Extraordinary! Family that is…

September 15th, 2010

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my surprised Dad

I think if anyone qualifies as having an extraordinary family it’s me.

My Dad Knits

My dad is a truck-driving instructor who knits. He knits slippers and hats while he drives down the road teaching other truck drivers how to drive. His students think he’s crazy but he can knit a mean slipper! He even sells them online in his Etsy shop.

Tom the Knitting Trucker

Not only is my dad a truck-driving instructor, he’s also a “million-miler,” which means he’s driven a million miles without ever getting in a wreck. In the trucking world, that’s a pretty big deal. I could go on and on bragging about him. He’s even won trophies in truck-driving rodeos!

driving Papa's Big Truck

But you know what my Dad’s single most amazing superpower is? He never gets mad. I’m not even kidding. My Dad is the kindest, most friendly and understanding man you will ever meet. He’ll talk your ear off and possibly bore you with his single-minded interests, but he will never ever yell at you or tell you that you did something stupid. Ever. Maybe that’s why he’s such a good truck-driving teacher, I don’t know. But he is the best dad I could ever want. That’s for sure.

Grandma Sugar and Bug partake

Then there’s my mom. All my friends love my mom. She’s easy to talk to and even though she doesn’t think she has very many friends (which is crazy), she is a friend to many. She’s the first person I call whenever I have something new I need to talk about. In fact, I hate talking on the phone but I call my mom nearly every day. She always listens and always offers support.

mom cut

My mom always believes in me and never hesitates to join me whenever I have a wild project brewing. Flowers for weddings? She was my right-hand assistant. Trips to Chinatown, San Francisco, Florida, or even Paris? She was my travel companion. Fabric flags for a birthday party instead of paper? She sewed them and then started up her own business selling them online too.

mom's serger

My mom’s superpower is motivation. She’ll probably laugh when she reads that since she’s always unmotivated to get her chores done, but she always has the get-up-and-go to start a new project and that is what makes her fun. If you have a crazy idea, she’ll be right there with you, cheering you on.

CC, Bro and SuperChic

My brother is my silent partner. He’s always been there for me my entire life. I don’t even remember a time he wasn’t there. He never gets in my way and never overshadows whatever I’ve got going on. Even when we were kids he did his own thing. But if I need him, he’s there. Always.


Even to this day I only have to say one word and he would beat anyone up I wanted him to. I’ve never asked him to of course, but I know he would. He’s rescued me countless times when my car’s broken down. He’s given me his last penny even when he barely could keep a roof over his own family’s head. I love my brother deeply and I only feel bad that I’ve learned to take him for granted. Because he is and always has been there for me. He is my secret weapon.

Bro puts Baby Bug to sleep

Now that my brother and I are both married, we’ve brought a few new members to our extraordinary family. My brother married Heather, who is smart, resourceful and just as kind and devoted as my brother. If my brother is my secret weapon then my sister-in-law is my secret ammunition. He’s always there for me and she is always right there by his side, always devoted, never questioning.


I can’t believe my brother got so lucky with her.

Daddy is the best

Mr. Cancer Stick

I married Toby who has the amazing ability to think backwards. It drives me crazy sometimes but he’s saved me and my family from many bad turns by thinking through things in ways that nobody ever thought of. I swear his brain is wired in the exact reverse of mine which causes no end of frustration and disagreements in our house but when push comes to shove, he thinks of loopholes and counter-arguments that nobody in my family would have.

such a tough guy

He’s saved us from bad financial choices and bad life choices. He’s reprogrammed the way I think about money, food, parenting and just about everything. He’s the guy we go to when we need to see the flip side of things. Sometimes having a little opposition within your own family can be an extraordinarily good thing.

the Ponnays

Why am I writing about my extraordinary family? Because ABC has a new show called “No Ordinary Family.” This family actually does have superpowers and it looks like the show could be pretty fun to watch. It will be airing DATE AND TIME HERE. Here’s a clip to watch:

ABC’s No Ordinary Family hosted a video contest to find the most EXTRADORDINARY family in America and starting September 27th you can help vote for the winner! Between September 27 and October 1, watch the top 5 video submissions and vote for your favorite. Click here for details and be sure to vote! You also might want to check out what other bloggers are saying about their extraordinary families!

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