Neighborhoods and Ice Cream: my salute.

May 19th, 2009

neighborhood ice cream social

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Dreyer’s/Edy’s SlowChurned Neighborhood Salute

I live in the best neighborhood ever. I’ve lived here for eleven years and what is sad is that I didn’t even know how great it was until I quit my corporate job five years ago. I live five easily-walkable blocks from the beach and I never ever went! How sad is that?

I’d leave for work early in the morning, spend all day in an air-conditioned building with a big window overlooking an ugly asphalt parking lot and then come home long after sunset. The weekends were filled with visits to the laundromat and grocery store. If I saw the beach it was for a few minutes on my drive home as I descended the hill to my house.

That view was amazing and it still is but it was pathetic that that was all I got out of my neighborhood. I might as well have lived in an apartment in the city with a screen-saver of the beach for all the enjoyment I got out of it.

Then I quit my job to become a freelance designer and my entire life changed. It’s the best decision I ever made. I started taking walks early in the morning just to get in better shape and help me stay on schedule. It’s tricky being your own boss. My days needed structure and a walk on the beach every morning seemed like the best way to start the day. I walked every day on the beach. But it wasn’t just the beach that I got acquainted with. I started making friends too.

There’s the man with the scruffy dog who carries his own leash and jumps in and out of the waves with ease. I don’t know the man’s name but his dog’s name is Ralph. I’ve said hello a thousand times to the three super-fit elderly women who run together in their matching day-glo orange shorts. I met “Biker Bob” who rides his beach cruiser everywhere. Everyone knows him.

I met my really good friend Deborah, the artist who paints giant canvases of leaves and palm fronds by dripping water-color paint slowly down them from the top. I met Leelee the lady at the dry cleaner and Maria who works at the dog groomer but walks up and down Cardiac Hill with me every day. Franco waves at me from his counter at the little Italian restaurant and everyone knows me at the post office. I love my little neighborhood and it loves me back.

It’s funny how so many of my neighbors come and go and never see me though. They work all day like I used to. While they are gone, their gardeners come and blast the sidewalks with loud leaf blowers. I know their gardeners well because I’ve yelled at them so many times for making so much noise. I keep telling myself I need to meet my neighbors who work all day and have a chat about those leaf blowers but it never happens. They’re busy. Everyone is busy.

I’m just so happy that I’m busy here instead of in the next town over with a three-hour commute through horrendous traffic. I live every day here by the beach making the most of it. There’s something special about working and living in the same neighborhood. I know how lucky I am now.

I’m proud of my small town and it’s bustling little downtown. Sure there are snobs who drive big Hummers and look down their noses at me because I’m just a lowly renter living behind a restaurant. I don’t own a three-story McMansion overlooking the ocean. But I also don’t have to work every minute of my life in an office to pay for it. I don’t have to take money from a trust fund with strings attached either. It’s the internet that has brought me this new life by the beach. I can work anywhere I have wifi and that is a beautiful thing.

When Dreyer’s (as it’s called on the west coast and Texas; it’s Edy’s on the east coast) approached me to write about my neighborhood and talk about ice cream, I jumped at the chance. I love my neighborhood. I don’t think I’ve ever had an ice cream social with my neighbors but why not? I could walk a cone down to Leelee at the dry cleaners or invite Biker Bob and Deborah over for a bbq on my patio and maybe some peach ice cream for dessert. That’s my favorite, by the way.

That’s what I love about summer. The days are long and there are evenings to be enjoyed. There’s time after dinner for chats and dessert. We don’t have to hide away in our living rooms watching tv. We can watch the sunset together and toast the good life. Maybe I’ll even get up the nerve to invite my working neighbors over to discuss those leaf blowers!

You can join me in a salute to your neighborhood too. I know you might not have the beach but there are good times to be had no matter where you live. How cool would it be to win a doorstep delivery of Dreyer’s® Slow Churned® Light ice cream? They are having a contest right now on their website: where you can nominate your neighborhood and win all of the fixings (cups, bowls, scoops, etc….and of course, ice cream) to host a summer block party for up to 100 guests!!! That would be one crazy fun party, I think.

But that’s not all! I have ten coupons for a free carton of ice cream. Tell me your silliest neighbor story (if you can keep it to three sentences that would be awesome) in the comments and I will award some FREE ice cream ($7 value!) to the best stories.

70 Responses to “Neighborhoods and Ice Cream: my salute.”

  1. BeachMama Says:

    What a wonderful story Brenda. I wish my neighbourhood story was a great.

    You see I live in one of those cookie-cutter type neighbourhoods where our houses are disgustingly close together and our backyards are the size of postage stamps (actually ours is big for this area because we live on a corner, people in the hood get jealous when they see how huge it is). And I am as far away from the beach, the real beach with an Ocean, as I dare be.

    Yes, my City as a whole is gorgeous, one of the prettiest actually, but the neighbourhood itself is lacking in character. Oh we say hi on our way to school every morning. And we chat at the fence while our kids play. I can walk to the grocery store or Starbucks, but there are no quaint stores and cool laundrymats. For all that fun I have to pack up in the car and go for a drive. Which I do sometimes, and when I do I pretend that I live there and the kids and I enjoy what it would be like to live in a funky neighbourhood where we could walk everywhere and say hi to Bob and Joe.

    One day, I think, when we retire to the beach we will have what we miss here.

  2. Jenn Bo Says:

    Three sentences, begin:

    I am stripping out most of the overgrown landscape currently in my yard to replace it with new vegetation. My neighbor has a delightful landscape of rock paths, wild grasses (no sweeping lawn), and flowers that bloom throughout the year; while passing by on a walk the neighbor said she heard about my landscaping project gave me quite an education on native plants; the visit ended with an armful of bulbs with instructions to just “put them where I want them to grow”. Stunned, I replied that I wasn’t ready to plant anything as I still needed new topsoil; the neighbor assured me that the bulbs would be right there waiting for me as soon as I needed them.

    Stop. (I really stretched out those three sentences.)

    I’d like to add that I loved the information she shared about her flowers and other shrubs in her yard. She had such enthusiasm and even offered to go to the nursery with me. I am like Brenda used to be; always running to work with not enough time to enjoy my neighborhood. Yet, the neighbors still welcome me with enthusiasm when I do get out and about.

  3. mamalang Says:

    I like our neighborhood well enough, but I miss living on base. I know our neighbors to wave and the occasional small talk, but they are in different places in their lives. On base, we were all in the same place in life, there are a TON of kids, and they can run around (relatively) safely. But I love my house way too much to go back.

  4. Bethany Says:

    I love my ‘hood and love my neighbors for the most part. I think we’re finally considered locals now that we’ve been here 5+ years :). We do, however, always seem to have the crazies living above us! Our chicago apt had a girl who worked in the “adult entertainment” industry living upstairs, and asked for help bolting her bed to the wall (’nuff said!) The last tenant above us here was the Queen of TMI. I really did NOT want details of how many times she’d tried to get pregnant, and how. An ice cream social would be a great addition to our already-awesome block party!

  5. Katie Says:

    I wish I had a good neighborhood story but alas we’ve been here 6 1/2 years and have come to realize no one talks to each other much. It’s sad. I grew up where everyone knew everyone and my grandparents neighborhood was the same. I do know very well the neighbors to the west of me and they are wonderful yet crazy people. The neighbor to the east of me is convinced that the coyotes in the area are actually my dog and she loves to tell me how well she’s feeding my dog. Nevermind the fact that my dog doesn’t run off very often nor does she look like a coyote.

    My next neighborhood hopefully will be younger and friendlier. I envy my friends who have good neighbors.

  6. margalit Says:

    My current hood is a grand total of about 7 houses. We live way way up on the tip top of a big hill and all our neighbors are below us. But there are 4 families on the hill. An elderly couple who have lived here for about 45 years. He drives a special ed school bus and she gardens and reads books outside in the summer. They have a grandaughter that is around Bug’s age and when she comes the whole place livens up. Next to them in the barn is a young, tragically hip couple who have a band and don’t work but have TONS of company and tend to smoke weed outside all summer long. No, they do not offer it. And lastly, next door to us is a Chinese family that doesn’t speak English. They’re friendly enough, but not a word of understanding between us passes for a rather reserved relationship.

    In our old neighborhood, we lived amongst a lot of Greek and Armenians, and the greeks were loud and partied for days on end. Once, when I was away for the weekend in NYC, our Greek crazy neighbor ‘borrowed’ our garage to set up a 2 50-fallon barrel barbeque and roasted a whole lamb inside our garage. Besides being cited by the fire department, he burned the rafters and then tried to deny the whole incident. Oh man, he was nuts!

  7. Heather Says:

    When we had our first baby, my in-laws wanted to come visit and bring us a dinner they had prepared. When they arrived, a neighbor was just leaving and she’d brought us some fresh-baked bread that was still warm enough to leave a wonderful aroma wafting through the house. While my in-laws sat and visited, another neighbor dropped by with a casserole. As my in-laws left, they passed another neighbor in the driveway and she was bringing us a basket of fruit. My mother-in-law called from the car and said, “You have the best neighbors in the world! I want to move in and have a baby, too!”

  8. Clownfish Says:

    Ours is but another desert community, where the houses lack color because they all are of the same Desert Beige pallet required by the HOA but I love it for so many reasons. The one that comes so quickly to mind is that I have the best neighbors ever! We have cancer survivors, retirees and folks that bust out the standard 8-5 workday. I, like you, work from home at the best job I’ve ever had.

    We, with about 6-7 of these families have an awesome Halloween tradition we started probably 5 years ago. Our next door neighbor opens their garage and we set up tables and bring pot luck (last year the host neighbors ordered BBQ for the main course). We all eat together from this huge feast and everyone sits out on the driveway with our beach chairs waiting for the trick-or-treaters. There on the driveway we have a big table where each of us has placed our candy bowl. It’s awesome! When there is a steady flow of treaters, we send them through our candy gauntlet and when it gets light we all laugh, talk and get caught up on each other.

    I don’t take lightly the fact that we neighbors, look out for each other, enjoy hanging out with each other and care about each other! How lucky we are!

  9. Michelle Says:

    I don’t know if this is silly exactly, but definitely disturbing and I think it should earn me some free ice cream. I accidently saw my neighbor sitting on the toilet doing his business in the middle of the night.

    The explanation: I had just moved into my house and woke up in the middle of the night to a strange noise (incidently, not the neighbor doing his business – just a random animal screeching) so I was looking out the window to investigate and glanced in the direction of the neighbors’ house and there he was, head at seated level in the bathroom window with the blinds open. Granted it was 2 in the morning so he was safe to have assumed privacy but I dropped to the floor and prayed he didn’t see me to save both of us from the embarassment. I never wonder why he won’t look me in the eye.

  10. Ninabi Says:

    We got the chance to be in neighborhoods all over the US. My husband retired from the military and we both knew our forever place had to be in a warm location.

    My husband picked out our house while I was back in Colorado in an apartment with my kids and the pets as it was our daughter’s senior year. He called, all excited. A historic property in the historic district! Huge courtyards in the middle of Tucson, secret gardens with fountains! We could walk to restaurants and hospitals. I said, without seeing it, okay…

    It’s a motley assortment of neighbors. To our east, across the street, is the backside of a huge Baptist church. We hear laughing and shouting on Wednesday night Bible study nights as children use the side playground. I’d have to serve up a lot of ice cream! But maybe they are a bit scared of us. Those “lush” gardens described by my husband were frightfully overgrown and bitty ‘lil me filled two roll-off mega dumpsters full of trees and cactus, the whole time uttering very non-church like words. Could I make it up to them by asking them over for ice cream?

    Behind us is Mystery House. In four years, we have never, ever seen this retired couple. Their lot- for I hesitate to call it a yard- has not one blade or leaf of living matter growing upon it. A square brown house on a square brown lot. Apparently they sit inside all day watching TV and chain smoking. I know it’s hot in the summer, but really? Maybe we could serve them ice cream. It’d have to be mint ice cream which would be the closest thing to menthol, I suppose.

    Next door is Famous Neighbor. Well, he’s not there any more, but his wife and daughter are. Nice people. We wave if we cross paths but I feel bad that I don’t know them better. Maybe they’d come over for a dish of Rocky Road?

    Walk a few blocks west and you pass all sorts of homes. 1950s era ranches. Driveways where a corner of an adobe wall can be seen. Paths through desert willow and creosote bush and prickly pears and olive trees lead to the San Pedro Chapel. It’s not a church any more but a meeting place for dedicated people who care about the history of our neighborhood, from the Native Americans who lived here in 900 A.D. to the soldiers at the Fort. They care about the retirees in the little
    brick homes and the very old people who only speak Spanish and remember when their mamas brought beans and tortillas to the little public school so everybody could have a hot lunch.

    Quite near the San Pedro Chapel is a little stone hut. A tiny shrine. People buy votive candles and candles in jars with saints on them and pass them through the locked gate with notes and prayers and pictures of loved ones. At night, you can see the light flickering through the iron gate from afar and there’s the gentle sense that Somebody is watching over all of us, saying All is well.

    On the altar inside the shrine are rosaries and holy cards and more photographs and even a bottle of beer! It seems sacrilegious, but I’m sure some grown child is missing her hardworking father, who surely asked for little at the end of a long workday but a cold bottle of Corona.

    And so, after asking people to an ice cream social at the chapel, I’d take one of those empty Dreyer’s cartons and wash it well. Perhaps only the lid will fit, but I’d tuck it through the bars and onto the sandy floor of the tiny shrine with a note and a prayer, For all those who loved ice cream, we love you and miss you all.

  11. Susan Says:

    I lived in a small town in Arkansas for my first job out of college- a dry county, so needless to say the pickin’s were slim for people I had anything in common with. I rented a house on a cul-de-sac. On one side was an older lady who spent her days smoking in a chair on her driveway, gathering all the neighborhood gossip, and on the other, an elderly man who roped me into mowing his lawn and bringing him baked goods. Not exactly the life I was looking for fresh out of college as I started shuffling to the mailbox in my slippers on the weekends just like my old neighbors.

  12. Laura in NE Says:

    We have a single lady that has lived next door to us since we moved in 11 years ago. A few months after we moved in we found her chasing her dog around the back yard. He was having some fun playing keep away with a pair of rubber breasts which were to be part of her costume for an upcoming Mardi Gras party.

  13. Kandace - One Crazy Chick Says:

    Our neighborhood needs ice cream. Most of my neighbors work all day away from home. Some just moved here from the city (and if you really want to know we live in the boonies).

    Anyway, one evening last fall my husband was picking up the mail and saw a sign. The sign read, “I spotted a bear in the area this evening. BE AWARE. We need to stay away from this bear so he can find his way back home.”

    Um…news flash….we live in the bears home.

    Sad, really.

    Even though our homes aren’t new but the developments going on around us are evacuating the wildlife from their homes.

  14. Michele Says:

    My husband, daughter and I moved into our first house last June. I lived ON CAMPUS…IN A DORM for 13 years. I brought my daughter home from the hospital to a dorm apartment and had curious freshman watch me as a Ieft that same apartment a few days labor.
    Needless to say, it was time for us to move and get a house/home of our own. We live in a great neighborhood full of people that are willing to to embrace each other and become fast friends. We live where the houses are close together (which I thought I would HATE, but I LOVE), so our connecting backyards have become a giant park for the kids. They have a sand volleyball court in one yard, a playset in another yard, and lots of younger plastic toys in our yard. I’m never surprised to look in my yard when I get home and find a few kids sitting on our picnic table, or crowded around our fire pit. I love it. I love that my daughter can play outside and there are at least 5 sets of mom eyes watching from their kitchen window. I love that my neighbor boy wanted to call me when he lost his first tooth, and I love that my daughter will have lots of friends to grow up with.
    WIth this said…I love the neighborhood, but would love to expand it further and meet the people outside of my immediate proximity. There are lots more kids and grown ups down our street that I would love to meet and get to know better…it would make our “park backyard” even bigger!

  15. Jinxy Says:

    I just moved to my neighborhood (like a week ago) but I already love it. We have school age kids all up and down the street that love to play outside and say Hi to us. We are a nice walk from a great park that I look forward to taking my daughter to once it stops raining. Its an older neighborhood with great big old trees lining the streets, its so romantic in a way.

  16. Adrienne Says:

    My neighbors’ cat died on my porch last summer. This past month another of their cats died during our garage sale. Let me have free ice cream and I promise to share it with them when they come over to meet my new baby!

  17. citystreams Says:

    The neighbors down the street acquired several stacks of paper on their front porch a few months ago. As a teacher, I’m always scrounging for art supplies, and I thought it was odd that they left the bright blue boxes out in the sun and the rain for so long. I’d bugged my husband about it several times. “Why do they have all that paper if they’re not going to USE it?” He always shrugged.

    Finally, one afternoon I happened to drive by just as the lady of the house was getting home. I stopped and rolled down the window of my mini-van to put my curiosity at ease. She thought it was hilarious! Turns out that the boxes actually contain tile flooring. We ended up chatting for over half an hour and before I left, we promised to plan a neighborhood block party this summer. Wouldn’t that be a perfect time for some ICE CREAM? :o)

    PS- Edy’s has been a family favorite since I was a little girl.

  18. Jennifer W. Says:

    I have no great neighborhood stories. Well except if a drive by shooting and having a pipe bomb explode on your beach 1/2 a block away are great stories. That was Chicago. Or if living above a guy who HONESTLY BELIEVED HE WAS EMINEM and blasted his music all day and named his daughter Hailey are good stories. That was San Antonio. We just rented our first house, in a good, safe, decent neighborhood, if such a place exists. If I win an ice cream social and you just happen to walk on over to Texas you are totally invited. :)

  19. Rachel Says:

    We live in an apartment complex on a residential street in a working-class neighborhood. There is a retired man who walks up and down the street smoking his cigar and talking to himself (or to others, I can never quite tell if he’s directing his conversation at me). On his front steps he has a plastic goose wearing a pirate hat and a lei. The most coherent conversation I’ve had with him was last summer when he told me that painting toenails was a waste of time. I’ve never been so glad I’m mostly too lazy to paint my toenails!

  20. Kerri Anne Says:

    I still remember the day my neighbors brought home their second baby, and then I babysat him for years and rocked him to sleep when he wouldn’t stop crying, and then a very grown up version of the same young man (and his entire family) came to my little sister’s wedding. OK, so that isn’t a silly story, but it’s my favorite neighbor story. My mom and his mom are still good friends to this day, even though they aren’t neighbors anymore.

  21. frantically heidi Says:

    A bit of creative puncuation has kept this to the 3 sentences requested . :)
    Years ago, we had scary downstairs neighbors (6 men and 2 women): they were from a foreign country and they spent their days either cooking stinky food (which vented into our closets), playing loud music, or drinking beer on the porch; we didn’t like them and they didn’t like us, until…one day I received a giant grocery bag of onions at work (don’t ask) and my family of two could never eat them all. I thought to myself, “Our scary neighbors like stinky food, I’ll share with them.” They were so touched by the gesture that they became the protectors of our property – always watching our cars and home for anything suspicious… and they also became our friends and I learned that their home country was fascinating and that I was being a bit of a jerk.
    Then end.

  22. Jessica Says:

    I hadn’t yet me my the new people who bought the house behind ours. I was taking my dog out late one night and the new neighbors had decided to try out the hot tub in their sunroom-nekked! ick…..

  23. Elizabeth Says:

    My four year old frequently asks, “Mommy can we go visit Joe and Anne? Mommy, can we go visit Mary and Ritchie? Mommy can we go visit Mary Rose?” Then we make a trip around the neighborhood to visit neighbors whose children have long been grown. They love her and she loves them. And we all love Ice Cream.

  24. Carol Says:

    I helped my neighbor Maureen freak out her chemo nurse by taking her pregnancy test for her while I was pregnant with my son. She needed to take in a negative test each checkup but she took in mine. I had wandered over to her house for a stamp in order to mail our taxes in before I had the baby. I had him the next morning. I miss that neighborhood!

  25. mallorysinclair Says:

    This is the best post I’ve read that has been “inspired” (sponsored) by a corporation. Nicely done!

  26. LivingInAusterityOhio Says:

    My sweet 85 year old neighbor Betty was an only child who’d never married. Her dogs had been her children, siblings, friend and comforter when she buried them and left this neighborhood for a nursing home. The new neighbors lovingly care for the memorial garden she planted, where a beautiful brass urn stands in the center, because Betty wanted them to watch over it until she could come back for it. That was many years ago, and although we know Betty is not coming back for it, we all hope that she knows we’re waiting.

  27. diane Baum Says:

    We moved into our new home, knowing that the house next to us had a fir and burnt to the ground. The second day we were living there, some neighbor children , told us how it stasrted. the children living there liked matches and had set their home on fire.

  28. sandy Says:

    my neighborhood is nice, and we know eachother- most on a wave bases. My neighbor directly to the west though mows constantly and drives me nuts becuase he mows, trims and then mows and trims with scissors what he has missed. Maybe an icecream block party would chill him out so he is not so anal about being the best in the neighborhood.

  29. suann weller Says:

    We have a beach close to our neighborhood and last year these women called the rangers because they thought they found a dead body in the water. We all went in the water and some touched this blob with their feet and it was warm and very mushy. The rangers made us all line up and hold hands while he investigated. Well it comes to be that it was a barnacle that fell off the bottom of a boat that had passed. BIG relief.

  30. shel Says:

    My former neighbors could have been termed “odd”. Husband, wife and two teenagers and a whole bunch of dogs; at any time they had 4 or 5 dogs running around which we nicknamed “the Bumpus hounds”. The houses in our neighborhood are very close together; my neighbors driveway runs right along side my kitchen window. One day I came home to see them setting up one of those huge inflatable pools…right smack-dab in the middle of their driveway outside my kitchen window. I watched them fill the pool and then mom and dad got in with their beer and sat there all evening; we dubbed that the “hillbilly hot tub”. Unfortunately, one of their dogs loved water and would jump in the pool whenever it was unattended. Because the sides were high and inflatable, in order to get out, the dog would claw it’s way out of the pool and puncture a hole in the pool every time. They were forever patching that faux-hot tub and refilling it until they finally gave up. I was never so glad to see that thing leave, every time it got punctured my whole yard would flood and I’d lose the mulch around my flowerbed.

  31. ky2here Says:

    We recently had some crack and opioid dependent neighbors. I wish I could share colorful annecdotes. Suffice it to say that drug dependence is frightening, progressively harmful and fatal.

  32. Kathleen Says:

    My old neighbors used to sing all hours of the day and night, which wouldn’t be terrible but they sang off key. They used to also watch a lot of porn, again not terrible but they didn’t seem to realize all the neighbors could hear it as well. :) Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  33. Rita A. Says:

    We have a neighbor with a 6 year old little girl. One day she came over to my door with 2 post-it notes. She had drawn a flower on each note and was coming to give my husband and I each a flower. They are still on my refrigerator.

  34. Stephanie V Says:

    Silly and annoying -one of my neighbors (live in townhome and share walls) likes to belt out operatic notes at 1 am in the morning waking up the kids and prompting hubby to say “That darn cat”!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  35. George Ferris Says:

    I have a neighbor who everyday at 9:00 AM goes on her porch will full fishing gear
    and pretends to go fishing. This is regardless of the weather. She is 45.

  36. Linda Lansford Says:

    My neighbor gets the paper in his underwear.

  37. Jill Says:

    Just purchased my current house a year and a half ago, moving because we wanted a safer neighborhood. After six months and only meeting one neighbor, our house was burglarized while away at school and work. A good friend suggested I go around and let people know. I thought it was silly at the time, but that suggestion paid off! It allowed me a reason to meet all my neighbors. Now, we have a sense of belonging, and friendly neighbors that all look out for each other, helping each other out from time to time, and a greater sense of pride of our new-to-us home.

  38. Carol G Says:

    I am not sure how silly this is, but since I live in the country, other rural residents will be able to empathize. One day last summer I looked out to see what the dog was barking at, and saw approximately 15 cattle grazing on my front lawn. Since I had just planted some trees, I was a little concerned. Eventually they grazed their way out of the yard, and since I didn’t see them again, I suspect that the owner came and herded them home. They didn’t belong to the guy across the road, so I don’t know whose they were (I know that because his come over in ones and twos every once in awhile–not sure why he doesn’t fix his fences!)

  39. Cynthia C Says:

    When I was young, I sat on the front porch with my boyfriend on summer evenings. The old lady next door used to stand behind the pine tree between our houses and snoop. We could see her hand holding a cigarette by the tree.

  40. SmockLady Says:

    Three sentences? I’ll try if they can be of William Faulkner’s style. ;)

    Last year we were out looking for the newborn kittens and our mama cat who had just obviously birthed her babies. There was a really bad smell coming from out neighbors yard and they were out looking for the culprit of the bad smell. Neighbor Man calls to his wife as she is leaning over to pick up to turn over their kiddie pool (which had been upside down for the winter months) and yells, “Watch out, Honey, that smell could be a skunk under there” just as she lifts it out runs . . .

    . . . our mama cat. She squeals and screams to the heavens startled by the mama cat. We think she has had a heart attack or been spewed on by a skunk.

    OK, so it was more than three sentences, but we found the kittens and our cat. And two months later they had new homes. :) Best ending ever!

  41. Angela J Says:

    One of our daughters and her “same age” cohort across the street stripped the neighbors cyclamen of their blooms to “gift” us. We two mothers were horrified (the neighbor who grew the blooms was unfriendly, to put it mildly), the other mother, who lived across from us, took the blooms and buried them in her yard before the “victim” came home.

  42. Barbara Says:

    When my neighbors across the street first moved in, their cat ran away. Apparently my cat, who sits in the front window, looks a lot like their lost cat. The neighbor actually came and asked if I had taken her cat. We’ve since become friends, and she said she thought maybe I thought it was a stray and took it in.

  43. Belinda Says:

    When I first moved to where I am now, my hubby’s aunt would spy on me. It was really funny when a lady is wider than the tree she is trying to hide behind and is wearing bright red pants all the while thinking she is concealed from view.

  44. Donna M. Clark Says:

    We have one neighbor who rides around on his lawn mower in his underwear, singing country music songs. Luckily he only does this when his wife is not home, and she stays home most of the time. He can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

  45. michelle rosborough Says:

    My neighbor let me know she could see in my bedroom window so now I get dressed in the bathroom

  46. Jennifer Short Says:

    We were having a garage sale. Our next door neighbor came, even though he was drunk, pulled up a chair and stayed for hours greeting customers!

  47. Patricia Treskovich Says:

    I just moved to an apt. complex. The man in an apt. across from me comes to his window almost nude!

  48. charline Says:

    My nieghbor feeds the squares in his boxers.

  49. Mary M Says:

    Last February (16 months ago) we moved to a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice neighborhood. Come spring, my hubby was mowing the grass and looks over the fence to the neighbor’s yard. He thought he was hallucinating. There was a pig. Not a small potbelly. A Pig. An Arnold Ziffel, great big, pink PIG. In the back yard. Next door. It’s true. I don’t know where the pig is most of the time (not the yard), but now I’ve seen it a few times and one of our friends has too…

  50. Leann H Swinney Says:

    The lights went out last Halloween in our whole neighborhood and it was dark as heck. But everybody sat out in their yards and handed out candy and all the kids had flashlights. Not too silly but memorable.

  51. Mishia Says:

    There’s a kooky old guy that lives next door, He’s always up to some kind of shenanigans. Anyway, one day I go out to get the paper and I see that he’s out in his robe to bring his garbage can in. A breeze rolls by and I learn that he’s wearing no undergarments, boy did I forget the paper and run back in the house.

  52. Sue Says:

    When we moved into our house, a couple a few doors down befriended us right away. They invited my boys over to play their playstation whenever they wanted, and my oldest really took that to heart. One day my son just let himself into their house while they were gone, and their oldest son came in to find mine on the video game. My son looked up and said, “Who are you?” So funny.
    Thanks for sharing~

  53. Thomas Gibson Says:

    I once had neighbors that quite often mowed their lawn in the nude. We lived in the country and I would often bike down past my nearest neighbors and would catch the ole man riding around in his tractor totally nude. I once caught the lady doing the same thing. I later foudn out that they were nudist. To each their own!!

  54. Laura Emerson Says:

    We are the last house on our block and there is a sign at the end saying “dead end”. Every Friday like clockwork our neighbor to the left goes out and shines the sign till it shines. She says that the sign might be dead but it still deserves some spit and polish!

  55. Marianna Says:

    We just bought a house and moved into a new neighborhood. I haven’t met very many of my neighbors yet so I don’t know any quirky or funny stories about them, unfortunately. Hopefully in time, we’ll learn some of those funny stories to share!

  56. PegiL Says:

    My neighbor is the best in the world. She gives me food when I’m sick.

  57. Peter Says:

    I kept hearing an alarm go off in a car on the block. Finally investigating, I saw a sleepy neighbor trying to get into a car just like his, but it was not his but the car next door. Each time he tried his key, the alarm would to off. Pretty funny to this day.

  58. Catherine Copeland Says:

    We used to play ball in the street and when a car came we’d yell out “CAR” and then get out of the road. One day a car came by just as the ball was sailing through the air. We scattered. The car came to a stop. The driver got out, picked up the ball and yelled “That’s a foul ball if ever I saw one.” He walked over to my brother, handed him the ball and drove off.

  59. Suanne Giddings Says:

    I used to live next door to I Love Lucy’s double – red hair and all! She was zany, unpredictable, and just about as crazy as me! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  60. Jennifer gersch Says:

    eating ice cream with my sister and it falling and bouncing off the bumper of my car

  61. kim v Says:

    My silliest story involves my great big lab dogs Maggie and Ashley and my teen neighbor Liz. I hired Liz to walk my dogs during the day when I am at work. One day while Liz was walking the dogs, apparently Maggie saw a cat and took off running for it with Liz dragging behind her. Luckily, Liz was able to reign in the dogs and was only a little bruised. Liz now walks the dogs with a gentle leader so this won’t happen again and we joke about the time she went “sledding” with Maggie and Ashley.

  62. beth shepherd Says:

    Thank you for a great giveaway! My silliest neighbor story would have to be when we first moved in our house 7 years ago. I couldnt find the mailbox anywhere and had to ask the neighbors where it was…We have country mail so it was across the street. We all had a good laugh about that. Thank you

  63. Tammy Says:

    We had a neighbor that would push all his leaves into our yard. Then we would push them right back into his. It was quite funny!

  64. Becky Says:

    I guess our silliest neighbor story would be that when we lived in oklahoma our neighbors liked to have parties..when you were picked to have a party a pair of pink flamingos would show up in your yard..then you had 2 weeks to plan a party, well they picked our house one September and before we had a chance to have a party we came home (from getting toilet paper at wal-mart) to a yard full of neighbors partying..first thing that was said ‘you’re out of toilet paper’…

  65. tracey Says:

    the guy who lives a few doors down is the Chevy Chase of the neighborhood. every Nov he begins to build his holiday display and continues to build it long past the new year. turns out one year he tapped into the main electrical line in our neighborhood and the whole block experienced a black out which then in turn surged and fried everyones appliances and even started a fire in a home near us! maybe more crazy than silly. after all that, he does the same thing every year with his display!! i think that deserves some ice cream!

  66. Ann Says:

    I once had a neighbor who was so obsessed with leaves not being in his yard that whenever I wasn’t home, he would sneak over to my house and rake as much as he could so they wouldn’t have a chance to blow over to his place.

  67. Betty C Says:

    I’ve lived in my neighborhood about 15 years and I don’t know many of the current neighbors. Initially it was filled with elderly middle European families who had lived her for years. Those families are mostly gone being replaced with young Hispanic families, many of whom don’t speak English. It’s hard to do much more than smile when you don’t speak the same language.

    Several years ago one of the neighbors was a retired military lady. She was our neighborhood “reporter”. She reported to the police every infraction of city law she could find. You leave your car parked in one place too long, it got reported; get into a shouting match with your spouse – get reported for noise!
    She finally left and the neighborhood is much mellower.

  68. Helen Says:

    I once had a neighbor who would start these wacky projects that always ended terribly. One day he decided to chop down a tree that was growing in his backyard but instead of paying a professional, he did it himself. Well, the tree toppled over onto our arbor and it destroyed it and he ended up having to replace it, costing him even more than it would have had he just hired a professional.

  69. A Casson Says:

    The silliest neighborhood story would be the time I saw a cat, yes a kitty cat chasing a BIG dog out of the yard. I dont think that happens too often, I know I was surprised that’s for sure!

  70. Jeff Stewart Says:

    A chum encoraged me to check out this page, brill post, fanstatic read… keep up the cool work!