Blooming Bath Flower!

December 30th, 2011


Here’s a fun thing! I haven’t actually received this product so this is not an official review but I thought I’d go ahead and write about it because how cool is this thing?!! I don’t even know what to call it. It’s a soft tricot mesh flower that you can put in your sink and bathe your baby in! Then when you’re done you just rinse it and pop it in the dryer. So much better than that awful plastic bathtub I had when Bug was a baby. And so much easier to store!


It comes in pink, yellow and blue and when your baby gets too big for the sink you can use it in the tub too! You can get more deets here.


I tried to get them to send me one that I could use as a cat bed but they didn’t think that was very funny. However! I do get to give one away to one lucky commenter. Do you need something fun and colorful like this for your baby? Just leave me a comment below saying what color you’d like and I’ll pick one winner on Friday January 6th!

42 Responses to “Blooming Bath Flower!”

  1. Ines Says:

    The pink is adorable. I am having a girl mid-January and this would be great!

  2. leanne Says:

    No baby yet but I know lots of moms to be! I pick yellow!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Oooh I saw this on another blog and I would LOVE one… in yellow please…. my goal is to get pregnant again by January so this would be great for whatever little one comes my way! THANKS!!!!!!!!

  4. Brea Says:

    We are having a baby girl in May! The pink would be SO perfect!!

  5. Krista Vossler Says:

    Haven’t found out the sex yet. Having a baby in June and the yellow flower would be so cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Linda Stewart Says:

    How cute!!! I’m not pregnant BUT I have several friends expecting babies soon. I would love to give this to one of them. If I win, I would choose Yellow!

  7. AmandaL Says:

    Ooh! I’d love the yellow… I think these are super-cool.

  8. Lisa Says:

    I’d love a yellow one to match our rubber duckies! thanks for the giveaway!

  9. JenniferW Says:

    This would have been great for me a few months ago but now I’m thinking it would be perfect for my friend about to have triplet girls. TRIPLET. GIRLS. Gah! Can you imagine THREE baby bugs? I think I go bald just imagining three of either of mine :) So cute! I’d give her the pink for sure!

  10. Becki K. Says:

    I would love the yellow, super cute!

  11. Colleen P Says:

    How fun! Might actually look forward to bath time with the baby if we had one! Canary yellow would be perfect for us.

  12. Amanda M. Says:

    How cool! Our little girl is due any day. I love the blue!

  13. Jamie Siegel Says:

    How sweet! I am having a baby girl…due May 8th and would love to have the pink flower!

  14. Heather Says:

    Love these! So so cute! Would love the blue one, very perky color :)

  15. Brie Says:

    My best friend is expecting her first child in June. Even though she doesn’t know her baby’s gender yet, I’m convinced she’s having a girl. (She’s taking bets, and most are leaning towards girl!) I’d still choose blue for her because my friend was likely a mermaid in a former life … the colors of her house and decor were all chosen to represent the ocean. A blue flower would tie in beautifully! :)

  16. Jennifer Says:

    This is adorable…and such a fantastic idea! I have a newborn son and would love the blue one. It’s always nice to have something new for baby #4 :)

  17. Jenn S Says:

    ooh, i love the bright, cheery yellow one! we could *so* use one of these for our little guy — he’s such a SPLASHER in his big plastic tub — he makes a HUGE mess when we have it up on the counter, and it kills my back to have it down inside our tub (not to mention the fact that our bathtub has awful plastic sliding doors on the side of it that make reaching in there really difficult…i can’t wait until we’re not renting anymore!!) these look so comfy and i bet he wouldn’t be able to make such a splashy mess in one of these!!

  18. Melissa Says:

    I would love the yellow! I have a newborn boy and hope to have more children in the future of unknown gender so yellow would be perfect. This would be so much easier to put away than the hideous gigantic plastic tub that now lives in my bathtub because I have nowhere else handy to store it!

  19. bethany actually Says:

    That is so cool! Where was this a year ago!?

  20. heather d Says:

    They’re soo cute! I’d prefer yellow, if I was lucky enough to win. :)

  21. Rachel W. Says:

    Good evening! I am always happy to read posts from you, even over here on the review side of things. I had a little girl on Thanksgiving and she would be delighted to have a yellow flower bath. Be well Brenda, thank you for all your words!

  22. Allison Says:

    Yellow, yellow, yellow…..oh, how I always wished for a super cool bath for the first three kids, now with the fourth on the way, would I really ever buy one??? So fingers crossed we win!

  23. Emily Says:

    Ooh what a cute idea for a buzzy little bee

  24. jenidi Says:

    This is such an ingenious idea. Living in a house with little storage, I love that it could replace a clunky baby bath tub. We just found out we’re expecting in August, this would be GREAT for our little one.

  25. Jeanete Says:

    The yellow might help me see the bright side of having a FOURTH boy! I so wanted a girl, but it’s just not meant to be.

  26. Elana Smith Says:

    My Sadie would rock the pink one! She is 3 months old! Pretty please! Happy New Year

  27. Angela Says:

    Eek! Love this!!!!!!

  28. Cristine Says:

    My new baby would look too cute in the yellow flower! Love it!

  29. Ausgirl Says:

    The yellow would be so cute for my bub (due any day now). It’s my first, and I’m finding the thought of a slippy baby + a sleep-deprived uncoordinated me a little scary.

  30. Jamie Says:

    This is SO COOL! I would love a yellow one, but I’d give it to my sister who is gestating a niece for me right now!

  31. Beth Says:

    granddaughter #2 is due in April…Oma would love to win a pink one! please and thank you!

  32. Erin L. Says:

    These are adorable! They would fit in with your fairie theme, too! They are all pretty cute, but I like the yellow best. I think the cats would go bonkers for it too, but they’d tear it apart. Better for babies.

  33. Yara Says:

    I’d love this in blue… not that I’m having any more babies, but my friends are totally still having babies.

  34. Elaine Says:

    These are great and I’m sure my little one would love it over her plastic tub. I’d love the blue!

  35. Kerri Says:

    Never seen this before, but love it! The yellow is my favorite.

  36. Cindy Says:

    Yellow is the cutest!

  37. Shannon Says:

    Yellow would be perfect for our little sunflower girl!

  38. Carrie M Says:

    I love the yellow one! We are just now discovering that we are expecting a baby in september…perfect month for sunflowers!

  39. Matilda Says:

    Ooooh, the yellow one is awesome!

  40. beyond Says:

    i LOVE the yellow!

  41. Amanda Says:

    Blue! Very cool!

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