JC Penney Giveaway!

September 20th, 2011

JC Penny

Remember those really super cute clothes from American Living and JC Penney? I love those clothes. So classic! So tasteful! But you know what? My kid has a mind of her own. I think she’s worn the jumper once. I try to get her to wear them. I do. I set them out, coordinating with her favorite tacky blinged out t-shirt and every morning she goes and conjures up some other outfit.

Like this:

it's a rainbow day

Or this:

Daily BugWear: "Peace!" (that's what she called it)

Or this:

the blue fairy

Sure, the blue wings are cute but the dress is a hand-me-down that she’s worn for TWO years now! My kid loves hand-me-downs. I have no idea why. She has new clothes coming out her ears (thanks to a loving grandma who loves to take her shopping and a few sponsored jobs I’ve had in the past months) and she chooses to wear the old clothes. What gives?!!

I could post more photos. In fact, I think every photo I have taken of her this month is in a hand-me-down but you get the point. New clothes, while very cute, are wasted on her.

And this brings me to you. How would YOU like a $25 gift certificate for some new clothes for your kid! Maybe they are more appreciative than mine. Or maybe you’re just the boss in your home and your kids wear what you tell them to.

That’s what my mom always tells me. “When you were a kid, you didn’t get a choice about what you wore,” Right. I also was the one who was called Hazel because I wore jumpers and two-toned leather oxfords in six grade. Anyway! This is not about me and my kid. This is about YOU!! Comment below with your two cents and I’ll enter you to win a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from JC Penney and American Living!

Also, check out their facebook page for other fun offers while you’re at it.

P.S. Giveaway ends on the 30th. I’ll pick a winner at midnight via random number generator and announce the winner the next day!

63 Responses to “JC Penney Giveaway!”

  1. Kj Says:

    Yes! I’d love to win! My 13 year old is too tall for his jeans an needs a bigger size…

  2. Heather Says:

    I <3 JC Penney. My girls can always use new clothes. So could I for that matter.

  3. Ines Says:

    My son loves his hand me downs best too! But he does enjoy getting new clothes too!

  4. Mami2jcn Says:

    My 6 year old wears whatever I pick out for him, but my 8 year old is very picky and refuses to listen even to weather advice when it comes to clothes. It’s a struggle for him to dress appropriately for school.

  5. cc Says:

    I am going through Suki’s clothes for the second time since we’ve been home. Some of my favorite hand-me-downs from Amber that we drug 800 miles with us she hates now. Oh, well. Her friends seem to like her choices, which makes her happy. I guess that’s all that matters.

  6. Jennie Says:

    Well, with 3 kids and 1 more arriving in November we see a lot of hand-me-downs and appreciate them all. It would be nice to have something new for them though…I’m sure the gift card would be put to good use!

  7. Ms Forgetful Says:

    I stopped trying to get my kids to wear what I want them to after they started kindergarten. My kids are all stubborn like me, so when the clothes battle started every morning I had to relent. I figure if they dress however they want and the other kids tease them then they have no one to blame but themselves. I do remember with my son though, I went shopping in the fall at JC Penny and bought his entire wardrobe from the summer clearance and when he came home in April he was the best dressed baby til fall.

  8. Sally Says:

    One of my kids will wear anything I ask him to. The other wore a dress to school today. Both boys. Go figure.

  9. Yara Says:

    I’d love to go find some cute, classic clothes for the kids. And they’ll wear it because I say so. Or, because I sell the stuff I don’t want them to wear (gotta love children’s resale)

  10. Beth Says:

    love buying cloths for the granddaughters…love JCP too! rock-on SAJ

  11. Christine Says:

    My five-year-old dresses himself first thing every morning, and since this is such a new and fabulous development, I am happy for him to wear whatever he picks out. I just make sure that I like everything in his drawers and that it’s seasonally appropriate. Which is harder in this in-betweeny weather of cold mornings and warm afternoons…

    My almost-three-year-old still lets me pick her clothes, mostly, but I know my days are numbered on that front. And I always love shopping for kids’ clothes. So easy! So trauma free! So different from shopping for myself.

  12. Laurie Says:

    I’ve always let my kids wear what they wanted. My only rules are that it has to cover their body and be clean. I know this isn’t a popular idea but I let my kids just be who they are.

  13. silver Says:

    Maybe it’s an age thing. My son (who is around the same age) won’t wear the new clothes we buy him. He prefers the pants that are too short or things we’ve bought at garage sales.

    My daughter on the other hand, is two, and loves clothes as long as they have lots of colors. She’d like me to buy her $25 worth of clothing.

  14. Tonya Says:

    We need some new shoes here. M girls pick out what they are going to wear the night before. Then there is no question in the morning what we are going to wear.

  15. christine Says:

    I have a 7year old girl who is discovering her fashion-sense (dressing herself in carefully considered combinations) and a 6 year old girl who would wear sparkly princess costumes to school everyday if I let her. It’s a delicate balance of suggesting practical outfits and giving them choices (which i can live with!)

  16. bethany actually Says:

    Hmm, some of those hand-me-downs look oddly familiar… ;-)

    You know I let Annalie wear pretty much whatever she wants, within reasonable bounds (weather-appropriate, activity-appropriate, etc.) because it’s just a fight my heart would not be in. When I was a kid I HATED certain types of clothes and if I was forced to wear them it made me very uncomfortable. So I feel like I can’t do that to Annalie.

  17. amy Says:

    But what she does come up with is pretty darn cute :)

    As a child with 5 siblings I wore what there was to wear. Then again I am older now and have never really cared what I wear (call me that jeans and sweatshirt mom in the pick up line :)

  18. Lauren Says:

    My daughter is 11 months old so she wears whatever I want her to wear!!! :D

  19. mamalang Says:

    Nate needs new pants! He’s the only one that wears what I tell him to. Well, the almost 18 year old will take my advice finally, but still wears whatever she wants.

  20. Jenni Says:

    9 year old- trades shorts from day to day and has worn the Crocs he chose out:)
    11 year old- completely responsible and particular of his clothing choices ..he may have his own apartment next year! I have much to learn from him…
    16 year old Girl! Fights to shower and goes one day frumpy one day”No you can’t wear that!”
    All gratefully will take hand me downs and goodwill treasures:)
    I could use new shoes for the youngest and Please a decent pair of shorts for the oldest:D

  21. Cristine Says:

    Most days my little lady let’s me pick whatever I want for her to wear, but sometimes, it’s her way or the highway…

  22. Tina Says:

    I have 4 boys, so right now the younger ones get LOTS of hand-me downs, but the older two are getting harder and harder on them and there will be less to hand down! NO IDEA what I’ll do then! :-/ Thankfully none of them are picky, though my 5 year old gets attached to certain shirts or shorts and wants to wear them. He especially likes to wear shirts with numbers on them, so they’re like jerseys. Gotta love kids! :) I figure its not a battle I’ll fight most of the time (Unless its a time to dress up nicely).

  23. Lacey Says:

    Ok, so I have 3 boys and a new baby girl. The boys would be naked if it weren’t for hand-me-downs! And now we have a girl-the only one in the family or in our group of friends, so we’re starting from scratch. $25 at JCP…ummm…yes, please!

  24. Abigail Says:

    I’m not a kid, but I’d sure love the card and hope to find some cute adult-sized classic clothes!

  25. Deanna Says:

    My 4 year-old would wear a dress every day if I let her. So I picked up a bunch of dresses at the thrift store and found some leggings cheap. Now she’s set for winter. But I’ve been drooling over that jumper you got Bug.

  26. Robin Says:

    My kids mostly wear what they want, but within certain parameters such as not too tight or too low or too short and no offensive words on T-shirts, etc. And NO SKULLS on anything – I find that so morbid!

  27. Lish Says:

    I never really got hand-me-downs as a kid. I was the tallest kid in my class growing up, so anytime the moms got together to swap clothes, I’d get the short end of the stick. I also grew up in a family with 8 boy cousins and was always so jealous of of the bags of hand-me-downs my brother got from them. Funny thing, though, my brother hated never getting as many new clothes as I did growing up, so now that he has a daughter, he refuses to make her wear any hand-me-downs from friends. I think he’ll regret this decision when she’s a teen and becomes obsessed with clothes.

  28. Meighan Says:

    I love hand me downs for both my kids. That way I never get upset when the clothes get dirty or stained. I try to buy them each some new stuff every season, but most is garage sale finds or hand me downs. I love JCP, so the $25 would go far…..

  29. Beth Says:

    My kid is the same about hand-me-downs. I don’t get it either. I guess she feels love for whomever handed them down?

    As for who the boss of the closet is? I’ve taken to pairing up two outfits each night, and asking her to pick one. She usually picks one piece from one outfit and another from the other outfit and matches them up. The key to this has been buying things that always match I guess. So I guess we both feel like the boss of the closet in some way.

  30. Nicole Says:

    My two yr old daughter can not get enough of her older brother’s hand me down Oscar the Grouch t-shirt. I have to pry the shirt off of her. I wish I was the boss of my kid’s closet, but realistically, if I have to pick my battles, clothing is not one of them. Just as long as everything is appropriately covered!

  31. Ashley H. Says:

    I’ll let them wear whatever they want around the house but when we go out in public I do try to make sure they at least match.

  32. Nancy Says:

    I miss the days of picking out my daughter’s outfit for the day and not having an argument over it. Midwest living right now is a temperature nightmare, one day hot and the next cold, or cold and wet in the morning and hot by afternoon.
    I love our hand me downs and so does she, but we just don’t have enough long sleeve shirts in her size right now. Somehow all I have are one size too big for her, not sure how I managed to do that.

  33. Lori Says:

    Although I have no kids, I have been a nanny for several. I always give choices. Like, “Do you want this shirt, or this one? This pant or this skirt?” and all four will always match. Of course, this doesn’t always work. And I don’t buy the clothes.

    I do know that I always had hand-me-down everything, being the second youngest of four close cousins. I had stirrup pants and high cut jeans in 2002. Plus all of the early nineties sweaters…ten years later. Maybe kids should just dress themselves, with a little bit of practical guidelines.

  34. Kristi G Says:

    I have spent all morning trying to explain to my four year old that his 2T pants are too tight/short/worn and he needs new ones. He told me that pirates always wear old/tight/short things and since he is Jack Sparrow that works out great. Maybe with the giftcard I can find him a nice pair of brown pants and splurge on an eyepatch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. s Says:

    when my daughter was younger, she too loved hand me downs – I think it was something about them being instantly soft and comfortable? plus she idolized older girls, so was happy to wear things they had once loved.

  36. Christian W Says:

    We have the same fights. This morning, I picked out 4 outfits…all rejected. She ended up with a sequined 4th of July (red, white, and blue) butterfly shirt, hot pink twirlly skirt, and pink Hello Kitty socks and tennis shoes. It is quite a sight! I would love to take her shopping and let her pick out some clothes that she would like to wear. Thanks for the give away :)

  37. Jennifer B. Says:

    My seven year old daughter hates what I pick out for her in the mornings. She has her own style and personality. She loves dresses, and more dresses, etc. She also has to layer with scarves, sweaters, etc.

  38. Evi Says:

    I have a 3 year old and she loves to picked out her outfits… some days is a fight… other days I let her wear whatever she wants.

  39. Alexandra Says:

    My almost-five year old has become quite uh, *creative* in her ensembles–some color combinations she chooses really make my eyes hurt, but I’ve decided it’s not worth it to argue with her about it. And some of the more horrifying glittery options find their way to the donate pile . . under the dark of night when she can’t argue with me!

  40. Lety Says:

    I try and let my daughter pick her own clothes, and i try and make sure it has something to go with it. She’s pretty good and keeping the actual outfit together. She does have her days where she wont’ bend after she has a missmatched outfit, it gives them character:D

    My nephew use to wear suits and would only answer to 007.

  41. CAROL S-U Says:

    I have three girls and I’m lucky that they like hand-me-downs… They do sometimes want to wear something that has seen better days one time too many, and like most kids will put together outfits that make you cringe, but they LOVE new clothes, too! New school clothes makes the end of summer more bearable in our house! :)

  42. Kristine.M Says:

    i have been lucky my daughter is in 2nd grade & still lets me pick out her clothes & tells me I have great taste.Her school has a modest Christian dress code, so there are guidelines for her. I allow her the tacky stuff i.e .. twinkle toes bling shoes (yuck) & a back pack w/ 10 lbs of back pack clips, crackle neon nail polish, unicorn earrings. When the time comes & she wants to battle me, I have a game plan. We together pick out the outfit the night before, I have final say. If she decides to get crazy the next morning & pick a clothing battle, i restrict. Tv time gone for a week, fav. toy of the moment gone for 3 days. I’m waiting for that battle any day.!! in the meantime we would luv that gift card! Good luck

  43. brittany Says:

    Yes please! She grows like a weed and every little thing helps keep her clothed!

  44. heather d. Says:

    I was always allowed to wear what I wanted when I was a kid (sometimes much to my chagrin looking at pictures…), and I imagine I’ll let my kid do the same. You can only get away with crazy outfits for so long, may as well let them do it while it’s cute instead of crazy. :)

  45. Brenda Says:

    My little one has definite opinions on what she wants to wear. For the most part I don’t care and am willing to cave because the “purple leggings and navy blue shirt” battle is not one I’ll fight. Besides, she’s nearly 5. When else can she put together these… interesting objects and not having to worry about her peers?

  46. chalica Says:

    I’m having a hard time finding pants that fit my 3 year old muscle man son well! If I won I’d give American Living a try!

  47. Stacy Says:

    My 3-year-old definitely has her own opinions on things! She always wants to wear pink, pink, pink. Luckily, she’s pretty flexible about letting me pick out her bottoms.

  48. miss virginia Says:

    Thank goodness for a dress code!! It makes dressing (and buying) for school so much easier…and they look so nice!

  49. Heather Says:

    I’d love to win! I have just discovered that JC Penny is the only place that sells size 16 slim jeans with adjustable waists. My 13 is a noodle and finding him long pants is a nightmare.

    I’ve been lucky in that my kids pretty much wear what I buy them. For the first time (in 13 years) my son did say he wanted khaki shorts not jean shorts.

    Of course I think having two boys makes a world of difference.

  50. Victoria Says:

    1st born boy – would wear anything I lay out for him. He does enjoy comfort and clothes he can be active in like sweats and tees. 2nd born girl (4yrs) she hates everything I lay out for her and fights me on almost everything she wears especially if there is no pink. She has her own style already and huge opinions. I’m worn out!

  51. April G. Says:

    Maybe she likes the hand-me-downs because they are worn-in and a little softer? I hated anything scratchy when I was a kid! I also didn’t like anything with a visible logo or brand, and never wore jeans. Funny!

    I wish I had an outfit like Bug’s rainbow dress and leggings! She’s so cute!

  52. Amanda Jasinski Says:

    You make me laugh! My one favorite item as a kid were my Punky Brewster shoes. Two different color laces, etc, etc. I also was always a jeans horse!

  53. beyond Says:

    my 7-week old wears what i put him in, but i’m kinda looking forward to giving him the choice…

  54. Heather in WA State Says:

    My youngest has been wearing the same DOWN PARKA for 3 years STRAIGHT, which includes during JULY and AUGUST! Today it was 75 degrees and she insisted on wearing it to school. She says she likes it because it is like the down comforter on her bed, and she feels all cozy and happy in it. Needless to say, it’s looking a little ragged, even with monthly washing. I give up trying to convince her to wear a different coat. At least she still wears the clothes I pick out for her, though no one sees those under that coat!

  55. Kris Says:

    Having to cloth 3 kids get a little pricey. Would love a little help in that area!

  56. Christy Says:

    I love hand me downs, unfortunately my daughter has caught up in size to my niece so no more. :(

  57. Keri J Says:

    My kids could always use something, they are growing so fast! And with the holidays not too far away, Christmas outfits are aways needed :)

  58. Carlie Says:

    My monkeys always need a few things to complete their wardrobe. They aren’t that picky though, and the boy just wants to keep getting more and more hats!

  59. Amy Says:

    My 5 year old just doesn’t even hear suggestions for what to wear each day beyond advice regarding the weather. I’ll say today is a good day for long sleeves and sneakers, and she picks her clothes from there. She is very particular–no collars, no ruffles on the sleeves, nothing even remotely stiff. I figure she can wear whatever she wants as long as its appropriate for the day’s weather and activities. It’s one little thing that she can have control over. Leggings are a necessity, and she could use a few pairs. And socks! I just realized the other day (now that we are past sandal season) that her sock selection is pretty weak.

  60. Tabathia B Says:

    Until they hit middle school then I pick out the clothing
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  61. Mari Says:

    I let my son pick out his own clothes, as long as it is not baggy pants (sad to admit that my generation pioneered that trend) or shirts with profanity on them.

    When I was a child my parents wouldn’t let me wear jeans, they thought jeans looked sloppy and coarse. Which of “course” made me look way too formal. So my son is the beneficiary of that experience!

  62. Tina M Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. my little one needs a new coat!

  63. Kate Says:

    well, I have run the course with picking out my kids’ clothes. I speak up about things that are seasonally inappropriate (I have one who would wear shorts 365 days of the year, and though we live in CA, that’s not really going to work!), and/or offensive to me in some way. Otherwise, I try to keep my mouth shut. It is hard, though! We rely on hand-me-downs, and all three of my kids like them best because they are soft and broken in.