chain restaurants. Doesn’t leave fibers and much cleaner than newspapers. Aaaaaannnnddd, I really want a robot vacuum but with 2 littles and 2 dogs, the poor thing would never get left alone long enough to do its job.

  75. Lauren Says:

    Its not very eco-friendly, but I love buying the dry swiffer-style cloths and using them by hand to dust! It is perfect for electronics and things you don’t want to get wet, and if you buy the “off brand” kind they aren’t too expensive.

  76. Karen Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is BAKING SODA!! I love it! We acquired a terrible laminate counter top when we moved into our house and everything under the sun stains this countertop. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I scrubbed the counter with some baking soda and warm water and off came the stain! I love it!

  77. danielle Says:

    We got a Roomba for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present this year. Best thing ever! The kids named him “Spider” and he cleans up all the dog hair all over the house!! Best gift ever and the only thing you have to remember is to turn it on!

  78. Megan Says:

    Vinegar can clean anything. Seriously.

  79. Lori Says:

    I LOVE to clean with vinegar. Vinegar water solution + a wad of (b&w) newspaper = crazy clean mirrors and windows. Microwaving a cup of vinegar is also the best way to clean a microwave. You can literally wipe everything out with a cloth.

  80. Rachel Says:

    I, like Katie above, am a windex/paper towel addict. I always laugh because of the guy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who loved Windex…that’s me. I use it for everything!

  81. Abigail Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is…. NOT MAKING A MESS! Seriously: I hate doing dishes, so I don’t use dishes. Etc. Etc. (Easy for me since I spend most of my time at my office and don’t have a kid.)

  82. Karina Says:

    Clean things before they look dirty

  83. Clover Says:

    Cool-looking mop! My household tip is keeping a box of disposable baby wipes on the back of the toilet– grab one every day (or every other day), do a quick wipe down of the seat and the sides of the toilet, open the lid to run the wipe around the top of the toilet, drop the wipe in, and flush! The toilet never seems that dirty, though I do clean it with a brush sometimes, too.

  84. Amy B Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to run the dishwasher at night and then empty it first thing in the morning. That way, you never end up with a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for the dishwasher to finish running.

  85. Colleen Says:

    Clean as you go – a little every day – and dust before you can see it. We pretty much avoid living in our own filth that way but we’re sure not perfect!

  86. Jenni Says:

    Trying to clean up after a yellow lab who loves to squish his chubby puppy toes into the mud as deep as it goes is nearly impossible! Vinegar on a paper towel has been my go-to cleaning method. But this mop would be nothing short of a miracle for me. I *NEED* this mop. *PLEASE*

  87. karen Says:

    My best cleaning tip is to except help from others when they offer! I have a 4 month old and I’m pretty sure our house will never look like it did pre-baby. Is this mop ok to use on laminate flooring?

  88. Tina M Says:

    I use vinegar to eliminate fungus instead of unhealthy chlorine.

  89. Tina M Says:!/HappyTina0115/status/66331510193655808

  90. Sandra Says:

    I try to do at least one load of laundry a day to keep the pile manageable.

  91. Katy Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is using an oil based cleaner (like dr. bronner’s) plus an abrasive like 20 mule team borax to scrub the shower – something about the oil really helps dissolve all the shower buildup. I also use vinegar to clean most every surface in my house and would love to try out the mop!

  92. Bev E. Says:

    Make a clean-up basket or bucket, something just big enough to hold some rags (old t-shirts make great rags) and your usual cleaners and gloves. If you make it quick to grab what you need it will be easier to clean up right when little accidents happen! Clean as you go and you won’t get overwhelmed!

  93. Genevieve Davis Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is using as many natural products as possible. A gallon of vinegar and a big box of baking soda can go a long way and gives me a lot more spending money for fun things!

  94. Janice Says:

    vinegar really IS a great (and cheaper) substitute that works!

  95. Susan Smith Says:

    I do a little cleaning every day so it doesn’t pile up.

  96. Susan Smith Says:!/susan1215/status/66907736159432704

  97. Lisa Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to keep a shredder handy and shred papers/junk mail as soon as possible rather than letting clutter build up.

  98. amy Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to do things from top to bottom. That way, the dust or dirt on top you swept off won’t mess up thing on the bottom.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  99. Debra F Says:

    My best tip is to do small cleaning chores each day on a rotating schedule. If you do a little each day and keep up on the cleaning it never seems like a big chore.

  100. Debra F Says:


  101. linda s Says:

    a handful of plain old salt can do amazing things. I use salt to clean my burner trays on my stove. I just throw a handful on boilovers and other ickies, scrub just bit and all the burned on mess comes righ off.

  102. Susan Moseley Says:

    Microwave Cleaning:
    I use a cup of water with a squirt of lemon juice to clean my microwave. Place the cup in the microwave, put the power on max for about 5 minutes. The steam from the water moistens and loosens the cooked, dry food particles. The lemon imparts a fresh aroma. Wipe the inside of microwave with clean cloth. The food particles come off easy.

    I like using white vinegar for mopping and cleaning, too.

  103. April G. Says:

    That’s so cool! I also don’t like the usual smelly, chemically floor cleaners.

    I’m a big baking soda fan. I used it, with vinegar, to clear out a stubborn drain, it makes a good face scrub, and is great at getting baked-on gunk off of my pans.

  104. PurpleLarkspur Says:

    I try to tackle on small cleaning chore everyday, that way things never got terribly messy. Cleaning the appliances, or scrubbing the counters is not so bad when done right after dinner!

    BTW- I love how the pad can br thrown in the washing machine!

  105. PurpleLarkspur Says:


  106. Denise S Says:

    My favorite tip is using newspaper instead of paper towels to clean windows which leaves no streaking.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  107. Adrienne Gordon Says:

    Vinegar is great for cleaning.

  108. Louise Brouillette Says:

    My best cleaning tip: use wadded up newspaper to clean windows–no streaks!

  109. eva k. Says:

    I use vinegar to clean and making soda to neturalize the smell! :]

  110. Val Says:

    I like to do a little cleaning each day, so i never gets so dirty as to be overwhelming.

  111. Val Says:


  112. Debbie C Says:

    Cleaning tip: After getting a glass shower door good and clean, wipe on a carnauba wax-based car wax to protect it from future buildup of soap scum.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  113. Debbie C Says:


    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  114. Margaret Smith Says:

    When you need to scrub something that has a mark that won’t come off, use a little baking soda.
    Thanks so much

  115. Roxanne Ellis Raymond Says:

    My favorite tip is put things away when youre done with them

  116. Roxanne Ellis Raymond Says:

  117. SANDY Says:

    vinegar/baking powder in tolit good cleaner

  118. Jeanette Says:

    My favorite tip is cleaning the garbage disposal by putting lemon rinds down the drain and running it.

  119. Debbie Bellows Says:

    do a little bit each day

  120. Debbie Bellows Says:

    tweeted here:

  121. Stephanie V. Says:

    I have to clean in the morning – if not doesn’t get done. My tip is to get the kids involved and delegate what you can – makes it easier

  122. Rebecca Graham Says:

    My tip is to clean one room at a time. It is less overwhelming.

  123. Tari L. Says:

    I like using bleach to clean the kitchen sink. It works super fast and kills germs.

  124. Dara Nix Says:

    My favorite tip is to stock up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! I haven’t found ANYTHING that these “little miracles” won’t clean! I LOVE them!!

    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  125. Janice Whitaker Says:

    Used dryer sheets will shine your faucets like new!

  126. Kathy Dunaway Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to get the family to help.Everything is much easier with help:)

  127. Cynthia C Says:

    I like microfiber cloths to clean almost everything. They really do a nice job and I now use almost no paper towels.

  128. Cynthia C Says:


  129. Sarah Hirsch Says:

    work from the top down. you don’t want to do the floors first and then end up with crumbs off the table or counters landing on your clean floors

  130. Natalie Weeks Says:

    use vinegar for EVERYTHING! I love it and i’ve never had an easier bathtub cleanser!


  131. Natalie Weeks Says:



  132. Nadine L Says:

    My grandmother taught me to pour salt on an oven spill, when the oven cools, the spill will wipe up super easy

  133. Nadine L Says:

    I tweeted!/eyzofblu63/status/67648872540938240

  134. Scott Martin Says:

    My best cleaning tip is vinegar is a great window cleaner.
    Scott Martin

  135. mallory Says:

    My cleaning tip is to HIRE SOME HELP! Or use the products (like this kind of mop!) to make the big burdensome, once a month jobs into smaller, manageable ones.

  136. Laurie Harrison Says:

    If you have stains or discoloration on your linoleum floors, try using denture cleaner. Mix with water until it makes a paste like consistency. Spread paste on stain and let sit for an hour. Then just mop up with your favorite Libman mop!
    That’s good to know. I found that tip on the Libman site.

  137. EMMA L HORTON Says:


  138. CATHY TRUMAN Says:

    My favorite tip is to clean some each day,use dryer sheets to clean vents in
    house and keep disinfecting wipes in kitchen to keep counters clean.

  139. Kelly Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip may be obsolete, as I can’t find them in stores anymore… but Woolite sold those carpet cleaning pods a few years ago. Those things are magical. Really. They clean everything out of carpet, from cat, uh, stuff to wine. Much easier to use than those messy foaming sprays.

  140. Heather S Says:

    I use water/white vinegar to clean out the fridge and keep it smelling clean.

  141. Heather S Says:


  142. Deborah Wellenstein Says:

    I have many favorite cleaning tips. One that I like is to always clean up the kitchen and the bathrooms. The whole house looks better with clean kitchens and baths!

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

  143. Leslie D. Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to never wear shoes in your house, nor allow guests to…including those coming in to fix stuff (ask them to wear footies; they don’t mind). It really cuts down on tracking stuff inside. I also like to keep our front entry way really clean, as this helps as well. And get an air purifier/cleaner if you can afford them…they really cut down on the dust.

  144. Patrice Says:

    My tip is to use organic/natural cleaners instead of the chemical ones. They may be a little more expensive, but they are a lot better for you and the environment.

  145. Georgia Says:

    I try to do at least a load of laundry a day. Saves me from being stuck at the washer.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  146. Georgia Says:

    tweeted here!/gmissycat/status/67754545803042816

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  147. Diane R. Says:

    I use baking soda in a lot of ways. If you boil it in water in a pan that has burnt material in it, the burn is easy to clean off.

  148. Jeff Says:

    Use terry towels to clean. They are washable.

  149. Jeff Says:


  150. Jessica Says:

    I like to clean things as I use them so I never have too much!

  151. NerdMom Says:

    My best cleaning tip? Enlist your kids and remember that ppl come 2 see u and not ur house!!!!

  152. jen Says:

    I’m a fan of the daily quick 5 minute clean. Set the timer, move fast and get as much done as you can. It makes my weekend cleanings much easier.

  153. AB Smith Says:

    i try to always keep my living room picked up so at least I have that if someone drops by!

  154. Leta Says:

    I think someone has already said this, but yes enlist the kids! My 2 year old loves to vacuum the couch. I let her go to town on it while I’m cleaning something else and then do a once over to make sure she got everything. She loves it and it totally saves my back!

    I really need a mop. My steam mop bit the dust a few months ago and I’ve been doing the hands/knees thing and I am not a fan. But i have a white tile floor (previous owners choice) and it shows EVERYTHING.

  155. catherine copeland Says:

    A quick tip for cleaning the washroom is to clean all the brightwork first, then tackle the heavy cleaning and finish with the floors

  156. wanda Says:

    My tip….is to wash a load of laundry everyday. That helps keep it down to a minimum.

  157. Lynn Says:

    My tip is to sprinkle baking soda on carpet and then vacuum after a few hours to remove odors.

  158. Kelsey Kim Says:

    I do a quick wipe down of my bathrooms every day, and having clean bathrooms make my house feel cleaner! Also I don’t let people wear shoes in my house, I have dark hardwood floors that show everything, and I have to keep them clean! So this helps me so I don’t have to clean as often. No shoes= less mess on the floors.

  159. Courtney S Says:

    lol, I am a vinegar girl too! I run vinegar through my dishwasher once every 2weeks to remove build-up and the funky smells!

  160. Janna Johnson Says:

    using vinegar on windows!
    Thanks for the entry!
    Janna Johnson

  161. lisa Says:

    I like to spray the area to be cleaning product a few minutes before washing.

  162. lisa Says:


  163. lisa Says:


  164. Debra Hall Says:

    never dump something in the next room till you get to it

  165. Kyle Banderman Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to let someone else do the cleaning.

  166. jennifer horn Says:

    Clean up spills as soon as they happen, they are much easier to clean. Also get the kids involved. Teaches them how to help out and makes it go faster.

  167. jennifer horn Says:


  168. Margaret Says:

    married 46 years and just this spring tried using newspapers to clean windows. fantastic!

  169. Ravzie Says:

    I dust with my dryer sheets.

  170. ria Says:

    Put aside special cleaning time till it becomes your routine

  171. ria Says:!/rsmc1/status/68881656211185664

  172. Kathy Scott Says:

    Hire a maid.

  173. Alison Says:

    I tend to be overwhelmed with cleaning the house weekly, especially with two young children, a shedding dog, and a husband. The best tip I can give is to divide your chores up. I give myself Monday’s off, Tuesdays I dust, Wednesday I clean the bathrooms, and Thursday I clean the floors. This way the task isn’t so monumental and I have the whole weekend free of cleaning and more time to spend with my family!!

  174. Jeanine B. Says:

    Tackling one project at a time helps it feel manageable for me. For example, I started cleaning the kitchen cabinet doors, and told myself I was only going to do one section. After I got started, the momentum and the thrill of seeing the shiny doors kept me going until I finished them all.

  175. heatherzilla Says:

    My best cleaning tip is to use baking soda and vinegar as cleaning products. Cheap, non-toxic, and does not seem to affect allergies/asthma as many cleaners do.

  176. Theresa Says:

    When doing laundry, I always fill my rinse dispenser with white vinegar instead of commercial softener. It removes all soap from clothes plus they are are brighter and fresher. No lingering vinegar smell at all.

  177. Ellie W Says:

    My tip is to keep anti-bacterial wipes in every bathroom for quick wipe downs. It makes it easier for in between deep cleanings.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  178. Ellie W Says:


  179. Susan C Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is wipe down your bathroom after your shower. The steam makes it real easy to clean.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  180. Christina in MO Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip? I promise I’ll share only if you promise not to tell! :-)
    This secret has been passed down for four generations, that I can personally speak of. It may even go back farther.
    Are you ready for this?
    Teach ALL your children the importance of helping out in the home. Boys and Girls learn how to do laundry in our family. They both also learn how do dust, sweep, mop, cook and do dishes by hand. We make it fun and try not to be so rigid about the “right” way to get the job done. I guide them through the skills and then let them loose to find their own “right” way to get the job done. As long as the job is done..does it really matter which exact step is taken?
    So there it is.. my secret. Unpaid Laborers built right into the household. And hey lets face it.. they typically make all the messes anyway, right?

  181. Kuky Says:

    I cannot stand the smell of vinegar. But my sister sent me a link to some cleaning concoction that uses vinegar and lavender. At least I think it was lavender. That sounds much more appealing to me than plain vinegar.

    And tips. I’m terrible at cleaning but the best thing that works for me is to have my cleaners in every room. If I didn’t, it would be another excuse for me not to clean.

  182. Tabathia B Says:

    I love to add baking soda to my cleaning agent
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  183. Tabathia B Says:

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  184. Betty Says:

    If you can afford it, you could hire a cleaning lady. lol so really, my tip is work on the clutter. The less ‘things’ laying around, the easier it is to keep things clean

  185. Betty Says:


  186. sherri crawford Says:

    my tip is if the floor looks clean the whole house automatically looks clean

  187. nan Says:

    my favorite cleaning tip is to do one room at a you don’t feel overwhelmed and you can see progress
    nannypanpan at

  188. abitnerdy Says:

    LEMON is a great and safe disinfecting agent esp for the kitchen (microwave, cutting board, sponges, hand towels) I dont know if this is a tip, or if this is already widely known, but I always sweep before I start mopping just dust bunnies are not fun to mop around hehe

  189. abitnerdy Says: shared the promo on twitter :)

  190. Jill L Says:

    Buy some flannel and make your own rags. No need to use paper towels. I just keep a basket under each sink with plenty of flannel rags. Work great and saved me so much money.

  191. Jill L Says:


  192. mistysunrise Says:

    I like to clean with baking soda

    itsjustme62613 at

  193. mistysunrise Says:


    itsjustme62613 at

  194. elz Says:

    My cleaning tip- get the kids involved. I give them non-toxic cleaner on chamois towels and let them clean the kitchen table & chairs. Oh, and using chamois or other washable cloths instead of wipes and paper towels is a way to turn cleaning into greening. Ha ha.

    elzatelzabelz at yahoo dot com

  195. Pam Says:

    cleaning tip. vinegar and water, it cleans well and makes your room smell clean, and doing one room at a time

    movingon underscore 444 at yahoo dot com

  196. Newlywed Next door Says:

    Thanks for the change to win! My favorite cleaning tip is to make my own cleaning spray with castile soap, water, and tea tree oil. It’s cheap and green!

  197. Jen Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to do a scavenger hunt with the kids that involves cleaning. It’s fun and it gets them helping!

  198. Lindsey @ I Run in Heels Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to talk on the phone while I’m cleaning to make the time go by faster.

  199. ANGEL JACKLYN Says:


  200. ANGEL JACKLYN Says:

    2ND ENTRY TWEET @!/kytah00/status/71619759053086720

    kytah00 at yahoo dot com

  201. kathy Says:

    favorite cleaning tip: use 2 cups water, 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar and 1/4 tsp dishwashing soap as an all purpose cleaner. Put in old Windex spray bottle, shake well. I use this on mirrors, countertops, toilets, you name it.

  202. Sarah - PS Mom Reviews Says:

    I give the bathroom a quick wipe down every day after my shower. It’s quick and easy to keep it clean.

  203. Sarah - PS Mom Reviews Says:

    I tweeted-!/psmomreviews/status/71650275747831808

  204. Kristie Says:

    I use soft scrub in my kitchen sinks. I run soft scrub all over it until it is covered. I let it sit for at least an hour and then use warm water and rinse it all off. Presto – Shiny!

  205. Gina @ The Crave to Save Says:

    Take things one room at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed! It’s also a good idea to vacuum last to pick up everything from the surface cleaning!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  206. Gina @ The Crave to Save Says:

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  207. Norma Says:

    My tip – don’t let it build up – clean as you go!

  208. LAMusing Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is CANDLES! the low light and nice scent covers a multitude of housecleaning sins :)

  209. LAMusing Says:


  210. debp Says:

    If you haven’t used it in a couple of years, throw it out or give it away. It is easier to clean without the clutter.

  211. Suzy Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to clean a little bit daily to
    avoid having to clean up the whole house all at once! This
    is especially true for doing the dishes too!

  212. Suzy Says:


  213. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    I don’t really have a good cleaning tip–probably because I don’t like to clean! I only mop the floor because I can’t stand for it to be dirty! I’d love to win this fabulous prize because than I would have my kids mop the floor :)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  214. Christy Says:

    I have found that hand sanitizer is great for stains on fabric and as well as taking marker “art” off furniture.

  215. Patricia Says:

    The best tip I have is to get into a routine. That helps me.

  216. tracey byram Says:

    Use a wet paper towel to get up the fine dirt left after sweeping the large dirt into a dustpan.

  217. Melinda Says:

    Cleaning tip: use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean glass/mirrors

  218. Joy Says:

    use a steamer instead of mop and water, it cleans really well

  219. sean Says:

    dyson pet works wonders on pet hair and furniture!

  220. Blue Girl Says:

    Put lemon down the disposal for a fresh smelling sink and disposal

  221. Brooke Says:

    I am NO GOOD at cleaning so I have no tips. But I would love to have that mop in my arsenal since my last one was ruined mopping up sump pump water.

  222. Heather Says:

    My tip is to make a household cleaning schedule and stick to it.

  223. Heather Says:

    My tweet;!/HSlater351/status/72823777192452096

  224. ashley Says:

    the only thing i have found that works for me is to try to keep things done as I go.. no matter how tired or busy I may think I am, otherwise it gets too overwhelming

  225. Sarah G. Says:

    This mop looks actually perfect (and the pad is even reusable so I can wash my floors without the guilt of disposable cleaning pads!!) My best cleaning tip? Just do a quick wipe-down of your kitchen everyday. A couple minutes, swishing a wet rag (no cleaning solution necessary) around the counters, under the canisters, and around the stove burners. If things can never build up, there’s never much to clean!

  226. clynsg Says:

    An older tip, but one that works–do a little each day, and pick up as you go.

  227. Annette D Says:

    I like to clean with a mixture of vinegar and water, works great for windows!

  228. Patricia Treskovich Says:


  229. Patricia Treskovich Says:


  230. Susan E. Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to use white vinegar. The smell dissipates quickly, it’s economical, safe and does a great job!


  231. Erica C. Says:

    My best tip is to just to keep up on cleaning like doing a little bit daily instead of letting it pile up!

  232. Deborah Rosen Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to keep a spray bottle with diluted white vinegar under the sink and to use it for quick touch-ups.

  233. kay swederski Says:

    I clean a room a night so my weekend is free!

  234. margaret Says:

    Clean as you go, clean up spills before they dry or stain and cut back on clutter.

  235. Kristal Tarkenton Says:

    Thank you for demistrating this mop I have heard about it but was wondering how it worked… and I love that it uses simple but powerful cleaning ingredients..Love the power of vinegar.

    My Tip: When dealing with a blood stain the best thing I found to get it out of clothing is liquid handsoap.. Get the clothing wet.. work liquid soap in lather and rinse.. repeat as needed then wash as usual. Works great for me with no left in stain or residue.

  236. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve always been of the “get down on your hands and knees” floor-cleaning club, too, but my knees are not as willing any more.

    The disposable mops seem too wasteful to me. This seems perfect!

    My favorite cleaning tip: Keep a dishpan with soapy water in it in the sink. Then, as you eat meals, drop the dirty dishes in there. At the end of the day, you can wash the whole lot, and nothing’s stuck on!

  237. Marcia Goss Says:

    I keep spray cleaner, paper towels, disinfectant wipes within easy reach in each bathroom. I try to wipe the sink and counter each morning after we get ready for work. It keeps me from having a mess to clean at the end of the week.

  238. Marcia Goss Says:


  239. Cynthia C Says:

    My tip is to substitute microfiber cloths for paper towels for cleaning windows and mirrors.

  240. Cynthia C Says:


  241. Sarah Says:

    I’ve been an elbow grease girl too. My roommate is in love with the swiffer mop (which I like for handiness, but fret about disposable cleaning products.) We do use disinfectant wipes, but anything I can use to cut down on my disposal sounds brilliant to me.

  242. Chris Says:

    The worst thing? Well, not the worst, but the thing that annoys me the most, is the newspaper smudges on my breakfast plates. I use the baking soda (out of the box that was freshening my fridge) to make a light paste. Cleans right up!

  243. Shelley Mitchell Says:

    We have hardwood floors. This mop would be perfect for us!!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  244. lyndsey Says:

    my favorite cleaning tip is to use vinegar. it’ll save you tons of money and cleans just about anything.

  245. michelle robbins Says:

    Set a timer for 10 min, it’s not as painful to clean in short bursts.

  246. Jenny C Says:

    I keep baby wipes stashed everywhere to clean virtually any spill … they clean so well and don’t take the paint or finish off of any furniture I have. Also, I keep paper towels in the bottom drawer of my bathroom sink and clean the mirror with water if i’m ever caught off guard with company coming and need to quickly clean!

  247. Happi Shopr Says:

    I try to really clean one room a day

  248. Helen Keeler Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to clean as I go through out the day this saves on the big cleanings. Another tip is to have my adult son come over and help me with the spring cleaning.

  249. Stacy Says:

    My best tip is to have mats inside and outside of all the doors to your house so that you can stop the dirt from coming in.

  250. Kerry Says:

    I like to use an old toothbrush for scrubbing hard to get areas.

  251. Kerry Says:


  252. Janice Cooper Says:

    My best tip is using aluminum foil as scrubber. To get baked-on food off a glass pan or an oven rack, use some dishwashing liquid and a ball of foil in place of a steel-wool soap pad. Works great!

  253. Janice Cooper Says:


  254. Teresa Says:

    I use the magic erasers to clean with…they get into the dna of everything and dirt is gone!

  255. Teresa Says:

    I tweeted this giveaway – @tssk10

  256. Dawn Says:

    I apply car wax to my indoor mirrors once a year then buff it till the mirror is sparkling. It makes them so much easier to clean and the bathroom mirror wont fog up.

  257. Cathy Philipps Says:

    use a toothbrush to easily clean small nooks and crannies!

  258. Jeff Says:

    Use terry towels to clean. They can be rewashed.

  259. Jeff Says:


  260. Kevin Ramsden-Meier Says:

    I use a dryer sheet to clean up any excess soap scum

  261. Tracey Byram Says:

    Use a wet paper towel to get up the fine dirt that won’t sweep into the dustpan.

  262. David Gresh Says:

    use a toothbrush for cleaning grout lines

  263. Kari Smith Says:

    I love the Magic Erasers. I use them on just about anything that needs grime cleaned or just cleaning my counters. I have also used them on my walls to get fingerprints and grime off of them. They are the best invention around.

  264. Suzanne K Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is using a bit of borax to clean the toilets. Put it in (close lid), let it sit for a bit, scrub and done. No harsh chemicals, clean toilet! I love that Libman has reusable, washable mopping stuff – I also hate the ‘use it and trash it’ stuff!

    Fortunately, my kitchen has dark mexican tile and it doesn’t show much dirt, and it’s even harder to tell when it’s been cleaned (or not)

  265. sy Says:

    thanks for the reivew. the mop looks flexible. i don’t like cleaning, so i spread the job over a few days, like vacumm one room a day.
    songyueyu at gmail

  266. sy Says:


  267. jessica edwards Says:

    actually get around to doing it

  268. Sheila Says:

    My tip: just tell yourself you have to pick up/put away 10 things and you are done. Usually, you keep moving and get the place cleaned up but if you don’t have time/don’t feel like it, you only have to do 10. Great for kids as well.

  269. Jeanette Says:

    My best cleaning tip is organization! When everything has a place to go, it’s hard to build clutter.

  270. Annie Says:

    I loving using equal parts of vinegar and water as a cleaning solution.

  271. Jolene Johnson Says:

    Pick one chore to do each day. That way it doesn’t get so overwhelming!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  272. jolene Says:

    my tip is to give one room a top to bottom cleaning per week and just mild cleaning the rest of the house. It’s so much less daunting then a major house cleaning once a month!

  273. Annalisa Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to never go up or down stairs empty handed. There’s always something to be put away.

  274. karenM Says:

    I have a caddy with all my cleaning supplies, (sponges, paper towels, cleaning supplies, duster etc) that I carry around from room to room. Saves me time on digging thru the cabinets looking for my supplies.

    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  275. Anne Says:

    My favorite tip is to do a little everyday so the cleaning doesn’t get overwhelming.

  276. Anne Says:

    I blogged

  277. Jammie Says:

    Vinegar is the best out their for cleaning… I even use it in my carpet cleaner.

  278. Jammie Says:

    I tweeted

  279. Carolsue Says:

    Panty hosehave many uses. Cut off a leg and slide your soap slivers into the toe. Tie that around your outside faucet making an easy way to clean hands. Slide the other leg over your hand to wipe down TV and computer screens or venetian blinds.
    Digicat {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  280. Carolsue Says:

    I posted this giveaway on my blog. Here is where you can find it.
    Digicat {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  281. Debbie C Says:

    One of my favorite cleaning tips is to microwave your kitchen sponge to kill bacteria and viruses. Just rinse the sponge well then microwave it about a minute. Be careful picking it up as it might be pretty hot.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  282. Debbie C Says:


    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  283. Claire Says:

    Always tackle the worst mess or most annoying task first, so everything else you have to clean seems easier!

  284. Heather Kilpatrick Says:

    anyone else is better than me when it comes to cleaning.
    straightening counts more than cleaning
    and vinegar and baking soda work as well as everyone says.

  285. Sylvie W Says:

    My favorite Libman tip was the theme than ran through ALL of them. It is the use of either baking soda, vinegar, cream of tartar or lemon in a homemade solution to get effective cleaning results.

    Natural and effective products.

  286. Sarah L Says:

    My cleaning tip is Music! For me, cleaning is best done to upbeat music.
    Thanks for the contest.

  287. julieh Says:

    Try doing a little cleaning every day, instead of one big tiring cleaning session.

  288. Sarah L Says:


  289. VickieB Says:

    We use white vinegar/water mix to wipe counters everyday. Keeps them clean, works as an air freshener and deters ants.

  290. VickieB Says:


  291. patrice Says:

    My favorite clean up tip is setting a timer and challenging the whole family to help me tidy up by putting things back where they belong before the timer goes off. The timer goes off and POOF- Done!

  292. April Says:

    “Two hands in, two hands out” which means, wherever you go, pick up something that doesn’t belong there and take it out. This way clutter doesn’t gather.

  293. spirit_kim Says:

    Sweep and dust often. It makes the big cleaning day go quicker and easier.

  294. Tesa S. Says:

    I use a water/vinegar solution to wash windows, and wipe them with newspapers. It leaves no streaks, and no little pieces of lint or paper that you get when you use paper towels.

    tesashel225 (@) aol dot com

  295. Lee H. Says:

    spritz bathroom with vinegar to remove mildew.

  296. Eugenie Says:

    cordless rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner-handy enough to use often enough.

  297. judith Says:

    My tip is clean as you go.

  298. judith Says:


  299. mickeyfan Says:

    Always dust AFTER you vacuum.

  300. ferriz Says:

    always work high to low. nothing worse than dust on your freshly mopped floor!


  301. Stacy Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to clean for 15 minutes a day, focusing on one task in one room. Then it’s not so overwhelming and you can feel like you got something accomplished.

  302. ky2here Says:

    My tip isn’t best for the environment but it works. Always stock lemon ammonia for kitchen cleaning – nothing cuts grease better.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  303. ky2here Says:!/ky2here1/status/75243961891028993

    ky2here at msn dot com

  304. Mari Says:

    I suggest using vinegar and rags as a greener and more economical way to clean.

  305. Mari Says:

  306. Barbara M Says:

    Favorite cleaning tip – I have a carrying caddy stocked with all of my cleaning supplies.
    Saves so many steps and so much time!
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  307. Barbara M Says:

    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  308. Debra F Says:

    My best tip, although I admit I don’t always follow my own advice, is to clean as you go. Never leave any dirt to set because then it becomes twice as hard to clean.

  309. Debra F Says:


  310. Diane Baum Says:

    I prefer white vinegar to store bought cleaners

  311. ewhatley Says:

    I use vinegar and also keep a spray bottle filled with cheap vodka to spray kitchen and bathroom fixtures. They will gleam.

  312. cathy miller / rewcath Says:

    sprinkle salt on an egg spill, it makes clean up easy


  313. cathy miller / rewcath Says:!/rewcath/status/75370247649116160 @rewcath nupa123atgmaildotcom

  314. Jacki Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to start with the first room company will enter and then move on to other rooms they would probably go to next, and so on, saving for last the rooms they won’t see!

  315. Rosey Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip: Leave a container of handy wipes on countertops and swipe things clean when you enter the room (ex. the bathroom counter, behind faucets, the tile wall in the kitchen).

  316. Rosey Says:


  317. Lisa Weidknecht Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip – Make the kids do the cleaning!

  318. rebecca Says:

    I like working from top to bottom. The floors are last, and a quick step outside to sit on the porch for a break.

  319. Chrysa Says:

    My best tip is to always dust BEFORE vacuuming!

  320. Chrysa Says:


  321. latisha depoortere Says:

    I pick up and wipe down the kitchen everyday that way it never gets that bad and I love to wipe with windex after makes everything look nice and shiney!

  322. latisha depoortere Says:

    Tweeted too!/latishajean/status/75437815395127296

  323. Darcy B Says:

    My best tip–Mr clean magic eraser–I use them everywhere–makes cleaning finger prints a breeze!

  324. Auriette Says:

    White vinegar and baking soda are great for cleaning and removing odors. They’re all-natural and cheap, too.

  325. Olivia Says:

    I wipe down the bathroom fixtures daily right as I am doing my morning routine. Saves me not having a bigger clean-up if I let them wait till the weekend.

  326. Breanne Says:

    Clean a little bit everyday

  327. Shelley Mitchell Says:

    I have hard wood floor so this would be perfect for me! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  328. Crystal F Says:

    I like to do a couple loads of laundry as I’m waking my girls up for school. It gives me something to do while I’m telling them to get up. Thank you!

  329. susan smoaks Says:

    my favorite cleaning tip is to do just 15 minutes a day and get as much done in those 15 minutes as possible then your house will stay clean and you won’t get too tired cleaning

  330. Emma Peel Says:

    Start high & go low when dusting as you dont want to re-clean things as dust falls from high-low.

  331. Tina S. Says:

    My best tip is instead of using cleaners such as Windex start making your own cleaner with vinager and water. It cheaper and isn’t as harmful to you and your family. Although it doesn’t smell as good, your body will soon thank you!
    stroker881 at hotmail dot com

  332. Kerrie Mayans Says:

    My best tip is to make a schedule and only do a few things each day but do something everyday so you don’t spend the whole weekend cleaning and doing all the laundry and cooking for the week.

  333. Donna B. Says:

    I spend 15 minutes/day straightening up one room – this way on the weekends (when I do my main cleaning) it’s not so bad.

  334. delena mcguire Says:

    do a little something everyday. that keeps it from getting overwhelming.

    mcirish02 at hotmail dot com

  335. Joanne Schultz Says:

    Using the towel you’ve dried your hair/body with to dry the bathtub/shower stall is a great way to easily take care of those water spots!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  336. Joanne Schultz Says:


  337. barbara wright Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to do it first thing in the morning. Then when you wake up, it’s already done :-)

  338. barbara wright Says:

    I tweeted

  339. Sand Says:

    Once a month run an empty dishwasher on the high heat setting with only vinegar to clean it.

  340. Lori Hart Says:

    My best tip (especially in the bathroom) is to wipe the counters down when done putting on make up. If you use loose powder make up, you know how messy it gets.

  341. JD Northwest Says:

    Old t-shirts make for great blind cleaners. Thin enough to wrap a hand and go to work.

  342. David Says:

    Wipe plastic food containers with vinegar to get rid of stains and smells.

  343. David Says:!/lemonave/status/75702565576253440

  344. R Hicks Says:

    I carry a timer with me to pace myself with the many cleaning duties around the house

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  345. R Hicks Says:

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  346. Maria Says:

    I don’t mop the floors my husband does, so i don’t know what he uses. Since he is a janitor he will do a better job than I will.

  347. Debbie Bellows Says:

    my best tip is to do a little bit each day rather than trying to do everything at once

  348. Debbie Bellows Says:

    tweeted here:

  349. gena Says:

    clean one room a day, instead all at once. I hate mopping! this mop looks so much easier.