Super Drinks!

November 15th, 2010

This is a sponsored review by BlogHer and V8 V-Fusion + Tea.

super drinks

Do you ever have those days where you’re going going going and everything is going along great but then you suddenly feel like you’ve hit a wall? Like you have no more energy for even the smallest tasks? You want to be productive, you have to be productive because your to-do list is a mile long but you just don’t have it in you because you are so so tired and could it please just be nap-time already please? NO? Well that’s how I feel a lot. Especially around three o’ clock. Maybe I eat too much for lunch or maybe I just drink too much coffee and that’s my natural crash point.

Usually I solve the afternoon drowsies by pouring myself another cup of coffee and pushing on through but I may have found a new more healthy alternative! Enter V8 V-Fusion + Tea. They are delicious! And you know what? They have green tea in them. I know most of you could give a rip about that but I am very sensitive to caffeine and let me tell you I was BUZZING after one glass. Maybe it’s the 1/4 serving of vegetables and 1/4 serving of fruit that my body interpreted as a power snack, I don’t know. But I suddenly got all my work done and I could talk a mile a minute at the same time. Good times!

gotta get stuff done enjoying a refreshing beverage

I realize being caffeinated might not be a selling point to most people. But before you write off this super-power fusion drink, let me just say that not everyone is sensitive to green tea like I am. My mom drinks green tea all the time and she thinks it’s all in my head. I had a friend try this drink and while she found it absolutely delicious she didn’t notice any affects at all other than wishing she could have another glass.

mango pineapple and pomegranate flavors pour me a drink

It is delicious. I can see myself serving a tray of these to friends if I was having a little party. V8 V-Fusion + Tea comes in three tasty flavors—pineapple mango (my favorite), pomegranate and raspberry—and it doesn’t have that fake sugar flavor. I HATE artificial sweeteners with a passion. While plenty flavorful, this drink is light. It contains NO added sugar and NO high-fructose corn syrup which is pretty cool when you’re comparing the sugar grams on any other fruit juice. TWELVE grams of sugar, people! I know people who have a no-sugar policy will still think that is high but when I was comparing it to my favorite grapefruit juice that I use in my Brendaritas, I had to hang my head in shame. It has less than HALF the sugar my regular favorite juice has. This is definitely a better choice if you are watching your calories. Not to mention it’s packed with a serving of fruit AND vegetables.

Of course this is no reason to skip eating your leafy greens and broccoli but it’s a lot better than soda or coffee! Personally, I’m calling it my secret superpower. I recommend it for all you super moms out there. Do you have a secret superpower? Do you drink Diet Coke or swear by a morning power run? Share your secrets and you can win $100 from Blogher! And don’t forget to visit Blogher’s Round-Up Page for nine other chances to comment and win.

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470 Responses to “Super Drinks!”

  1. Tracy S. Says:

    I’d love to try this because my previous super power, a 20+ oz. cup of coffee is leaving me flat and not really all that healthy!

  2. Shannon F. Says:

    I’d like to try the Pomegranate!

  3. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman Says:

    I love the strawberry banana but these new ones look really tasty too

  4. Kuky Says:

    That sounds yummy. I like green tea and fruit. All the flavors sound delicious. And I don’t have any secret mommy pick me ups. The only trick I have is to get enough sleep or else I become villain mommy. ;-)

  5. Mami2jcn Says:

    I like the pineapple mango green tea.

  6. Mami2jcn Says:


  7. wanda hurst Says:

    Pineapple sounds like an awesome flavour, would love to try it.

  8. beyond Says:

    the pomegranate sounds absolutely yummy!

  9. beyond Says:

    (i think my other comment got lost?)
    the pomegranate sounds super!

  10. Kowanda Says:

    I love V8 Fusion and I’m sure to love it w/ Green Tea in it. Can’t wait to try this!!!
    kowandamcbride at yahoo dot com

  11. Kowanda Says:

    kowandamcbride at yahoo dot com

  12. Sonya Says:

    Pineapple Mango is a great way to go. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  13. Carol Adams Says:

    The raspberry sounds great!

  14. Bonnie P Says:

    My superpower is ice tea with sugar. It goes down smoother than soda and even with a tablespoon of sugar per cup; it has alot less sweetner than soda. I make ice tea all year round and it is cheaper than soda to serve.

  15. Marilyn Holeman Says:

    I usually drink one Sam’s caffeine-free diet coke per day, sometimes two. This sounds like a good healthy alternative. I’d like to try the raspberry.

  16. Becky Fawcett Says:

    I think pomegranate would be my favorite!

  17. Shelley Says:

    I think I’d like raspberry the best :)

  18. Cris Richman Says:

    I like the good old veggie flavor V-8 best

  19. Aly Says:

    Oh the pomegranate sounds SUPER yummy!

  20. jen Says:

    my secret superpower is aloe vera gel – when i’m getting sick i mix it into juice and it fixes me up (or at least, the power of placebo does!)

  21. Susan Says:

    Oh man I swear by coffee. Even if I’m not tired but I need motivation to do something, coffee’s it for me. I don’t know if that’s a secret superpower but it works!

  22. robin Says:

    My secret superpower is no secret to those I work with – diet Dr. Pepper! I do try not to have so many in a day though, because of the caffeine.

  23. Emily Jordan Says:

    I swear by my cup of green tea at 2pm, right when I’m entering my afternoon slump. Picks me up and keeps me warm in the winter. Bonus superpower: raw garlic, cayenne pepper and honey will knock a cold right out of you. Sure, your sweat smells a little funky but it’s better then sneezing all over the place for days! I’m looking forward to sampling the new V8 Fusion +tea.

  24. Robyn Says:

    My secret superpower? Way too much coffee, all day long, or iced tea, or both. But often even that leaves me feeling like I’m dragging. I think I really need two things, sleep and more sleep, but my baby is getting molars in right now. You know how that goes.

  25. KristyC Says:

    Wishin’ I had a mommy superpower. I may have to get one of those! I do, however, eat as much chocolate as I can get my hands on during the day, but the crashes are getting to me. I think I will pick up some of this tea when I go to the store.

  26. Sally Says:

    Oh, coffee coffee coffee. I am not a good person or a good mom without it.

  27. Pictou Says:

    My morning superpower is coffee + more coffee, followed by plain old tap water. If you drink lottsa coffee you should drink water also.

  28. Shannon Says:

    OMG, this is a great idea … get your fruit AND caffeine. Win-win!

  29. Linda Stewart Says:

    My super power drink comes in the way of 2+ cups of White Chocolate Carmel Lattes from the convenience store on my way to the office every morning. I always grab two 24oz cups and some mornings I’ve been known to grab three … especially when they are on sale!

  30. Jeannette Says:

    I’ve tried the ones without the tea and I like them. I have a big cup of coffee each morning with a A LOT of sugar, so may-be I will try this and see if it works. I do love that first sip of sweetened, warm coffee though….

  31. Tara Says:

    I use to drink coffee or latte’s before I became pregnant again. So now it’s just green tea or other tea for my super-power. Will def have to give this one a try!

  32. Julie Says:

    I wish I really had superpowers, that would be helpful with a strong-willed three (and a half, the half is very important to him) year old son. My secret would be COFFEE immediately for a jump-start, and then lots of water. When I’m sluggish, usually it’s because I’m dehydrated. I can’t give the boy opportunity to run me over! I’ve tried other V8 mixes and they’re yum, I’ll have to seek this one out for a little extra kick.

  33. Stacey Says:

    I have two secret superpowers. Mountain Dew (love but need to stop) or Diet Coke. I never got into coffee so its soda drinks for me! I wish it would be a morning run but I can’t muster up the energy.

  34. Jill - GlossyVeneer Says:

    Hmmm…. the comments are interesting!

    In the summer, I don’t like anything hot, so I turn to Diet Pepsi in the mornings. Kind of a terrible habit, I know. In the winter I can drink hot things, so I usually have a mug of tea. And some days I do the double-combo of power run and a caffeinated beverage! :-)

  35. Danna Says:

    I have been wanting to try this new V8. I think I will now, it sounds really good.

    I used to drink coffee all morning, but it made me anxious and jittery so I switched to hot tea. My favorite is Earl Grey, but I also like green teas. I still occasionally crave a good cup of joe with hazelnut creamer, but I try not to over do it.


  36. Heather Says:

    I actually use my lunch hour at work to get a run or bike ride in. Makes my afternoon go by much quicker and I feel better. The V8 drink sounds awesome though! I love that there is no added sugars!

  37. Jaynette Says:

    Secret power? I have to have my coffee in the morning, but we have switched to Folgers’ half-caff. All the flavor (we do use 1 cup of grounds to make a 12 cup pot!) with 1/2 the caffeine.

    My new favorite breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal from Jamba Juice. I don’t get it often, but the oatmeal and berries keep me going when I won’t get lunch until late.

  38. Annika Says:

    Mine is PROTEIN! If I just can’t function and coffee isn’t helping, I make myself an egg. Works every time!

  39. Aurora Says:

    I’m not sure I have a super power… but I do get a lot of exercise… maybe my superpower is my bike commute? It’s even more fun now that my daughter turned 7 and got a new bigger bike!

  40. Sarah Says:

    I am hooked on coffee, and my superpower is the superhuman ability to AVOID a morning run! :)

  41. jenifer Says:

    i;m dying to try those. Next time at Target I must remember.
    to the question- I home school my very energetic 6 yr old son. I totally get that crash at 3-4 after running around like a mad man all day. Typically, my super power pick me up is a smoothie with some frozen fruit, leafy greens, homemade yogurt and fresh orange juice along with either a lara bar or cashews. Also, 45 min of exercise daily- that’s tough trying to fit in but I do my best!

  42. Sarah L! Says:

    My superpower drink is diet coke. Its the best pick me up.

  43. Susan:) Says:

    I love fruity teas! My superpower is usually a glass of lemon iced tea with some good quality chocolate while the kids take a nap. That usually perks me up for the afternoon! I like to add a swig of cranberry or mango juice to my tea to liven it up.

  44. Emily Says:

    My super secret is my wintergreen lip balm – homemade from the farmer’s market. It smells so good and perks me right up!
    P.S. Your hair is so cute!

  45. simply heidi Says:

    I’ve been drinking green smoothies lately and they make me feel super-powerful. I wish I had a real super power though, like flying. Or freezing time. :)

  46. Hannah Says:

    The ONLY thing that makes me super is sleep. I’ve tried coffee, but it doesn’t nothing for me!!

  47. Ruth Says:

    I wish I had a secret superpower! So far, I’ve been sticking to coffee (I just ended a job with Starbucks, so drinking coffee was a must…) but my tummy’s not too happy about that. I love V-8 though, I’ll have to give this one a try!

  48. kathleen Says:

    my secret superpower: a nap everyday! sometimes it’s only 15 mins, but it’s my secret!

  49. Tara Says:

    I wish I had a secret superpower!! It’s all I can do to get even half of my to-do list done. I guess I should start experimenting with all of the superpower (super drink) suggestions above and maybe I’ll find mine!

  50. Megan Says:

    I love the V8 fusion tropical best of the existing flavors…which makes me really want to try the pineapple mango.

  51. Kathy Says:

    My super power is diet pepsi, not diet coke, but diet PEPSI!

  52. Courtney Says:

    I wish I had a superpower! But the only thing that gets me through most of my days is Dr. Pepper! Oh how I love thee, Dr. Pepper! :)

  53. isaida Says:

    My secret superpower….shhhh….it’s a secret! I can’t tell :) But I can say it’s most definitely NOT a morning run!

  54. Dena Says:

    We’ve tried the v8 fusion so I’m anxious to try the Raspberry with tea! In the afternoon I need the super power of a soda or a lipton tea to go in my water. Helps get me thru. Thanks!

  55. kj Says:

    My superpower is to be able to do at least 25 things at one time. Some of them I don’t do well, but I do do them! :)

  56. TIna Says:

    My secret superpower is Coke Zero–so bad for me I know. I need to try these, I need to get more veggies in my diet.

  57. Alexandra Says:

    My not-so-secret superpower for the morning is coffee, and like you, SAJ, I rely on it in the afternoon as well. These drinks sound like a good alternative! I also have found recently that forcing myself to get up 30 mins before my kids and get completely showered and dressed before they wake seems to vastly improve my day. The other thing I am trying to boost my energy is a walk at lunchtime while listening to a podcast. I am leaving my running shoes in my office every day and now I have no excuse to put them on quickly and head out.

  58. Christine Says:

    I was very interested in this, because my Picky Eater Extraordinaire used to drink a lot of the original V8 Fusion. But then he decided he didn’t like any of the flavours and switched to apple juice all the time. Which is bad because (hangs head in shame) he eats no fruit or vegetables whatsoever. But he likes flavoured iced tea when I get it sometimes, so maybe he’d drink this. So I might pick up a bottle.
    My superpower is a cup of tea (real tea; Irish tea from Ireland, smuggled in by the grannies) with a couple of cookies. At naptime. Okay, really my superpower is getting the toddler to take a nap. When she doesn’t, I’m toast by 5pm.

  59. Lauren Says:

    My superpower is my daily large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, coconut flavored, with cream and 3 Splenda. And I can DEFINITELY feel the difference when I skip a morning…..

  60. Ellen Says:

    My superpower is usually a huge mug of coffee, but the morning sickness has taken away my taste for it!

  61. Jenn Bo Says:

    My secret superpower is to eat some protein. Just a little, like a boiled egg or some greek yogurt, or a little tuna cup. Protein can be a little hard to locate when I’m at work, so sometimes I go for superpower’s cousin and find myself some coffee!

  62. Courtney Says:

    My secret superpower? Chocolate in any form. Lately I’ve been mixing some chocolate in with my coffee…talk about a pick me up. I still hit that 3 PM slump though.

  63. jeanine Says:

    Superpower – coffee. I don’t ususally drink the stuff, but if i need a little pick me up i go straight to the coffee. After about 1 cup, i put in some ice and sip on that.

  64. Betsy Says:

    On weekend afternoons I almost always make a pan of hot chocolate. It’s not a superpower for sure, but it does help me get through the 5-7 pm slump. (It might actually be supervillainry, since I managed to convince my hot-chocolate-loving kids that while it might smell like chocolate, it’s really coffee and no, they can’t have it.)

  65. Cristine Says:

    My secret superpower has to be chocolate. Unfortunately, I eat it at all times of the day, but fortunately, it makes me happy and gives me a super energy boost!

  66. Elda @ Peace-inthe-Storm Says:

    No superpowers here, unless you count being able to function with NO COFFEE and/or A NAP. HA! Beat that! I wake up at 6 a.m. and don’t go to bed till about 10-ish. I do like to drink the bottled teas (green tea, white tea, red tea) with my meals, so I suppose I get the kick I need from there. Speaking of kick — gotta get back to the laundry.

  67. Erin S. Says:

    I’m one of the coffee superpower people. Even just the smell of it can give me the push I need to get moving in the morning. Though, now that it’s 3pm, I’m definitely needing a little something more!

  68. Colleen Says:

    I don’t have a super-power drink, expect maybe strawberry flavored milk. (yeah, no qualms about sugar here. I’d rather drink sugar than artificial sugar-substitutes) As for super-powers, give me a glue gun and I can work magic!

  69. Felix Says:

    I’ve recently become a fan of low carb Monster energy drinks and like to have one mid afternoon to help me get through the rest of the day (get my to do list done once I get home). I think I just may have to try this though since I love tea (and I already think the regular V-8 Fusion is tasty) – this would certainly be healthier than the energy drink.

  70. Janna Says:

    My super power is sleep and a slight case of OCD. :) I only enjoy one cup of coffee a day and I don’t drink sodas, so I try to eat my veggies and fruit and get a good night’s sleep, which for me is about 6-7 hours on a week day. :) I have been curious to try these. I love regular v8, so imagine these would be pretty tasty too.

    Thanks for the review!

  71. Ines Says:

    Superpower? Coffee! I love it…but I only have it in the morning…so this might be a good substitute for the afternoon snack attacks!…

  72. Sara B Says:

    I usually have a Diet Coke at about 11 a.m. Too much caffeine after 2:00 p.m. and I get weird dreams all night. But I know the soda is sludge, so I’m open to trying something that would give me energy without all the chemicals — the V8 drink sounds yummy.

  73. Amy V Says:

    I’d love to try the Pineapple Mango. It may help me with my mind-reading powers!

  74. Melissa Says:

    No super powers (I wish!) but I do eat a cup of yogurt with granola and that gets me through the morning. I don’t know why but I’m always starving by 8:30 am, even when I have my normal breakfast at 6:30 am. I need to check out that pineapple mango V8. Two flavors I absolutely love!

  75. Leah Says:

    My secret superpower is NOT drinking diet anything….it does something bad to my body…I am so run down after drinking them. When I am super stressed out, I drink 100% grape juice, it calms me down (the thought of all the antioxidants going into my body makes me feel better:-P)

    leahforlove at aol dot com

  76. Kindra Says:

    My superpower is Diet Coke, I am addicted!!! I have been trying to cut it out of my diet totally but it’s so hard. I don’t drink coffee so it’s my caffine in the morning.

  77. brooke Says:

    I’m a really boring non-drinker. I don’t drink coffee or diet coke or really any other pop. However, lately I’ve been really into Vitamin Water. I know, fad, fad, fad. But I swear that it helps me stay super hydrated and it seems to help keep up my milk supply as I’m a breastfeeding mom. Unfortunately it’s super expensive and has lots of sugar, so I try to limit my intake. It also doesn’t have any servings of fruit or veggies. Maybe if I drank my veggies I would GET a super power : )

    brookegiesbrecht at gmail dot com

  78. Deib Says:

    My secret superpower for being productive is working at the computer for a few minutes–something about being in front of the screen (probably has to do with the light or something) wakes me up–which is terrible if I’m on the computer late at night getting work done–then I can’t fall asleep. I also swear by a good breakfast which sometimes involves coffee–but always involves water, protein, and fiber. My 11th graders and I eat during homeroom–makes the school day go better for everyone.

  79. Jenn S Says:

    diet coke is really what gets me going in the morning…that, and a long commute to let the caffeine “sink in” — this looks a lot healthier than diet coke, though. also, your hair looks super cute in these photos!

  80. Lisa Says:

    My superpower has been 20 oz of coffee lately after too many years of Diet Pepsi abuse.
    Neither are good. I drink a ton of green tea and it doesn’t make me as jittery as the coffee.

    This stuff looks good –how’s the price?

  81. flyingbird Says:

    When I need a superpower boost I go for one of those Odwalla “Superfood” green juice drinks. Makes me feel good every time. Maybe I just need to be eating more algae. :-P

  82. Yara Says:

    My secret superpower… coffee. I’m happily addicted to my keurig, and the ability to have a perfect cup of coffee, hot or iced, in about a minute. Sometimes i think I should cut back, but then I realize I just don’t want to.

  83. Carol S-U Says:

    I’m in the process of writing out my grocery list and I just added this to it! I like the regular Fusion’s pomegranate mix flavor and this might be a good switch for me from my usual super power booster – Pepsi… I have to say it with shame, because I drink 2 a day… all the sugar and caffeine… boo!! The green tea might be a good way to switch to a more healthy jumpstart for my day!! I’ll see how it goes – green tea is sometimes a little more caffeine than I can handle, but it’s worth the try!!

  84. Anne Says:

    My superpower is homebrewed coffee with milk and sugar. I’m pretty easy to please, I guess, although sometimes I’ll spring for a latte if I’m feeling especially sleepy. I also need something substantial to eat in the morning to get me going, so I usually go with peanut butter toast or oatmeal. Yum, yum.

    I actually tried this V8 Fusion tea recently and really liked it!

  85. beck Says:

    My superpower is kind of boring, but something I definitely need to make a higher priority: SLEEP. =)

  86. Brie Says:

    The way I wake up/my superpower? Chilling out, checking my email/Facebook/reading the paper, etc. in the morning for about half an hour before getting ready. It sometimes makes me rush to get ready and I’m not always on time, but … it helps me focus for the day! :)

    Actually, my husband just told me the other day that my true secret superpower (not energy-booster but super power like for a comic book heroine) is picking the line in the grocery store/Target/etc. which looks like it will be the fastest … but ends up taking the longest because of the customers in front. :) His superpower is whenever he picks a traffic lane, it slows down.

  87. susie Says:

    Hmm… my secret superpower is terrible for me, but I’m addicted: Diet Dr. Pepper. I know, it’s awful — but I LOVE it.

    I might have to go try these, though!

  88. Georgia Says:

    My biggest secret to any kind of power surge is to get enough sleep at night then a good juice drink in the morning.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  89. Georgia Says:

    Tweeted here today

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  90. Kerri Says:

    I wish I had a super power to get through the afternoon. Sometimes a quick walk through the Target dollar aisle is just the pick-up I need. :)

  91. nicole i Says:

    superpower without coffee would be the eyes in the back of my head. though I do wish it was a power run in the am or the ability to nanny mcphee my laundry.

  92. Tweets that mention » Blog Archive » Super Drinks! -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Georgia, Mary Happymommy. Mary Happymommy said: V8 V-Fusion giveaway [...]

  93. Rachel Says:

    Oh to have a super power. Maybe be able to have the right loving listening response every time to the hundreds of “Mommy?”s I get everyday. I suppose the closest I can come is when the stars are aligned and both kids nap, and I am able to sneak one in too. I am perhaps vaguely powerful post nap, or at least can make the final push until Daddy is home and bedtime. Is it just me or does everyone say “BEDTIME!!:D!!” in their head?

  94. bethany Says:

    Secret superpower one is Silver Biotics liquid nano silver which keeps us all totally humming with nary a fever or puke amongst the four of us for over 2 years. Energy though? I’d have to say my B vitamins … B6 and B12 really give me an energy kick, and so does just plain black tea, which I don’t have often so it cures the 3pm slumps pretty quickly! They do suck, don’t they?

  95. Michelle Says:

    Usually my superpower is a large coffee in the morning and one just after lunch, but that’s probably not very good for me. :) If I get my yoga in right after I get home from work that is my superpower for a nice fueled evening instead of pooping out right after my little one does. A different kind of superpower would be that I can tell from any room in the house if one of my kiddos is going to be sick and swoop them up and to the bathroom before any accidents (at least I think that’s pretty super).

  96. heather Says:

    I’m not a mommy, yet, but my secret superpower is turning on a ‘dance exercise’ 10 minute dvd and just blasting my way through that. It gets you wiggling and gives energy. Then I drink lots of water after cause of being all hot from the exercise, and then that helps too!

  97. Brenda Says:

    I have 2 secret superpowers. The first is denial. The laundry pile is growing epic proportions? What laundry? My kids are dirty? Good for their immune systems. The second superpower is the ability to say a flat “no” and cut off arguments. It often cuts down on the attempts at negotiation. I usually try to explain my reasons, but sometimes the answer is no and when negotiation and explanations aren’t working, I’m not afraid to weather the temper tantrum.

  98. Siera Says:

    SO NOT ELIGIBLE. Canadian, here. I drink coffee but it doesn’t do it for me. If I need something, it’s a Rockstar or Red Bull. Sad, I know I really try to limit them when I am desperate for NRG.

  99. Ellen W Says:

    A hot shower on a cold day gets me going for the day – chocolate also helps me power through the day :)

  100. Jeanette with 1 N Says:

    Not a mom but my not so secret power is iced tea. Like many of the commenters I don’t care for coffee so I drink iced tea with 2 splendas or diet coke if I need a quick spurt of energy. These drinks sound like a healthier and tasty alternative.

  101. Kaitlin Says:

    My super secretpower that isn’t really a secret is drinking way too much Diet Pepsi (not Coke! ew!).

  102. Sam Says:

    Oooh! I used to love V8 Splash. Then, it seemed like they changed the formula and it didn’t taste the same. Plus, it seems like the last time I looked at the label, there was HFCS. All that to say, I am ready to try this out!

    As for having afternoon energy, I need all I can get! Sometimes I do take a nap, but I’m finding my new run/walk routine 3 days a week REALLY helps the energy.

  103. Lori Says:

    My secret super power? Brownies. And because I like you I’ll share the secret to yummy brownies – add one sleeve of crushed oreos and one cup chopped Andes mints to your favorite brownie mix. You’ll stay awake just for the chocolate. Hugs to you and Bug!

  104. Melissa Says:

    Really strange, but I walk out to the car in the morning (in the parking lot, not the garage) with bare feet and no jacket. I don’t know why… but it wakes me up! I just really hate to drive with shoes on, I guess.

  105. Kate Says:

    Hmm, my superpower would have to be my daily cup of coffee with way too much vanilla creamer in it! I am usually comatose before I get my coffee!

  106. sadie Says:

    latte skim is my superpower!! Yummy,makes me happy!!

  107. SusieQ Says:

    My superpower is lists…lots and lots of lists!

  108. chiara Says:

    i wouldnt call it a super power per se but whenever im starting to feel overwhelmed by working and raising two little ones and etc., i take a deep breath and look at my boys and know that it is ALL going by so fast and i should enjoy it. and this pause, this look at my kids–recharges and inspires me to try to get it all done. or at least do the best that i can at what im doing.

  109. Mrs. Wilson Says:

    I don’t have a super power, I’m tired ALL THE TIME too, usually crashing around 3ish. I may have to check this drink out. I also DESPISE artificial sweeteners because of the bad taste they leave in my mouth. Yuck.

    Don’t pick me to win because I can’t because I AM CANADIAN. But, I figured I’d comment anyway. :)

  110. Katrina Says:

    My superpower is espresso. I know 4 shots of espresso seems like a lot, but spread out over my classes means I’m just as kind to my 6th period munchkins as my family as I’m walking out the door to school.

  111. SAJ Says:

    You guys make me chuckle. Love you!

    Also, one of these days I’m going to make a contest for Canadians only just because you guys are such good sports.

  112. Anne Says:

    I wish I had a running superpower. I do so love my morning coffee, but sleep is the only thing that makes me happy. About once a week the hubby will let me sleep in while he gets up with the kiddos and Mama is way more super when he does! Also, these look yummy. And you look cute drinking them! I bet I could look cute drinking them…good advertising there, B! ;)

  113. Keri Says:

    my superpower? Emergen-C Vitamin C packets. I love the tangerine flavor.

    Any my hair. Rocking short hair is SO totally a superpower.

  114. Nicole Says:

    My secret superpower is making sure to get a shower every day with a newborn in the house. It makes me feel human.

  115. Mary Jenkins Says:

    Green tea. I am actually sensitive to it, too. It makes my skin feel hot for about 30 minutes after I have had a cup. But I feel vibrant,too!

  116. Jessica Says:

    Kona Coffee… If I don’t have my kona EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING… I’m totally not super, and I’m also powerless. Bad combo. Baaad Combo.

  117. Madge Says:

    My superpower is definitely fresh air. If I start feeling groggy and tired, I go for a short walk around the block or run a quick errand. I used to rely on my diet soda every morning and afternoon but I’m kicking the habit.

    I’m not a huge fan of green tea, but dang, sounds like you found a definite power source. I’ve been serving Sprite the Fruit Fusions to get some veg in her.

  118. MB Says:

    Came from your regular blog site :)
    Drip coffee at 8:30 am & double shot cappuccino at 10 am.

  119. Jamie Says:

    my superpower: a super sassy, super pink lipgloss. That puppy perks me right up every time!

  120. Michele Says:

    When I need an extra umph in the morning, I get ready from head to toe and make sure my hair looks good. This is so rare for me, that it feels like something special. Sometimes I’ll put on a skirt, just to make me feel extra “get up and go”. I’m less likely to want to take a nap after I’ve put energy into make-up!
    So, I guess that means that my superpower is: getting out of my pj’s. Not to tough right?

  121. Ashley Says:

    My superpower drink is coffee with a seasonal creamer, lately it has been pumpkin.
    I do love green tea though so these sound interesting.

  122. Amanda Says:

    Having a new babe… I do the Monster Drinks but swear by regular old Coke. My morning coffee. I saw these at the store and will try! Will work for my finicky eater too…

  123. Steph Says:

    My secret is to chew gum when I’m tired!

  124. Steph Says:!/DesMoinesDealin/status/4765406279507968

  125. Tabathia B Says:

    I drink a cup of hot tea or a soda (mt. dew)
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  126. Tabathia B Says:

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  127. Susan S Says:

    If I need a quick pick me up, I drink a Mt. Dew. The only time I drink caffeine is when I NEED to stay up.

  128. Susan S Says:

    I tweeted:

  129. Liz23 Says:

    When I need a quick pick me up I drink coffee… would be cool if they could bottle the adrenaline rush you feel when you are speeding and see a cop….ha!

  130. Sumiko Says:

    Sounds like a nice kick in the booty to get me going in the morning! Alas, no secret superpowers to boast of, save some coffee candies that I keep in a pretty bowl in the living room for “guests” (read: tired mommies)!

  131. KC Says:

    My super power was a MONSTER ENERGY drink around noon but alas i think i have become immune to it and need to find something new, I do not drink soda so these new drinks i will try and maybe i will get my superpowers back!! I also limit myself to 2 coffees in the morning. I read somewhere that Tea is actually more of a stiimulant than coffee so i am gonna give it a go. Thanks!

  132. chelsie Says:

    Morning run as a super power? Ha!! I wish! I live in Germany at the moment (temporarily, from Alaska) and they have this wonderful tradition of kafe and kuchen in the afternoon… everyone sits down for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake/sweet treat! It’s a lovely break… so I’d say that a moment’s break from my two lovely littles and a strong cup of coffee with cream is my afternoon SUPER POWER! :-)

    I love reading you, by the way. I’ve been reading since Bug was a baby… our daughters are the same age. It’s been nice to share the journey!

  133. Grenda Says:

    My superpower is Diet Coke! Lots and lots of Diet Coke!

  134. Stacy Says:

    Who knew that a question about a secret superpower would turn into such a head-scratcher for me! I guess I’d have to say that my secret superpower at the moment is leftover Halloween candy as mommy fuel!

  135. shelly aka allysmama Says:

    my superpower is Sweet Iced Tea…I’d love to try the pomegranate + green tea

  136. shelly aka allysmama Says:


  137. mamalang Says:

    My superpower is a fantastic supervitamin. I was skeptical, but after 6 months of taking them, I can really tell the difference. Of course, I wouldn’t need it if I ate better, a goal which these can at least help me achieve.

  138. Kandi Says:

    I don’t really have a superpower… but on days when I’m really tired I still try to get in some exercise (walk or run during lunch) and that does help a little. On days that I’m completely drained a nap helps!

  139. Leta Says:

    I definitely drink Diet Coke plus (and also regular coke and a local drink called Ski) for my caffeine. I am not a coffee drinker. But I have noticed that the older I get the more caffeine takes its toll on me. If I drink it too late in the day, I can’t sleep. And it never ever used to bother me. Darn it!

  140. Annette Says:

    I drink coffee and diet coke, but I don’t really think they give me energy. I work from home, so when I need an energy boost, I take my dogs for a fast walk around the neighborhood. Can’t wait to try the tea…it sounds tasty!

  141. Debra Says:

    Superpower – 5 mile run at 5 AM, try to do it in under 40 min. I am supercharged until about 3PM and then I am ready for bed.

  142. Kristy Says:

    My superpower: Diet RC. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I’ve tried 5 Hour Energy, but they make me feel cracked out. Not that I know what being cracked out feels like, but I’m guessing this is close :)

  143. Becky Says:

    mmm these look yummy! I want to try them all!

  144. Lori Says:

    Oh, I’m almost ashamed to say it. My superpower is a bottle of soda from a machine. Its really not just the drink, which does have to be some form of regular dark soda. Its the satisfying process of giving the machine my quarters, hearing the clink-clink, vigorously pushing the button, and retrieving the soda. Then, the sound of opening a fresh bottle. Its the perfect de-stresser. I swear, I’m not an addict.

  145. Sondra Says:

    I hate to admit it… I’m ashamed… it’s a coke. Full sugared and caffienated ice cold can of coke. *hangs head in shame* I am not a fan of the V-8 straight (veggie juice?? bleck!), but now seeing your review… I might actually give this one a shot!

  146. Colleen Says:

    My secret mommysuperpower is coming home at the end of the day. Nothing else is as revitalizing and relaxing — yay, we’re home and we made it through the day!! So what if we have cereal for supper!! However, if I need something more physically substantial then I make a humungous cuppa earl grey tea and suck that bad boy down in about 2.5 seconds.

  147. Susan Smith Says:

    My secret superpower is Coke in the morning.I know it isn’t healthy but the combination of the sugar, caffine and fizz gets me going. These V8 Green tea drinks look great and are much better for me I’m sure.

  148. Susan Smith Says:

  149. Heather Says:

    I’m not really into anything that remotely tastes like tea. I prefer to have an ice cold Pepsi or pop a couple of Excedrin. I’ve even tried that 5 Hour Power stuff.

  150. jessica Says:

    the first few comments are hilarious! spot on description!

    my super power is…….procrastination! Does that count? My second super power is green smoothies! They fill you up & keep you going all morning-no caffeine required!

  151. JenS Says:

    hey, these look great! I start off my day with COFFEE COFFEE but later in the day I have been brewing green tea and drinking it with honey and lemon- not quite the same zip but yummy! I would love to try these! Love that they don’t have additional sugars or HFCS!! I’ll have to pay more attention in the juice aisle…(hard to do with 3 kids!)

  152. Becca Says:

    Secret superpower, hmmm. I don’t think I have one. Well maybe. I can pop out of bed and function in seconds. Does that count as a superpower?

  153. Sherri Strader Says:

    My super secret power is saltines with peanut butter, instant lift me up. I’m definitely going to try the juice, added bonus of less sugar. Must try out the Brendaritas too.

  154. Brandi Hayes Says:

    Diet Dr. Pepper is my super power unless I’m driving, then I bring out the Sugar-free Red Bull. I love green tea and am now convinced to try this.

  155. Tanya Says:

    My secret superpower is the one you suggested, running! I’ve been training for a 10k and the difference between the mornings I run and when I don’t run are night and day. Even though I get up super early to run, I still have more energy during the day.
    This sounds yummy, I may have to give it a try, I do love Green Tea.

  156. Karen Says:

    My super power is when I work out which isn’t often. However, I like Green Tea but it doesn’t agree with me. Maybe this is the secret drink that won’t make my stomach feel bad. It just might be the super secret drink I’ve been wanting to try.

  157. Lisa Says:

    My secret superpower? Exercise. If I manage to find time to work out in the morning, it keeps me energized all day long. It’s that whole getting right out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button 17 times that’s the tricky part…

  158. sioux Says:

    having both kids in school is my secret! plus, a nice cuppa joe in the morning, maybe a little diet coke in the afternoon (i looooove diet coke). i actually find that the more caffiene i drink, the more tired i am. one cup should do it – otherwise there’s the dreaded crash!

  159. Jennie Says:

    Wow, I’m with Robin, my baby is getting molars in too. Yikes! My superpower generator would be sleep, but in its sad, sad absence, a nice warm shower gets me going. In the afternoon, I like to mix some pomegranate juice with some seltzer water. I call it a sparkler- sounds like happy hour!

  160. Alissa Says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have anything fancy that gives me secret superpowers – just enough sleep and having some time alone to myself during the day (well, those and 3 cups of coffee:) ).

  161. MargieK Says:

    Hmmm… secret superpower? If I tell you, it won’t be a secret!

    But here’s one thing that’s NOT a secret, that can give you energy when you have the mid-afternoon blahs: it’s a little move called Hoe-Downs. Sounds corny but it works! You can find it on “try before you buy” section of the T-Tapp website:

    That juice sounds good; I’d like to try it. I’m a little afraid of the caffeine content, as I’ve found I’m sensitive to it. I stopped drinking it in hopes it would help lower my blood pressure. But if I had it in the morning, I’d probably be OK. Plus I have a 22 year old son at home who enjoys “energy drinks” so if it had me bouncing off the walls, he could make sure the rest didn’t go to waste!

  162. Melanie Says:

    I’d love to try the pomegranate – I could use some secret super power!

  163. Katie Says:

    My secret super power is M&M’s, the pretzel kind! Not exactly healthy, but I like a good crunchy snack. Or I crunch on ice, it just feels productive. Ok I am officially weird.

  164. Kimmy D Says:

    I love V8 Fusion, I hadn’t heard about this drink but I will try it now. Lately I have been using a big ol Dr. Pepper to get going in the morning. I would love to replace that with something healthy! :)

  165. Linda B. Says:

    Wow! You weren’t kidding in you other post! My superpower is to turn the things my 3 year old doesn’t want to do into games.

  166. anna Says:

    I wish I had a secret super power! I can drink of cup of coffee but it only last a few moments. Generally I try to sneak in a power nap when my little one is napping but even then by 6pm I’m toast. I’d love to try this though because I could see how just filling up on veggies and fruit might do the trick.

  167. Maria Says:

    I love coke.

  168. mandy Says:


  169. Rhi Says:

    I am not a mom, but coffee and food before I interact with anyone in the morning is the key to my super power.

  170. Deidre Says:

    I am super sensitive to caffeine – so sensitive in fact that I can’t drink coffee or green tea!

    I tend to fade in the afternoon and my technique to stay alert for at least a little while is a spoonful of nutella. Not the healthiest – and definitely a last resort. But it’s tasty and gives me just the sugar rush I need.

  171. Gena Says:

    My secret get-up is the soy chai latte at the SB. And the most effective energy-grabber though? A good walk/jog, as much as I hate to admit it.

  172. Margaret Smith Says:

    My secret would be 2 cups of tea each morning….before anyone in the house wakes up.
    Thanks so much.

  173. Tammy Says:

    I like to start my morning with an iced mocha to energize me for the day. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, I still like it iced. :-)

  174. Stephanie V. Says:

    V-8 fusion was/is my secret weapon — with the kids too!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  175. Lisa Says:

    My secret superpower is my husband. He gets up with the kids so I can sleep in. And on the days he goes fishing in the mornings and leaves me to the kid-wrangling, my secret superpower is a mint mocha from my favorite coffee stand. Creme de menthe, not peppermint, because I HATE peppermint.
    The V8 sounds good, I think I’ll try it. :)

  176. meemo Says:

    5 Hour Energy is my super power. I work graveyeard shifts and don’t drink coffee so this stuff gets me through a long 12 hour shift, it’s like magic. I am tempted to try this V-8 stuff, especially for my son who is obsessed with tea, hopefully he won’t notice the fruit and veggies.

  177. Sunshyn V Says:

    That sounds a heck of a lot better than those energy drinks. I’ve been hitting a time every day when I start barely being able to keep my eyes open but haven’t wanted to extend my coffee habit beyond morning times.

  178. Sunshyn V Says:

    I tweeted

  179. SANDY Says:

    pom looks yummy

  180. Adrienne Gordon Says:

    A good cup of coffee gets me going

  181. mjb Says:

    My superpower is protein – it’s the funniest thing, but if I don’t get protein in my breakfast and lunch, I totally crash and start making poor food choices. A snack of cottage cheese really helps do the trick in between meals, too.

  182. Tari L. Says:

    My kids drink V8 often. It is one of the only ways I am able to get vegetables in them.

  183. Laura Says:

    I love to drink regular tomato V-8 as my “superpower”

  184. elz Says:

    Oh, my secret superpowr? Hmm, around 10 am it’s a soda (I don’t drink coffee). But, regularly I think my superpower is that I’m not afraid to be silly-it gets the kids moving and puts them in a good mood.

  185. Jenn S. Says:

    Orange juice usually gets me going but am looking forward to trying these new V8 V-Fushion varieties.

  186. kimberly Says:

    My secret superpower is my 9:30 bedtime. Of course, that doesn’t work out nearly as often as I’d like – so my back up secret superpower is a coffee and a chocolate milk with a breakfast of farmers market eggs served hot and scrambled.

    The pineapple mango v-8 stuff in your post definitely piques my interest…

  187. Heather S Says:

    I must admit I start the day with a Diet Coke and a protein bar. I do like V8 fusion so I really need to start drinking this again as it is good for me.

  188. Heather S Says:


  189. Rachelskirts Says:

    I am wary of anything V8-related, since for some reason I have a mental link between their beverages and tomato soup, which I hate. However, this does sound different enough from the standard V8 that it would be worth a try. (*gulp*) Plus, it’d be nice to have a healthy “secret superpower” to fuel my early mornings at work and my late evenings at school (online, which means I can really easily convince myself to do homework in bed, which means I can really easily fall asleep instead). My previous turbo-charged beverage was coffee, but I’ve been trying to give that up. I also have a stash of super questionable “chocolate rocket mints” from ThinkGeek, and each one has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. (Pro tip: don’t eat more than two in an hour. Ever.) So. Yeah. I’ll give this a try. :)

  190. Lara Says:

    My superpower is 20 minutes alone in my recliner catching up on my iphone. With 2 girls who are both in Momm-attachment phases, just a few minutes alone can recharge me! Diet Dr Pepper is my go to drink but I’d really like to find something else!

  191. Andrea S. Says:

    I love that you say you were buzzing after having some mid-afternoon. I need to get on that train…my afternoon chores are so tough for me to tackle!

  192. Andrea S. Says:

    I tweeted.!/SewIntoEwe/status/5357660312444928

  193. Janice Whitaker Says:

    I drink Diet Pepsi..Couldnt swear by it. I think I might be addicted to it :(

  194. EMMA L HORTON Says:


  195. CATHARINE R Says:

    We’ve tried several of the new V8 Fusion drinks and so far have liked them all!

    ceriehl at gmail dot com

  196. Scott Martin Says:

    I like the pineapple mango green tea. It is delicious.
    THANKS!!! for the AWESOME!!! GIVEAWAY!!!

    Scott Martin

  197. Lisa Says:

    I don’t have any secret superpowers or anything that I swear by to get me going, but I do like tea in the morning, instead of coffee. I would love to try one of these tea drinks.

  198. Kelly Says:

    I admit that I probably won’t be drinking these, as I don’t like my tea sweetened in any way. But I will continue to drink my spicy V8 as an afternoon snack with some veggies or cheese. Yum!

  199. alison Says:

    As my baby likes to say “outside, outside” – my secret to the afternoon drowsiness is going out for some fresh air no matter how hot or cold it is.

  200. Linda Lansford Says:

    I drink coffee and thive

  201. Gina Maddox Says:

    I would love to try the pineapple mango flavor!

  202. Gina Maddox Says:


  203. Gina Maddox Says:


  204. gracia Says:

    My secret superpower is prayer. : )

  205. Amanda Says:

    My secret super power is remembering where nearly every toy is when my son asks “mom, where is xyz?” I’m powered by H2O and Quakes. Although I’m starting to slip. I might need to a new power source!

  206. Diane R. Says:

    I really like the flavors in the tea–pineapple mango and raspberry sound particularly good.




    2ND ENTRY TWEET!/kytah00/status/5502037953355776

  209. Henria O. Says:

    I’d like to try the Pineapple mango flavor!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  210. Henria O. Says:

    zzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  211. Sarah Hirsch Says:

    I Don’t have a secret superpower. I could probably use one!!

  212. Maura Says:

    My super power is Diet Dr. Pepper. I call it Diet Crack. In the winter I drink a ton of tea, but green tea has a funny taste to me. Have you ever had green tea with jasmine? It totally tastes the way Desitin smells. Yum. Diaper cream (*hork*).

  213. K town 6 Says:

    I would try it if it didn’t have tea in it…my super power is failing. I’ve been addicted to red bull and my body must have gotten used to it.

  214. Christine Says:

    like green tea

  215. Tarah Says:

    I think the Pineapple Mango one sounds great – I love BOTH flavors!

  216. Deborah Wellenstein Says:

    I am anxious to try the pomegranate flavor. Thanks!

  217. Cynthia C Says:

    My super power comes from really good coffee and you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands, but this is certainly healthier and I know I’d love the Pineapple Mango flavor.

  218. Cynthia C Says:

    Visa $100 GC Giveaway

  219. Cynthia C Says:

    Oops – here’s the link to that last tweet:

  220. Jeff Says:

    Raspberry green tea V8 is my favorite.

  221. Megan Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love V8!

  222. Megan Says:


  223. Lish Says:

    I saw these in the store but was hesitant to try them because I’m a caffeine sensitive person. It was great in college where one bottle of Coke could keep me going all night. I love all of the other V8 products, so maybe I’ll have to give them a shot because I do drink green tea from time-to-time and it usually only causes a slight jittery feeling. My superpower secret? Getting enough sleep & a snack between 2-3PM. I try to get to bed by 10 each night, and then combat that afternoon sluggish feeling with a snack to perk me back up.

  224. Kelly Massman Says:

    I don’t have a secret super power drink, but I love Pomegranate.

  225. Benny Says:

    My superpower is coffee! Like a lot of people! But I also enjoy the stairmaster in the morning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. Benny Says:

    I also tweeted!:!/benny8484/status/5789851609726976

  227. Kristen Says:

    I am definitely a juice drinker, and I can’t wait to try the Pineapple Mango…yum!

  228. Kerry Says:

    My only other power beverage is coffee – so I really need to try this!

  229. Kerry Says:


  230. Gail Crawford Says:

    I like the different flavors

  231. simone Says:

    I like to try the Pinapple Mango. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  232. Beth Says:

    My secret superpower is the ability to trick myself into thinking decaf coffee actually has caffeine so that when I take a sip, I’m actually more awake than I feel. Thus I avoid the caffeine of the coffee that keeps me and my nursing baby a wee bit wired.

  233. Michelle B. Says:

    My secret superpower is fueld by Diet Coke but also smoothies made with V8 Fusion juice, yogurt and frozen berries! Love them! I was intrigued by the Fusion+ Tea, wondering how good they would taste.

  234. Ellie Says:

    I had never heard of the Fusion+Tea, but now I think I will try it.

  235. Amanda W Says:

    My secret superpower is Diet Coke.

  236. Amanda W Says:


  237. marybeth Says:

    I like coffee and diet soda
    marbet50 @ GMAIL.COM

  238. marybeth Says:

    i TWEETED THIS!/CountryLife4me/status/6017436411240449

  239. Christine Says:

    I’d have to say mine is coffee for the kick-start and then on to water with lemon and these V8 drinks too, love them! Thank you!

  240. Christine Says:

    I tweeted

  241. Deb Anderson Says:

    I admit I’m a coffeeholic. But these just might change my mind! Sounds like a great and healthy pick me up in the morning!

  242. Deb Anderson Says:


  243. Kelly from Iowa Says:

    My secret power aid is a 10-15 minute nap. I would like to try the V8 drinks but wished they had smaller sizes.

  244. Timbo Says:

    The best secret I have is actually NOT drinking coffee and/or tea :D

  245. Timbo Says:

    I just tweeted this giveaway here :D

  246. beth shepherd Says:

    My secret super power is putting the kids to bed at 8pm so I can have some downtime
    thank you

  247. beth shepherd Says:

    thank you

  248. joanne Says:

    mmm all three sound great but i’d like to try the pomegranate!!

  249. Amanda Starr Says:

    Pomegranate + Green Tea yum

  250. Bekah Says:

    I’m not sure I have a secret super-power, but I have GOT to try Lori’s (oreo mint brownies)!!!!

  251. ohkeeka Says:

    I’ve never had V8 before, but I would definitely try this. The Pineapple Mango flavor especially!

  252. Sheila Hickmon Says:

    My super power is 2 cups of coffee in the morning chuck full of sugar, this is wayyyy better for me!
    I’d love to try it!

  253. Sheila Hickmon Says:

    I blogged about it!

  254. Sheila Hickmon Says:

    I tweeted about it too!

  255. Samantha Daleo Says:

    I dont really have a super power..still looking for it…but I do count on a can of diet coke and a handful of Hot Tamales Candy’s at about 3pm for a caffine/sugar rush to push me through:) I guess these V-8′s might be a better option!

  256. Fawn George Says:

    My superpower was coffee but I found out I’m allergic to it and it has been making me feel bad. So I need to find something else to get me going. Maybe these V-8 drinks. I would love to try the raspberry.

  257. Joanne Christie Says:

    My morning super-power is my must have coffee from Tim Hortons. I swear they put magic dust in the cream! I’d love to replace my coffee with a V-8! Thank you!

  258. Sophia foley Says:

    mmm…secret power has to be the same as susie…LISTS!! I’m a freak. That and the very typical cup of coffee…I mean really, how does ANYONE not get by on that lovely liquid?
    would love to try this fusion/tea!!! thanks for the chance!

  259. Nanci K Says:

    My secret power is to get as much done first thing in the morning and before the kids get up. A diet coke helps too.

  260. April G. Says:

    I need a secret superpower, actually! Maybe this would help me be more productive!

  261. kaholly Says:

    The raspberry-tea would be for me!

  262. ksdoolittle Says:

    I’d like to try the raspberry!

  263. Mary M Says:

    the Pineapple Mango is my favorite breakfast drink

  264. Mary M Says:

    I tweeted!/marybug2/status/6425632376356864
    marybug2 at

  265. turkeylurker Says:

    My superpower is coffee or a nap, or both!

  266. Linda Says:

    I like mixing the fusion drinks with my orange or grapefruit juice when I’m in Florida.

  267. Dana Says:

    Lots of tea and diet coke for me-the tea is healthy but not the cokes

  268. Debbie Says:

    Every time I read something about green tea, there are more reasons to be making it my first choice drink. So I’d love more options even though I love plain green tea too! I’d go for the raspberry.

  269. Cathy Truman Says:

    I drink hot Green Tea in the morning and cold Green Tea in the afternoon.

  270. Erin Says:

    Diet Coke to drink and almonds to eat. Works for me! And and iced coffee if I’m REALLY desperate. ;]

  271. joni Says:

    Candy bars work for me!

  272. maureen Says:

    One of my young nephews is not a veggie lover. We give him the V8 Fusion and we call it even. He thinks he is getting away without having veggies.

  273. M.A. Says:

    Can’t wait to try the Pomegranate juice along with my super secret energy producing oven-baked almonds!

  274. Jan Says:

    My secret superpower is actually not so secret…… chocolate!!! A bit of chocolate always gives me that last bit of needed strength when I feel pretty much drained, and it makes me feel much more positive!

  275. Susan Says:

    I need a super power:-) I can’t drink coffee anymore, the the caffeine wreaks my mood.

  276. abitnerdy Says:

    I’m a morning person, I’m just so much more productive in the morning, then the afternoon rolls around…… I make a trip to Starbucks for some Tea. Just being outside of my Office / home perks me up and when I get back I’m ready for business again:) It gets to be a pricey pick me up though :/

    thanks for the opportunity! xoxo

  277. Heather Says:

    Wonder Twin Powers Activate: Shape of a FROG, form of a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper! When I need a little pick me up a little bounce and fizzy jolt do it.

    My real super power? Effective mult-tasking.

    I bet the hubby would enjoy these drinks as well.

  278. B Smith Says:

    Oh, this looks great. I’d love to try the Raspberry!

  279. Karin S. Says:

    I used to pound three Diet Cokes before lunch. I traded those in for Dr Pepper. Then I moved onto Starbuck’s Caramel Salted Hot Chocolate! oh Yum Yum Yum! I would like to try something new as my current superpower is seasonal and when its gone I have to wait 10 months to have it again! :)

  280. Tonya Says:

    My secret superpower is really bad…sweet tea every morning in a big ol’ travel mag. I just can’t function without it!

  281. Nicole Says:

    “Do you have a secret superpower? Do you drink Diet Coke or swear by a morning power run?”

    My secret superpower is a husband who does morning drop off – this means I get out the door before he does!

  282. Susan E. Says:

    No secret superpowers (I wish….) but I do find that if I work out daily and eat properly, I don’t ever have any energy slumps. Plus my mental outlook stays really good.

  283. Beth Says:

    coffee in the morning
    water during the day
    MGD 64 special evenings
    disllikes tea

  284. natalie Says:

    hmm…i love the fusion drinks but honestly never buy them. i used to rely on really bad things in the morning, like dr pepper. But the older I get the more the caffeine hurts me. I drink black tea in the mornings a lot now which is better but still I feel the effects a little too strongly sometimes. But on the other hand I have to be at my desk before 7 am so sometimes even though the caffeine is bad for me, I need it.

  285. RunToTheFinish Says:

    Pomegrante green tea looks wonderful!!

  286. Jessie C. Says:

    Green tea is my secret superpower
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  287. Jessie C. Says:


  288. kathryn Says:

    Hi Brenda! You’ve got me… I’m thirsty now!

    And as for my specific super-power: my husband would say it is amazing retention of Classic Rock song lyrics. I think its my ability to get away with a mere five hours of sleep a night. I mean, how else do us working mom types do it?

  289. Becky Horn Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway, I love V8 even use it to make chili

  290. Becky Horn Says:

    I tweeted on twitter

  291. Patti S Says:

    my family thinks I can’t make thru the day without diet pepsi…water is my kyprtonite.

  292. Suzanne K Says:

    The Raspberry Tea sounds really good

  293. Kim Says:

    My secret superpower is coffee, starbucks vanilla latte in mid afternoon. But, it really shouldn’t be. I crash after like a little kid hopped up on sugar. This post made me laugh because now I wonder what is in all those star bucks cups in your photos – are you getting green tea or half caf?

  294. jo's mom Says:

    super power is no super power at all I just go to sleep and wake up in the morning with a little more energy but green ice tea or a diet coke helps sometime

  295. Jana Says:

    I wish I had a super power and the thought of running in the morning.. I don’t know. This would be a good alternative for a caffeine boost. Bet my son would like it. He loves green tea. Good way to sneak veggie in for him even though he is 30. He does not have any super powers that I know of

  296. Melissa Says:

    I would have the superpower of being able to organize anything with just a thought! That would be great! Unfortunately I usually just use Coke to give me a little boost of caffeine to push through the day.

  297. Nicole Hartmann Says:

    My super power is usually coffee… although I am really eager to find an alternative (especially for my PM boost). I LOVE morning coffee but getting tired of more than 1 cup a day. Would love to try these super drinks out to change things up a bit!

  298. Nicole Hartmann Says:

    Tweet @!/nhartmann54/status/8156461578321921

  299. Renee Turner Says:

    My secret super power is a fruit smoothie with protein powder and greek yogurt in the morning.

  300. Lisa Foster Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but the Pineapple Mango Green Tea sounds delicious

  301. Lisa Foster Says:!/fostertam/status/8301240781905920

  302. blueviolet Says:

    I’m way too guilty of using diet cola as my superpower kick start!

  303. Crystal F Says:

    I really like their V8-Fusion tropical blend juice. thank you!

  304. Carrie Says:

    I wish I could drink coffee, but I don’t want to get back in the habit. My superpower is tricking my kid into letting me vegetate. We play “flying bed” a lot. I lay in bed and he flies to the moon. I have to do countdowns, but that’s about it.

  305. ashley Says:

    we love to make smoothies out of v8 joice

  306. nan Says:

    in the morning i need my coffe for my super powers, but in the afternoon i am a juice girl
    nannypanpan at

  307. Christy Says:

    I try to eat something each morning like a bagel with jam or instant oatmeal to get me going. I’d like to try the raspberry green tea – sound great!

  308. Karina Says:

    pineapple mango looks yummy!

  309. Jessica Says:

    i’m a mom/stepmom/wife/friend/employee/all around fun gal – that’s my super power – ’nuff said!

  310. lea Says:

    My superpower is that I’m able to sleep at the drop of a pin, any time any where. This comes in handy, otherwise I’d never get any sleep!

  311. Janna Johnson Says:

    Thanks for entering me!
    Janna Johnson

  312. Jacqueline Strawder Says:

    I like the pineapple mango green tea.

  313. amber Says:

    oooh, your photos are making me thirsty! I want to try raspberry. Thanks!

  314. amber Says:


  315. Peg Says:

    Pomegranate for sure for me!
    My husband loves the traditional V-8 vegetable juice!!!! He drinks it EVERY day!

  316. dee Says:

    I’m usually a Diet Coke kind of girl, but when I really need to bust out the superpowers, I go for a Lipton Blueberry Pomegranate Green Tea. It has some other energy boosters in there as well and helps me get through those sleepy afternoons.

  317. Ali Says:

    My secret is nighttime workouts. I do a late workout (7-8:30 p.m.), take a shower, have a small dinner, and head to bed. I’m generally too tired to stay up super late, but I do end up getting up early the next day.

  318. Jess D Says:

    I use the Kona coffee at the local pancake house to boost my super-powers. Sleep also helps, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

  319. Heather Says:

    Hazelnut coffee in the am and dr pepper in the pm. My super powers have been slowly dwindling though, i think i am going to read through the comments to see what others use to up their powers. Maybe something in a bowl!

  320. Haven Says:

    My “secret” is probably those Vivanno drinks from starbucks with protein. Love those things.

  321. Haven Says:


  322. Haven Says:


  323. Chen Says:

    My secret power is Diet Coke with a fresh slice of lime. Yum O!

  324. Carol G Says:

    V8 varieties are always in my refrigerator.

  325. kirsten Says:

    For a Super Power – the canned Starbucks coffee energy drink! One of those keeps me going and going and going…
    Would like to try the new teas, I feel like the regular V8 Fusion juices are TOO flavorful for me, maybe the teas are less intense.

  326. Jamie Says:

    Going for a brisk walk in the afternoon helps me not fall asleep and drool in the car pool lane. ;)

  327. Missy @ It's Almost Naptime Says:

    I’d love to try the Pomegranate + Green Tea!

  328. Jodi Says:

    My secret super power……iced, venti, unsweetened green tea from Starbucks. When my get up and go is gone, this does the trick. When I have a long meeting, lots of stuff to do, or even a party to go to I just grab one of these. It is a bit of an expensive habit, but worth it!

  329. Judith Says:

    I love the Pomegranate Blueberry.

  330. Judith Says:

  331. Amy B Says:

    I’d like to try the Pomegranate.

  332. Lindsey @ I Run in Heels Says:

    My secret superpower is definitely Coke Zero, but I might have to give the Pineapple Mango flavor a try!

  333. Jennifer gersch Says:

    id like pomegranite

  334. Stacey Ball Says:

    I’m a sucker for Diet Dr. Pepper from a fountain in the mornings!

  335. mollie Says:

    i would like to try the rasberry

  336. mollie Says:

    tweeted here!/molliemam87/status/10128008484491264

  337. LAMusing Says:

    I have to have my morning Diet Cooke :)

  338. LAMusing Says:


  339. Norma Says:

    I used to run on coffee, but not anymore. So now that I have no superpower drink – I’ll have to try the V-Fusion :)

  340. Karena Says:

    What a terrific Giveaway!! I want to try the Pinapple Mango, and I love V8 Fusion!

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  341. Ravzie Says:

    I want to try the Pineapple Mango!!! Love the idea!!

  342. Courtney Says:

    I love their products! Especially the V8 Splash!

  343. Alicia Says:

    I have no superpowers other than to be able to scare the crap out of my cats.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  344. Meg Says:

    I tried these last week, so yummy!

  345. Kelley Says:

    My secret superpower is a shower…I really don’t feel human until I’ve had one!

  346. Jen Says:

    I love anything mint to give me some superpowers. :o) I love the V8 splash in raspberry – Yummy!

  347. Val Says:

    My secret superpower is a fun skirt or a dress and listening to Rabbit’s album “Connect the Dots.” 3 songs in and I am bouncing around. The perfect energy and mood booster.

  348. Elizabeth Says:

    Caffeine is my super power/vice. Ahhhh…in any form: #1 coffee, #2 tea and #3/desperation: coke. These sound super tasty and I will have to add it to my shopping list and give it a try for an afternoon pick-me-up just like you recommend. Yet again, you have hit the nail on the head! Thanks!

  349. nanjhall Says:

    Need superpower…..try Mountain Dew! If you want something healthier, I really like the V8 Fusion Strawberry Banana juice.

  350. Kathy Scott Says:

    I can’t do without my coffee. It helps put some peep in my step. I might just have to give the V8 Fusion a try.

  351. Teran Says:

    I start each day with tea. I love Tazo Awake, and it really seems to help to get me going. I usually hit a wall around 3 as well, and that’s when my Diet Coke comes into play. If I drink caffeine any later in the day than that there is no way I’m going to bed that night!

  352. Kimberly Busby Says:

    Sounds like something I should try. Love my coffee, but the side benefit of fruits and veggies might be just the thing.

  353. Becca Says:

    It’s so great that so many of you bloggers are offering this, thanks!

  354. Patricia Says:

    I would like to try the Pineapple Mango. My family loves the Tropical Fusion.

  355. Mistysunrise Says:

    The pomegranate looks yummy!

    itsjustme62613 at

  356. Mistysunrise Says:


    itsjustme62613 at

  357. Jill L Says:

    The Cranberry Blackberry is delicious.

  358. Jill L Says:


  359. Kathy H. Says:

    I’m trying to eat and drink healthier so I would love to try this!

  360. Kathy H. Says:


  361. Debra F Says:

    I’ve tried the Pomegranate V8 and I really enjoy it, but nothing beats my coffee in the morning

  362. Deana c Says:

    I would love to try the Pomegranate Green Tea.

  363. Beth A. Says:

    My super hero is diet coke….and chocolate. I’ve also learned that when I’m really getting drowsy I need to get up and move for 5 or 10 minutes…nothing big, just a small walk around the library, but it helps!

  364. jennifer horn Says:

    I’d like to try the rapberry flavor.

  365. jennifer horn Says:


  366. shel Says:

    I get my morning jolt from a cold Diet Coke but I’ve been trying to drink more juice in the afternoon and evening. Pineapple is one of my favorite flavors and I’d like to try V8′s Pineapple Mango + Tea.

  367. shel Says:

  368. Cindy Says:

    Would love to give it a try… Need to get some things done, and taling a mile a minute? Well, that would be better than the slow, drawn out speaking I feel like I’m doing now…

  369. Raven In A Blue Room Says:

    I would love to try the pineapple mango variety

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  370. Raven In A Blue Room Says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  371. Cathy W Says:

    I love V8 Fusion, haven’t tried this yet but I’m looking forward to it.
    cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

  372. Cathy W Says:

    cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

  373. Cori Westphal Says:

    I swear by the combination of a cup of strong coffee, with a Diet Coke chaser. Can’t get moving in the morning without it!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  374. Cori Westphal Says:


    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  375. Melissa D Says:

    I’m a big fan of Low Sodium V8.

  376. Suzanne Lewis Says:

    No secret superpowers here, but I take an hour walk daily for energy

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  377. Cynthia Says:

    I love the Pomegranate Tea.

  378. catherine copeland Says:

    We’ve tried the strawberry banana and we love it. The pomegranate tea sounds great too

  379. Debbie Bellows Says:

    i’d like to try out the Rasberry green tea

  380. Debbie Bellows Says:

    tweeted about the giveaway

  381. Karen M Says:

    I woud love to try the Raspberry Green Tea. Thanks.

  382. Debbie C Says:

    No superpower, but I do sometimes have a big glass of Coke for the caffeine burst. I drink green tea a few times of day for a little energy too so I am happy to see this new V8 VFusion variety!

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  383. Debbie C Says:


    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  384. Martha Payne Says:

    It isn’t the healthiest choice, but I’ll make myself a mocha to give me a bit of a boost. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  385. angie Says:

    If I need a lot of energy, coffee does it every time. If I need medium energy, a Mtn. Dew. If I am feeling just a tad tired, a hot cup of Chai tea latte. Nothing gives me super powers though. LOL

  386. angie Says:

    I tweeted here:!/FotoMacro/status/12520300214226944

  387. scott Says:

    I am a Coca-Cola addict! If I don’t have one first thing at work, watch out! LOL

  388. scott Says:

    my tweet!/RePurrPussed/status/12530447296761856

  389. Anna S Says:

    pomegranate for sure :)
    annashoshina at yahoo dot com

  390. Leona P Says:

    I might try the strawberry banana

  391. Michelle Says:

    Sounds delicious. Thanks for the contest.

  392. PBPD Says:

    I don’t have any “special” kind of drink.
    This new drink from V-8 sounds great–I’d like like to try the Pineapple Mango flavor.

  393. MelissaO Says:

    I’ve recently quit drinking soda and now stic kto sparkling water for the bubbles…though I love Diet Coke, I really can’t stand a strong sucralose taste to lots of drinks. Bet this would be good in smoothies!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  394. Margie Says:

    I always need to have a morning cup of coffee.

  395. Shawnna Says:

    Thanks for the chance. I love the v8 splashes

  396. Bryanna P. Says:

    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!
    Happy holidays!

  397. Ellie W Says:

    I would like to try the Raspberry. I love original V8.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  398. Ellie W Says:


  399. CaseyDeuce Says:

    I’m really looking forward to trying these, though right now I drink entirely wayyy too much coffee!!

  400. Kristie Says:

    Unfortunately my superpower is coffee in the morning. Not a great vice – but I love it!

  401. Tamara Says:

    I usually start out my day with coffee. I would love to try the Raspberry green tea.

  402. Mary W Says:

    I think the pineapple mango would be wonderful!

  403. won Says:

    If I had a superpower, it’d be ten minute quiet breaks. Not quite a meditation, but similar.

  404. won Says:!/won2x/status/12943070068736000

  405. Jes G Says:

    My secret Super Power-UP, Taking a few minutes in the morning for myself. Let my mind wander on whatever is stuck in there. After I “think” on whatever it is that needs “thought” about, I head for the coffee, lol.

    These juices actually are on my radar, and already LOVE the original V8! Thanks for sharing you opinion on them!

  406. sarah Says:

    I have not tried Fusion yet, but I have tried and enjoyed Splash.

  407. dddiva Says:

    Coffee and yoga – yeah, I know but it works for me.

  408. dddiva Says:

  409. mickeyfan Says:

    While the others at work are having their coffee, I am slugging Diet Coke. You get caffeine your way, I’ll get it mine!

  410. Pauline M Says:

    I’m a Diet Coke fiend! This is my must for breakfast and though I don’t drink a ton of it during the day, but I don’t make it if I don’t have one in the morning. I actually love the pineapple/mango juice in the afternoon and have it quite often, I don’t ever think I’ll be much of a morning girl!

  411. Daniel M Says:

    no superpower here, but wanna try the raspberry one

  412. Ceinwyn Says:

    I wish I had a healthy secret power up in the morning, however, I really on trusty old coffee instead.

  413. julieh Says:

    These look delicious and healthy to drink!

  414. Tom Vigen II Says:

    I actually got to try the Pineapple Mango V-Fusion +Tea, and it was definitely my favorite V8 juice. Thanks!

  415. Emily Robison Says:

    I would love to try the Blueberry Pomegranate!

  416. April Says:

    I wish I had a superpower! Although I have discovered the power of beans! I don’t eat red meat and on top of that have been iron deficient most of my life (and supplements made me ill) but with the help of my handy-dandy internet I discovered iron-rich foods that I loved (nuts, beans, spinach) and have made an effort to have something that is rich in iron once a day at least. I made a super minestrone with chickpeas, kidney beans and northern white beans and added green beans, spinach, tomatoes and carrots and each day I had a bowl – I felt wonderful! Eat your veggies people! Your body feels better when it is fed right.

    I’d like to try the Pomegranate, sounds tasty!

  417. Me Says:

    My favorite “superpower” pick-me-up is energy drinks. They do work…
    etara1 at aol dot com

  418. Patricia Treskovich Says:

    haven’t tried it but it sounds good

  419. Tammy Darling Says:

    I try to eat well balanced meals!

  420. latisha depoortere Says:

    My secret to get going is just Coffee and alot of it! Great giveaway thank you very much!

  421. latisha depoortere Says:

    Tweeted too!/latishajean/status/13088800892788737

  422. Paula Hafner Says:

    I eat a bowl of oatmeal with raisins in the morning. It seems to help get me going.

  423. Erica C. Says:

    Raspberry sounds yummy.

  424. Kathleen S. Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but the raspberry one sounds great. Thanks!

  425. rebecca Says:

    My get going drink is coffee, but when I feel a tad health conscience I buy another bottle of V8 which I love. I think I would like the Pineapple Mango + green tea.

  426. Teegan Briggs Says:

    That looks absolutely delicious! I’m going to have to try to find some.

  427. Auriette Says:

    When I need a boost I usually drink something with caffeine, which would be a cola in the summer and hot tea in winter.

  428. Chrysa Says:

    I have to admit I’m a Diet Coke addict, but a morning smoothie is what gets me through the day. I would love to try the Pomegranate version of V8 V-Fusion + Tea

  429. Chrysa Says:


  430. Sarah L Says:

    My superpower is due to going swimming 3 times a week. Thanks for the contest.

  431. R Hicks Says:

    My favorite is pineapple mango!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  432. R Hicks Says:


    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  433. Sarah L Says:


  434. dawn Says:

    I like the pineapple mango green tea. I don’t really have any mommy pick me up secrets, except relax and rest when you can to re caharge your batteries.

  435. Claire Says:

    I’d love to try the raspberry!

  436. valancia Says:

    I have Pepsi in the morning

  437. Alison Says:

    Would love to win this. THANK YOU!!

  438. Brooke Says:

    Coffee is a need. But the pomegranate flavor sounds good.

  439. Shelley Mitchell Says:

    I love the Raspberry Fusion. It’s so good and I drink it a couple time a week!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  440. Terri Dell Says:

    I get my super power from Diet Pepsi and Coffee, I would love to try the Raspberry one.

  441. Terri Dell Says:

    Tweeted this

  442. Becky Says:

    MMM…I love me some V-8…

  443. carol y l Says:

    My secret is 2 cups of coffee , almond butter, and a brisk 50 minute up and down hill walk every morning!

  444. carol y l Says:

    I tweeted here:

  445. Jaque Says:

    I love V8 drinks…especially the original…but the fushion teas are excellent too! :-) Thank you.

  446. Diane Baum Says:

    pomegranate sounds wonderful

  447. Anne Says:

    My secret is diet coke, but the pineapple mango sounds good.

  448. Anne Says:

    I tweeted

  449. Lee Taylor Says:

    I love the Pineapple Mango!

    Yum! Yum! Yummy!

    Thanks for the chance to WIN!

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays to All!

  450. Kerrie Mayans Says:

    I would love to try the pineapple mango.

  451. Geoff K Says:

    Brilliant idea to add tea and all of its antioxidants (and other numerous health benefits) to V8 V-Fusion, which was already tasty and nutritious. I can’t wait to try the Raspberry and Green Tea in particular – it sounds light and refreshing. Thanks!

  452. Geoff K Says:

    I tweeted:

  453. Barbara Says:

    Since I can find studies that say coffee is good for you, and I’m an expert at ignoring the ones that don’t, coffee is my morning power-up.

  454. Darcy Bishop Says:

    My super secret power is walking–when I get tired at work I go out and walk around for few minutes and I feel a thousand times better.

  455. PauleyD Says:

    I exercise every morning. I like to go for a run in the winter, in the summer I go swimming.

  456. Deborah Wallin Says:

    Plan on trying it. Sounds refreshing and healthy.

  457. Shannon Says:

    I still like the original V8 low sodium version

  458. Valeen N Says:

    My super power is to remember to eat breakfast! Though I may have to add Pomegranate flavor to my routine! It sounds yummy!

  459. Sand Says:

    I’ve been meaning to purchase one of these to try.

  460. brian e. Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…we drink black tea with lemon, hot or cold, and we drink the original V8 & the Fusion/Pomegranate Blueberry; eager to try the Raspberry Green Tea.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  461. Betty C Says:

    I sure wish I had a super power secret to share but I’m just generally sluggish most of the time. Even drinking coffee or tea doesn’t rev me up. I’d love to try this especially the pomegranate flavor. I love fresh pomegranates.

  462. Betty C Says:

    Tweet –

  463. Karine Traverse Says:

    These sound really good. I’m not a big fan of green tea, but I think with the fruit as well they wouldn’t be too bad

  464. Karine Traverse Says:


  465. PauleyD Says:


  466. Justine Says:

    My super power is just a half cup of coffee in the morning, I don’t know what I’d do without it cause I don’t get much sleep!

  467. Justine Says:

    I tweeted

  468. Brandy Byrne Says:

    Sad to say but my morning super power is in the form of Starbucks coffee – extra chewy!

  469. Brandy Byrne Says:



  470. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    No secret superpower here! I can’t imagine starting a day without coffee, although I don’t think anyone would say it gives me a superpower. I love V-8 and after drinking most flavors of juice, I feel refreshed.
    Thanks for the giveaway.