Rollin’ Big with the Lincoln MKT

March 9th, 2010

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Lincoln.

Cabazon Dinosaurs

I admit it. I signed up for this review because I wanted to drive a big, fat, tricked-out American car for a week. Bring on the seat warmers and a GPS and cup holders that can hold anything from my skinny morning latte to the biggest super-size blueberry slushie, right?!! I could almost taste the quiet I would enjoy while Bug watched one of her favorite dvd’s from the comfort of her own private backseat theater.

So I was a tiny bit disappointed to learn there were no dvd players in the Lincoln MKT, but it had everything else and a little mini-refrigerator too so I decided to keep it—for a week that is. I’m not ready to trade in my low-end Audi just yet but the Lincoln was definitely fun to drive. I’m selfishly glad I didn’t pass this assignment on to my sister-in-law like I did last time.

packed up for a picnic!

The first thing we decided to do was to take the Lincoln out for a little road trip. To me that’s the best way to really test out a car and see what it’s made of: sit in it for two or three hours straight and then see how you feel about all the luxury gadgets and gizmos. We didn’t have time to take it out for a really epic road trip but a good long drive to Palm Springs was perfect to test out the car’s capabilities and give me, my mom, Bug and my nieces a much-needed break from our winter doldrums. We packed up the back area with everything we could think of that we might need for a picnic and still had plenty of room for more.

I really liked how the seats are so easy to fold down and up and flat and all over the place. Just pick a lever (don’t worry; they are labeled so it’s easy to know which one) and kablamo! There’s plenty of storage area or seating—your choice! Just make sure there isn’t a kid sitting in the seat when you try to magically fold it away. Actually, this did happen to us (those darn kids were crawling all over the car) and nobody was hurt. While the forward motion of the seat folding is impressive, it’s not that forceful.

ready to go! pulling off to program the GPS

Once that was all worked out, we were locked and loaded and ready to go! Palm Springs here we come! Um, maybe?

Did you know you can’t program a GPS navigational system while you’re rolling down the road? I did not know that! I guess it’s a good thing, so you don’t go driving over little old ladies on the sidewalk while you argue with the system over whether the street you want is a boulevard or an avenue. But it was a little annoying to me, since I was riding in the passenger seat on the first leg of our trip and was very much looking forward to my status as official copilot with toys to play with. Anyway, we pulled off the road and figured that out pretty quick.

I never did try out the voice-activation function of the GPS system or the nifty iSync phone system which is kind of a shame. It would have solved the pulling-over-to-the-side-of-the-road problem AND it’s probably pretty cool. But I’m a slow learner when it comes to super-technical things so I stuck to admiring the sleek lines of the car, the way it handled and of course making sure there was chocolate ice cream in the tiny cooler in the back. You know, the really important stuff.

blind spot light

What I really liked about this car were the safety features. I love the little round light that lights up on the rear-view mirrors when someone is in your blind spot. The way cars are built these days, with the back windows getting smaller and smaller, it’s harder than it used to be to just crane your neck around to double check and see what is behind you. Between those little blinking lights and the rear-view camera for backing up, Lincoln has pretty much solved the lack-of-visibility problem in the back end. I admit it is strange to trust a robot’s eyes over my own but more than once those robot eyes saw dangers I didn’t.

Which brings me to another feature that I discovered after our little road trip. When the guy dropped the car off he didn’t even tell me about this feature. Maybe he thought I was a very safe driver and would never need it. Ha! I drive in Southern California where people don’t use their blinkers. Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when a car suddenly stopped in front of me and a row of little red lights flashed across the front window right below my eye level. There was beeping and lights and for a minute there I thought about having a heart attack.

There is NO falling asleep at the wheel in this car. If you suddenly come up on a stopped car or someone swerves into your lane, this car will tell you about it. In fact, I would be so bold to say that if you get in a wreck in this car you must be seriously inebriated or dead already. It startled me at first but the second time it happened I was thankful. I drive a quick-handling sports car already and could have easily avoided the car that stopped suddenly in front of me, but it made me feel safer that the Lincoln was looking out for me too.

Of course none of this happened on our breezy little trip to Palm Springs. That drive was delightful and the only complaint was from my teenage niece in the very back who claimed that the windows weren’t big enough for her to see out of. Not that she was actually looking out them or anything, Little Miss Texter Thumbs.

Palm Springs Rocks

We arrived quickly (that car has power; a V6 engine that performs like a V8) and safely and had a wonderful picnic.

thumbs up!

With chocolate ice cream from the tiny backseat refrigerator of course! Now the kids think that’s the only way to roll.

I drove home from Palm Springs and I have to say I was impressed with how easy the Lincoln handled. I drive an Audi A3 so I’m a little bit spoiled when it comes to nice driving cars. I expected to hate this car and I didn’t. I’m used to driving low to the ground in something small and compact, so the Lincoln seemed really big to me, but it took curves tightly and accelerated just as quickly as my super sporty car.

hmmm... it fits my favorite cup

The giant wide-swinging doors were lost on me though, since where I live we have to park on the street and the door immediately crunched right into the curb when I tried to get out. But I think someone who lives in suburbia with lots of room to sprawl might really enjoy those giant doors. (I did like how the cupholders fit my extra big coffee cup though.)

There is nothing small about this car. You need lots of head room? You got it. You need nice wide comfortable seats? You got it. This is not economy class. Lot of leg room, lots and lots of head room…you could even crawl out of the sunroof, it is so big. You have a parade to be in? Climb on up and give the world your best Miss America wave!

Probably my favorite BIG thing about this car was the stereo system. My brother says Ford has always had the sound systems figured out and I have to agree. The speakers in the back were huge and the sound as impressive as a theater. If you were the type, you could drive to a mountaintop and hold your own mini rave party under the stars.

grand finally

Or you could just stage your own one-woman show in the IKEA parking lot like Bug did.

There are so many more things I could write about this car and other bloggers have, so make sure you check them out on BlogHer’s review page. There are some serious sweepstakes going on over there, like a “Night on the Town” valued at $1,500 where you get to drive the 2010 Lincoln MKT for an evening, enjoy a spa package for two, dinner AND a stay at local hotel. That’s better than my gig, so go check that out!

And just for reading my long rambling review you also get a chance to win a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR VISA GIFT CARD! CHA-CHING!

To enter, leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite technological feature in your car—or in your dream car—or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin March 15th and will end March 31st (2010). Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct.


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287 Responses to “Rollin’ Big with the Lincoln MKT”

  1. DG Says:

    my favorite feature in my car is the seat warmer! woo woo! nothing says good morning like a warm tush :)

  2. DG Says:


  3. DG Says:


    and oh my goodness that last photo is SO ADORABLE!

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  5. Mami2jcn Says:

    Cruise control is cool.

    But I consider air conditioning a technological feature! I drove without air conditioning until 1997!

  6. Mami2jcn Says:


  7. Mami2jcn Says:


  8. O Mom Says:

    I love my back up camera!!

  9. Carol Says:

    I love my GPS!

  10. Carol Says:


  11. Annette D Says:

    I have a back up sensor and it is great for parking!

  12. Annette D Says:


  13. frpda205 Says:

    best feature = adaptive cruise control

  14. Stephanie V. Says:

    do not have but really wish I had built-in bluetooth for my cell phone in my car
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  15. Nita Says:

    I love my GPS. I am so directionally challenged.

  16. the chatty housewife Says:

    My favorite has to be the fridge. I have celiac disease and I am always taking a cooler full of gluten-free food everywhere I go. If I had a fridge in my car, it would save SO much hassle!

  17. Taylor Says:

    Well considering my car is a 1986 Ford Bronco, my favorite technology would be the automatic windows! But I think my dream car would have heating/cooling seats and would be able to parallel park for me :)

    Sync for Ford cars are pretty neat too!

  18. Camels & Chocolate Says:

    Oooh, I am totally in love with my 2008 Nissan Altima, but my very favorite feature is the camera on the back bumper and the big screen in my console that lets me see where I’m going when backing out!

  19. Sally Says:

    My car is low-tech. No power locks, even. But what I’d REALLY love is one of those remote keychains where you never have to take it out of your purse. You just walk near the car and it unlocks.

  20. Erin Says:

    Loved this write up! I’ve been eying that car.

    My current car has an awesome stero system that we LOVE pumping. So what if it’s usually Kindermusik songs or white noise to shushh the baby? ;)

  21. alissa Says:

    My favourite car feature is parking sensors :)

  22. Wendy Says:

    my fave thing in my new-to-me car is the seat warmers!! mmmmmmmm, great on chilly mornings.

  23. Clover Says:

    It’s not very high-tech, but I’m glad that my minivan has lights that I never have to think about– they turn themselves off when the car turns off. I’d love a chance to drive something with a little more technology involved, though, so I could have some new favorite features! :-)

  24. nikkapotamus Says:

    I love my Honda CRV and it’s coolest gadget is the card table that doubles as the floor of the back. It’s great for camping. I know it’s not really technologically forward or anything, but when you go out and need a table, by golly, there it is.

    But I agree with Taylor, it would be cool if a car would parallel park itself.

  25. Nicole Says:

    Love the GPS. I will never ever give it up!

  26. Amy Says:

    We drive a 1997 GMC Safari so really no luxuries at all, but if I could have a luxury in a car it would have to be stow a way seats ~I know that isn’t very technical, but with 5 kids and lots of stuff it would really be a great thing for me.


  27. Glenda Says:

    Butt warmers are a must oh and so are sunroofs!

  28. kate Says:

    I don’t have it, but I’d love an external thermometer to tell me when the roads are frozen.

  29. Diana Says:

    This is not technological but seats that are easy to remove and put back in. I did it once to deep clean and will never do it again. So satisfying (the clean part), but what a pain in the butt.

    My car is pretty basic and I’m ok with that. I’m a big fan of cruise control and of a great sound system. Mmmm – maybe a voice controlled stereo?

  30. Shaz Says:

    Is it pathetic that I would be excited if my car had power windows? It’s only a 2004 but I still have to lean allllll the way over to the passenger’s side if I want the wind to whip my hair from both windows. Also hate the handle banging into things stowed in the door pocket. That’s what I get for slumming, I guess.

  31. CAROL S-U Says:

    I drive a Subaru Tribeca and I love the back-up camera for the very reason you liked it – it’s so hard to see behind you with the smaller windows! It was hard to get used to at first, but now I rely on it. We did also get a rear DVD player and for longer car trips it’s made a huge difference for the kids and we can still listen to music since they have wireless headphones – it’s a win-win!

  32. silver Says:

    If I’m talking, my husband misses turns when he drives (and if he’s in the car, he’s driving). So I’d love a GPS system that speaks the directions. That way he can’t blame me for missing a turn!

  33. Julia Says:

    The best feature in my car is that the passenger side-view mirror turns down when I put the car in reverse (so helpful for backing up along a curb and parallel parking!).

  34. Betsy Says:

    When we bought our minivan I thought the power doors were silly and useless. We had 1 kid then. Now that I have 4, I so wish we had them. Much easier to obtain than extra arms for me!

  35. Julia Says:

    Tweeted –

  36. Charlotte S Says:

    My favorite feature of my 07 Hyundai Tucson is all the cup holders. It has 8!!! Its great for roadtrips..

  37. Suzy Says:

    Love cruise control especially for those long trips. The car we have at present doesn’t have cruise control which stinks and makes for tired legs. :)

  38. Calee Says:

    I love my heated seats. Love them. Car is on her last legs, but I can’t bring myself to buy a new one that doesn’t have this option.

  39. Calee Says:


  40. Stephanie M Says:

    My favorite tech feature in a car is an ipod connector and cruise control!

  41. Beth Says:

    I love my dvd player, even more than my twins!

  42. Jamie Says:

    Seat warmers are the best, but the light that flashes in the windshield is amazing and I need this car for my husband! Ha Ha

  43. Amanda Says:

    We considering I have an el-cheap-o Kia van, my favorite feature would have to be cruise control. I loved my power windows while they worked. Hey, if I win maybe I could afford to get it fixed!
    I would LOVE to have heated seats, build in DVD players and a back up camera.

  44. Amanda Says:


  45. Mamaria Says:

    I love my XM radio best- no more commercials! I also love the automatic trunk closure. SO handy when your arms are full and the kids are wiggly.

  46. Jessica Says:

    I have to say, there’s a lot of cool techie stuff for cars out there, but my favorite thing in my *own* car is the lithium-ion (or whatever) battery that lets me average about 48 mpg. Also, it’s a STICK shift! love it… and it’s getting harder to come by these days. Do those count?

  47. Jodi Says:

    I love my heated seats and my GPS. The heated seats are perfect in the never ending war over the heat in our car between myself and my husband. Now I can just crank up my seat and stay warm.

  48. mar Says:

    Heated seats, hands down – though I do wish they had them for the back seat. I also love the on the fly 4WD – I remember the last car I owned that had 4WD you had to get out of the car and lock the hubs! And not really techie, but I love the fold down seats too – I have tons of cargo room when I need it, but I can flip them up and seat 7 in a blink of the eye!

    I too used to have a sporty little car, but having a decent performance SUV isn’t bad either – I was sure I was going to hate mine too, but now I love it!

  49. Leta Says:

    My fave feature is my ability to plug in my ipod.

  50. Jodi Says:

    tweeted this

  51. Annette Says:

    Wishing my minivan had those seat warmers after the awful winter we had!

  52. Karen Says:

    I would love a butt warmer…but since I live in California now (used to live in Canada) it would not be used. But it is delightful.

    I guess my second favorite would be the parallel parking/backing up feature. Since I have sometimes sketchy depth perception this would definitely come in handy!

  53. Ang Says:

    My seat heat is my favorite! One day I hope to have a heated steering wheel too…oh and rain sensing wipers!

  54. LeAnne Says:

    LOVE my heated seats! And the stereo volume and controls on the steering wheel – so handy!

  55. sweetea Says:

    I’d love some seat warmers!

  56. Asha Says:

    Wish my car had the rearview cam! And the seat warmers and the refrigerator and the steering wheel audio controls and bluetooth and…………..

  57. bec Says:

    I’m old school too. The air conditioning.

  58. Alexandra Says:

    A built-in-DVD player (with dual headphone jacks for our kiddos) would be a fabulous feature to have!

  59. Jeanette Says:

    My car is ancient so I don’t have many techie perks. I would love to get a hybrid for my next car. That is the best technological advance.

  60. redheadkaet Says:

    I adore the sliding back doors on my minivan. Didn’t realize how much I would end up using them. Wonderful when I have my hands full of stuff to go in the car.

  61. Amy Says:

    I don’t think I will ever be able to drive a car without heated seats ever again and I live in the south….

  62. Angie Says:

    DVD player. Keeps the kids from asking, “Are we there yet!?”

  63. Sara Says:

    I’m a minivan gal. I would love, love, love a built in dustbuster for all the crumbs in the backseat. Clever idea, no?

  64. Courtney Says:

    I’m not fancy.. I would just love to have an ipod hook up with my radio. A nice one where it shows me all the menus on a screen instead of having to play around with my ipod, select the artist or playlist, plug it in and hope it works! :)

  65. pam Says:

    i loooove my ipod hook up

  66. pam Says:

  67. Sara Says:

    Built in blue tooth!

  68. Danielle Says:

    I love how my Honda Fit’s seats can fold up opening up all the area behind the front seats or down to make one big flat space.

  69. Lisa Says:

    I love the safety features of my minivan (side airbags that deploy longer than normal for rollover crashes). I hope to never have to use them but it makes me feel good knowing that they’re there for me.

  70. anna Says:

    I love my suburban for the fact that I can haul around tons of people and their stuff, plus a few bikes on our back rack. I love that I can adjust seating and stuff fairly easily. I also love love that it’s big so other people see it. I would love to have those flashy lights though!

  71. isaida aka mami dearest Says:

    my favorite feature of my truck is the heated seats, DVD player for the boys and I hate to say it, but my coffee cup holder…holds my coffee cup perfectly =)

  72. Jeannette Says:

    I love my heat seats. I’d love it if they cooled down in the summer!

  73. Kelly Says:

    I love my sun roof.

  74. parsingtime Says:

    I would love to have a trunk that automatically opens and closes!

  75. Pictou Says:

    I love my iPod connection. Makes my long commute tolerable.

  76. Christine Says:

    I just came out of the dark ages (1996 Corolla) and got a 2002 Subaru Outback, and I love having central locking for the first time ever. No more having to do a round trip of all the doors with a squirmy toddler in one arm to let in the preschooler who insists on “winning” everything (ie getting in first), in the lashing rain with a bunch of other things to carry as well.

  77. TJ Says:

    There’s lots of big and little technological advances that I have and wish I had, but I have to say that the best for me has been the lock/unlock button on the keyfob. That’s the thing that finally got me to stop locking the keys in my car!

  78. Cindy Says:

    Remote Start!!! LOVE it. Wish it had an iPod dock or something though and built in dvd player for the kids, but if I had to choose one thing, its remote start.

  79. Heidi Says:

    I would love to have that feature in minivans where the back door opens with a button! I thought it was silly when we bought my car and opt’d to NOT get it! Now that my son is 6 and has to open the door by himself when I drop him off at school it is a decision I am so sorry I made! It takes that kids FOREVER to open that door…I feel the eyes of angry, automatic door opening moms in their minivans. YUCK.

  80. KristyC Says:

    Wow – loved the review.

    I think I would like to have a GPS and/or an iPod dock in the next vehicle.

  81. Michelle B. Says:

    voice-activated playing of the iPod

  82. Kate Says:

    I’m not too demanding – heated seats! I have a 2007 Honda Fit and it’s got NOTHING. But it’s teeny, and cute, so I love it anyway.

  83. kat Says:

    I have a prius and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my back up camera, and my push button start. Oh! and the keyless system: I never need to know where my keys are in my giant purse, as long as they are in there, I’m good to go!

  84. Kate Says:

    Tweeted –

  85. KLG Says:

    My little Scion is as basic as it gets, but my favorite technology feature in my dream car would be the same as Sara’s – a built in, retractable hose/vacuum system! Nothing fancy, just enough to do a quick once over! Brilliant idea.

  86. Kathryn Says:

    My dream car would definitely have a mini-fridge. Think I can get one installed in my ’98 Honda Civic??

  87. Momsy Says:

    I live in Florida and still LOVE LOVE LOVE the seat warmer. I

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  89. pinky Says:

    I read and enjoyed your review and the pictures are fabulous!

    hmmm – my car is bargain-basement (and recently has the addition of a brand-new gouge in the passenger door thanks to some anonymous jerk in the Target parking lot) but I have to say our aftermarket ipod hookup is my favorite thing!

  90. Rebecca Ellington Says:

    I’d love it if my car did not sound like a machine gun when I lock the doors!

  91. Kris Says:

    HAve a groovy Ford Flex we bought about a year ago. Have to say I like the side mirror defroster. But, over-all, I think my favorite is the back-up sensor.

  92. Laura Says:

    My favorite thing about my car is the keyless entry and the keyless start. I just keep the FOB in my purse and everything is hands free. No juggling and digging to get keys. I am so spoiled!

  93. Tina Says:

    A couple of years ago our automatic door locks bit the dust, so I would love to have them back.

  94. Tiffany Says:

    i live in Michigan so my favorite feature is DEFINITELY the butt warmers!!

  95. karen Says:

    Backseat freezer for chocolate ice cream? Hell-lllo VW, love you but why am I still driving you? Find me a Lincoln dealer, STAT!

  96. the ambitious mrs Says:

    I have that thing where you don’t have to actually put the key in the ignition to start the car. Sure beats digging around for your keys when it’s cold outside!

  97. Melissa Says:

    I love the safety features. Especially the blind spot light in the side mirrors. That is genius!

  98. Christy Says:

    I know it’s not unique to this vehicle but I’d love a GPS. We are about to drive from Montana to California for the 5th time or so and each and every time we get a little lost. It would be so nice to not have to back-track this time.

  99. bethany Says:

    I love me some heated seats …. never had ‘em and don’t have a car now, but they are the BEST for someone who’s always cold!

  100. Stacy Says:

    The very best thing for me is the bun warmers and heated steering wheel. There’s nothing better than a toasty bun in the dead of winter!

  101. nicole Says:

    my favorite feature of my car is seat warmers…who would have thought that i’d move to california from chilly canada and then have a car with seat warmers.
    secret agent jo…great review!

  102. Kuky Says:

    I don’t even need to think about it. GPS. I get lost so easily.

  103. Elizabeth Says:

    My automatic doors. makes getting 2, soon to be 3, kids in the car so much easier.

  104. Melissa Says:

    Hmm…not the most tech-y or neatest feature you’ll find in most cars these days but my favorite is satellite radio. This is my first car ever with it and I just love being able to listen to the British accents on Radio 1 whenever I please.

  105. Kate Says:

    Oh my gosh, I would love a back-up camera! My distance-gauging is not very good from the front of the car.

    !And Tweeted!

  106. karen Says:

    I love the blind spot light in this car! My fave feature of my car is the roomy trunk space and the back seats that fold down and make the trunk bigger (good for ikea trips!).

  107. Danna Snider Says:

    We drive a big old Ford Windstar van. I do love it for all it’s room, but my fav. techie feature is the 6 CD holder/player and the fact that you can see what song is playing on the radio. I never know what song is on the radio and this feature was made for me.

    Here’s the links you asked for.

    Thanks! Danna

  108. lisa moore gee Says:

    On my car, the best feature is the power locks. thats not saying much. in my ideal car, we would have a tv/dvd player, sunroof, cd player w/ at least 5 cd changer, power EVERYTHING, heated seats, the works! lol Thanks for the contest!! I would love to get into a program like that! I have been blogging 6 months and have already grown my audience quite a bit! :)

  109. Rachel A. Says:

    Sounds like a delightful road trip!

  110. lisa moore gee Says: tweet @brianswifey05

  111. Judy Bradley Says:

    My car has seats that fold down too & I love it! So handy for garage sales, hauling one’s sister’s stuff 1200 miles to her new home! LOL Also good for camping! I would like better cup holders, windows that go down in the sliding doors too. Sounds like this car is a good one! Thanks!

  112. lisa moore gee Says:

    blogged here

  113. lisa moore gee Says:

    tweet @brianswifey05

  114. Cassie S Says:

    I love this car! The blind spot light feature alone makes me wanna go check it out :)

  115. Karen Says:

    I would love to have a car again with heated seats! I live in Texas, where you would think I wouldn’t have much need for them, but I used that feature a lot for a variety of reasons.

  116. Tara Says:

    My car is 12 years old. The only technological feature it has is a digital clock! :)

  117. Caminante Says:

    I’d love to have a remote starter for cold winter days… and of course seat warmers to go along with it :)

  118. Debbie Says:

    I love the little sensors on my car that tell me when I’m getting close to something when I’m parking. And my GPS, too!

  119. mrs doodle Says:

    I LOVE dvd players for the kids and seat warmers are a must – those things rock in a car.

    Awesome review! Thanks SAJ!

  120. Samantha Says:

    I absolutely adore the GPS in my car. I just it a few weeks ago and I travel to and from school so it’s a great piece of equipment for me to have! :D

  121. Meggan Says:

    I would like GPS. My current car is a hatchback that is pretty low to the ground. I need for my dog to be able to jump in the back without it being too difficult. The seats have to lay down (mine are always down….if car companies read this…you shouldn’t have to take off the head rests to put down the seats. They just get lost.)

  122. Beth Says:

    The heated seats!!! My husband’s car has them and they are simply lovely.

  123. Ruth Says:

    My favorite feature has got to be a good sound system. Every car I’ve had since I was 16 has been old and broken, including the radio/cd player/tape player. Being able to get a good station and cranking up the volume without your speakers going nuts would be nice!

  124. Brenda Says:

    I’d love to have seat warmers as I’m always freezing, and I used to have a car with a sun roof — ahh to see the sun again — I can’t wait for spring!

  125. Brenda Says:

    I love having a sunroof, my next car requires a sunroof!!

  126. Andrea Says:

    Keyless Go is my favorite new-fangled car feature.

  127. SK Says:

    Definitely satellite radio!

  128. Gretchen Says:

    My sunroof! With a touch of a button I can open it just a bit or all the way for a full wind blowing in my hair effect.

  129. s Says:

    my car is so basic that anything would be much loved…esp a programmed answer to “are we there yet”, an extra robot hand to pass back water bottles (that fridge sounds dreamy!), a programmed voice to tell the kids “pls take out your trash – thank you very much” and perhaps some cell phone finder feature since I’m forever losing mine under a seat!

  130. Hannah Says:

    I LOVE my seat warmers. so lovely in the winter!

  131. Appe Says:

    No question–my seat warmer that just failed last week. So sad and so cold now!

  132. J Says:

    It’s gotta be the rearview cam!

  133. J Says:


  134. Victoria Says:

    I love, love, love the blinker lights on my side view mirrors. Don’t know why, just love them! :)

  135. Mary Says:

    My beloved car is 12 years old and pretty low on tech perks. I admire seat warmers in other people’s cars though!

  136. sioux Says:

    hey brenda!
    fun review!
    i drive an old, old, 1997 buick century that belonged to my dad. it ain’t fancy, but i think my favorite feature is how solid it is. i feel pretty safe in it.
    in my dream car? good question GPS and DVD player are the first things that leap to mind. make it a BMW while you’re at it, OK?

  137. MB Says:

    Chocolate ice cream! Inspired :)

  138. Kara Says:

    I have no sense of direction, so I love having a GPS. Things I don’t have but would like are heated seats & remote start-up. That would be so nice in winter. Love the photo of Bug with her arms outstretched!

  139. clare Says:

    my favorite (possibly imaginary) feature in my imaginary dream car is programmable settings for two or more drivers… my 6′ tall husband and 5’3″ self are a one-car family and it would be really nice to get in the car and push one button to move the seat up, angle the rearview the way i like it and switch the stereo over to npr. seriously, how sweet would that be?

  140. Teresa Says:

    I would love the blind spot light. I had a 92 Subaru wagon. You could see for MILES in that car. Now pretty much any “normal” car I drive gives me fits, tons of blind spots for my short self.

  141. Aunt Kathy Says:

    Heated seats are the best! Although, I’m for having an ice chest in the back for spur of the moment grocery shopping of perishables.

  142. Tracy Says:

    I love, love, love GPS systems and my next car one will have one in the dash. Oh, and I <3 my satellite radio!!! My next car will have an in dash one of those too.

  143. Sam Says:

    My poor car doesn’t have many exciting features, but my next one will have the reverse camera for sure. It would make for such easier parallel parking in this little city!

  144. April Driggers Says:

    Wrote about it on my blog:

  145. April Driggers Says:

    MY favorite feature on my car has to be… wow, I really, REALLY love my car…. I love the heated seats. I hate having a cold bootie! I like the rain sensing wipers too…. and the stereo system (BOSE!) It KICKS!

  146. April Driggers Says:

    I’m not trying to duplicate a comment but I posted about this on my website and I’m not seeing the entry pop up.


  147. April Driggers Says:

    Well, WEIRD…. I’ve tried to post the link to my blog twice but it’s not showing up.

    Here is the LINK to the post??? maybe that will work. I suppose this box may not like HTML

  148. Jamie Says:

    it’s not really fancy-schmancy at all, but i do so love, love, love having the outside temp displayed.

  149. Felecia Says:

    My favorite feature in my dream car (cuz I drive a Honda that isn’t all that new…or fancy) is a dual dvd player for the back seats…I can just hear the blissful silence!

  150. Patty Martyn Says:

    I have a 2005 Suburban. My husband and I share the car. I am tall, but he is very tall. I love that I can program my seat and mirror position into the car. After my hubby has driven I can push the button and everything is back to the way I like it!

  151. Tonya Says:

    Sounds like you had fun in that Lincoln.

    I have several favs, but I really like dual climate control. iPod capability is great too.

  152. sara Says:

    my dream car would have an iPod jack. oh, how i long to join the 21st century.

  153. Shana Says:

    My favorite technological gizmo in my minivan is the built-in DVD system. We don’t use it during normal around-town driving (because I am a Mean Mommy who limits screentime), but it is invaluable when we take a roadtrip out-of-state. We can even connect our Wii to the system, and the kids can play videogames from their seats. Whee!

  154. Lori Says:

    I love my Jeep Wranger’s 4 Wheel Drive. The snow and our camping excursions in Central Utah make it a necessity.

  155. Amye Says:

    I love my sunroof, but my dream car(SUV) has heated seats!

  156. Amanda Says:

    My TWO favorites!! Backup sensor and auto start! I could go on and on.

  157. Julia Says:

    since I live in northern Wisconsin, my favorite current feature is the heated seats. 2nd would be 4WD for snow. I’d like the backup camera as I am always afraid of hitting someone (I drive an old Suburban)

  158. Sarah R Says:

    My car doesn’t have much new technology but I would love a GPS. That will be really handy when I move in a few months.

  159. Kaitlin Says:

    My car doesn’t have them, but heated seats are my favorite thing ever!

  160. rob cantando Says:

    I’d love to drive that car!

  161. Linda B Says:

    My favorite feature in my car is the heated seats (we call them bun-warmers).

  162. Charlotte Says:

    I love my Honda’s seat warmer! Sometimes on a cold day, I just want to stay in the car.

  163. joe hansen Says:

    the seat warmers are great on a cold day

  164. dawn Says:

    The favorite item in my car is the back up alarm. If I am backing up and get within 4 feet of anything it sets off an alarm to warn me.

  165. Shelley Wright Says:

    I would love to have a sound alert about something behind me. Stories of kids being run over horrify me.

  166. Ashley Says:

    My favorite feature in my car used to be all the adapters. I could have my phone, gps and ipod charging at the same time and with one of the adapters in the console, I could easily hide away the gps when going into a resturaunt. Now that the cassette deck broke so I can’t play my ipod and my phone charger broke I don’t need so many, but it sure was nice at the time

  167. Micaela K Says:

    My favorite feature is my GPS. I don’t think I would get out as much without it, or get anywhere for that matter.

  168. Mindy Says:

    i drive a 1998 toyota corolla so technological features are not something i think about often. haha. but someday maybe a car that i have would have it’s own dvd player and screen. i am a mom and we have to travel to see family so that would be a wonderful feature. those cameras in new car so you can see what is behind you when you back up are pretty cool too.

  169. suzanne Says:

    a convertible top – my goodness do I love the sun shining in!

  170. Kathy Says:

    I love the built in DVD player for roadtrips. Keeps the kids from going nuts.

  171. Kalli Says:

    I absolutely love my back-up camera. We have a weird, hard to see around driveway, and I feel that kids and cats are far more safe now that I can clearly see behind me.

  172. Keli Says:

    i would love a backup camera! i would love to see behind me when I’m backing up, especially with all the kids and dogs around!

  173. Jake Says:

    I just love my radio

  174. Lori Says:

    Oh man, my car has just short of zero technological features. Choosing from what it does have…. I gotta say that the little beeping if I open a door and still have the key in the ignition has saved my butt about every time I stop for gas.

  175. Chuck Says:

    A working a/c is my favorite feature of my car, that and dual cup holders (just kidding about the cup holders).

  176. Janice R Says:

    I would love to have the seat warmers in my car

  177. Tracey Byram Says:

    I like the voice-activated GPS because I can get lost going around the block.

  178. carole rossi Says:

    my dream car would have beepers for both front and backup when too near another car –I would be able to choose from many colors like in the old days when they gave you a minde boggling chart –now you get about 5 colors that all look alike

  179. Jess Says:

    I LOVE my GPS. I am very “directionally challenged,” so it has saved me many times.

  180. Jason Lawless Says:

    I would love to have a DVD player and a jack for our MP3 players in our next van.

  181. MaryC Says:

    Wow! This sounds like an awesome car. I especially liked hearing about the safety features. Good to have for those of us who are depth perception challenged. Thanks for sharing this. BTW, cute kids!

  182. Selinda McCumbers Says:

    I would love to have the blind spot feature on my car!


  183. Farleigh Says:

    The seat warmers are the best part of my Saab (well that and the safety features), because there is nothing better on a cold winter morning.

  184. Liana Says:

    Lovin’ my GPS and in my dream car – I someday will have a camera to help with backing up & blind spots!

  185. Cristine Says:

    I’d like a rearview camera, GPS, and I’d love a little fridge in the back to hold my ice cream~ that sounds awesome!

  186. Kurt Says:

    The built-in DVD player, no question!

  187. Karen Says:

    Since my car is older and I drove a new one when we went to Colorado, I loved the seat warmers and the space for all of my kids hockey equipment. I’d like review cameras too as I am always around schools and rinks.

  188. chris vance Says:

    i love syncs hands off phoning

  189. Jill Says:

    Dream car: iphone syncing, navigational system, and a quiet ride… Yes, I own a very noisy car with a cassette tape still.

  190. slynnro Says:

    I drive a BMW and it has a feature called iDrive, which is like a little onscreen computer that controls all of the features of the car. It even has a little mouse-like thing. It’s awesome.



  192. gracia Says:

    I would say a back up camera. I wish my SUV had one…

  193. flyingbird Says:

    A seatwarmer. I am eternally cold.

  194. Lisa Says:

    I recently upgraded vehicles to a 2001 Grand Cherokee, and now that I am living without it, I can say that my favorite technological feature of a car is headlights that turn themselves on and off. My old car had them, but now I have to turn them off myself. I hate it. I avoid driving at night because I can’t remember to turn my headlights on and off.

  195. kathleen Says:

    Living in Lake Tahoe, I must say that the most amazing
    feature of my car is the seat warmer! LOVE IT!

  196. susie Says:

    Definitely the seat warmer — we’re in the northeast, and it gets COLD. I would seriously love a direct plug & play thingy for my iPod, though. That would be awesome. (A girl can dream, right?)

    That last photo is the best ever. :)

  197. Holly Ann Says:

    humm… the coolest feature in my car is that the back window rolls down from the key remote so if i am carrying bags to the car i don’t have to put them down to open the hatch… but i am really wishing i had seat warmers… used to have them but that car is gone and i really miss them…

    and how awesome it is to have this vehicle for a week… envious…

  198. Ms. Amy Says:

    My favorite techno feature is cruise control! Yes, I know, it’s very basic, but when you drive without it for 10+ years, it’s a pleasure to have it once more.

  199. Zavier Says:

    My favourite features:

    1. backup sensors or camera. even prefer sensors on the front
    2. built in navi
    3. large sunroof
    4. third row seat – you never know how handy it is in sometimes!
    5. ipod hookup
    6. And ofcourse reliable brakes and accelerator that won’t make decisions by it’s own!!

  200. TamiA Says:

    For me it would have to be the separate temp controls in my car. One for the driver, another one for the passenger. I’m always cold and my husband is always hot or warmer than me, I should say! Marriage savior, right there!!

  201. TamiA Says:


  202. Amber Gifford Says:

    I love my car..older but mine! it has radio controls on the steering wheel,
    love not taking my eyes off the road to find a station.

  203. Jaynette Says:

    I love my remote keys. My van isn’t new (2005), but it is new to me. I also like the sliding doors on both sides.

  204. Dana Says:

    I would love remote start… I hate going from a warm house to a cold car!

  205. Jennifer Reda Says:

    i like being able to plug my ipod right into the sound system

  206. Elizabeth Says:

    I really love the seat warmers!!!!

  207. shel Says:

    My car is a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe…it was the first brand new car I ever owned..before that I just bought used cars and, like someone else said, air conditioning was a “luxury”….but my Santa Fe had all the cookies when I bought it: power windows, door locks, cruise control, moon roof…but my all-time favorite feature are the butt warmers! It has leather seats and I love getting into it and turning on the butt warmer. My husband says it makes him feel like he wet his pants but I use mine all the time and probably wouldn’t consider another car without it.

  208. shel Says:


  209. shel Says:


  210. Madeline Says:

    My favorite feature in my dream car would be a great sound system :)

  211. Madeline Says:

    I tweeted:
    username: mem4dr

  212. Andrea Says:

    Heated seats sound pretty cool!

  213. Kim Says:

    Electronic Stability Program (ESP) – in my Audi makes a big difference when driving on snow & ice. It provides a tangible sense of contol & safety. Heated seats and steering wheel are nice, … but I wouldn’t go back to a rear wheel drive car without some technology to help with traction. (yeah, … all wheel drive is the best answer).

  214. Carolyn G Says:

    I have a Honda del sol. It’s a two seater and old so there aren’t many bells and whistles. BUt the coolest thing I have is a back rear window that opens. It is so wonderful in the summertime. Because of the angle, I can even have it open when it rains and no water comes in.

  215. Carolyn G Says:


  216. Veronica Says:

    My current car has NO features, and I covet my parents’ seat warmers. Sigh …

  217. Veronica Says:


  218. JoAnn Says:

    One feature that I wish that we had was duel heat/air controll.

  219. Melissa Says:

    My favorite feature is the separate temp controls in the the front. I can keep mine warm & my husband can have the ac on. I love it!

  220. Ktown6 Says:

    Remote control sliding doors! They come in very handy with kids climbing in and out or when juggling groceries etc.

  221. Jean D. Says:

    I have traction control on my car. After a world’s-worst winter, I’m grateful it helped me through it.

    Thanks for this generous giveaway! Yay!

  222. Jean D. Says:

    Tweeted you!

  223. Susan Says:

    We drive an old enough car that any kind of upgrade would be wonderful.

    I’d love to have the seat warmer and the dual air controls. A great stereo system would be nice. The thing I look for the most in a car now is safety features. We drive our grandkids around so safety is tops on my list.

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  224. Jess A Says:

    I don’t know if it is even possible, but I would love to see screen windows. I love having the window open in the summer, but I don’t love the little friends that fly in uninvited.

  225. Susan Hartman Says:

    I would live to have a GPS built into my car.

  226. Abella Says:

    My dream car will definitely have seat warmers!

  227. Cinda Says:

    My favorite feature in my car is my seat warmers!I love them during the winter.I also love my sunroof though during the summer/nice weather haha

  228. Cinda Says:

    Made a tweet about your giveaway! (@Cinda) :

  229. Nicole Says:

    My favorite feature for my future car would be the push to start button for the ignition switch. I’m very interested in trying such a feature and my hubby wouldn’t need to worry about losing his car keys all the time.

  230. Regina S Says:

    my favorite technological feature is definately heated/cooled seats. They really warm the bum up in the cold winter!

  231. Lisa Eddo Says:

    Wow! sounds like my kind of car! The back seat refrigerator sounds great. No more hauling around a regular cooler on Farmer’s Market Days!

  232. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

    This might sound lame, but having the little outlet in the dash that you can plug your ipod into is a life saver.

    That and a DVD player.

  233. sandra Says:

    my favorite feature in my next car would be a backup sensor so i don’t run anyone or anything over!

  234. mel marie Says:

    my 7 year old suv hauls a lot of kids to school but doesn’t have any fancy new features and if i had to pick just one it would be the gps built in. it would save me the grief on every out of town trip!

  235. Paula G. Says:

    My all time favorite feature in my car is the push button start! It is so nice not having to dig in the bottom of my purse to look for my keys. As long as they are somewhere in my purse, the car will start.

  236. Amandapm Says:

    The rearview camera thingie that lets me see where I’m going when I’m backing up; I don’t know what its official name is but I sure do love it!

  237. Veronica Says:

    The USB thingy to play my mp3 player! :)

  238. Elaine Says:

    It’s a tie between the seat-warmers and the digital compass in the rearview mirror.

  239. Annalisa Kraft-Linder Says:

    My dream car would be able to park itself especially parellel parking.

  240. Matt Says:

    I’ve been hearing about a lot of new cars having Internet access/WiFi built in. This would be my dream feature in my next vehicle! I also really like the cooling seats in some of the newer cars.
    mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

  241. Clownfish Says:

    My wife’s car is pretty loaded: sattelite radio, 6 cd changer, moonroof, seat heaters, gps….but what I love is the ability to adjust the radio channels and volume from the steering wheel! – More than a few times I’ve jumped into my older truck, only to hit the cruise control while trying to lower the volume, hahaha.

  242. Bonny Sallee Says:

    I love my heated seats, but add a massage elements to it would be awesome!

  243. Yolanda Says:

    Good morning. My favorite feature GPS. I have found that I increasingly use GPS services even when driving around locally.

  244. Jenn Says:

    I don’t have parking sensors, but I wish I did! That is my dream feature… I can barely parallel park. As it is, I have really fantastic air-conditioning & I’m pretty happy with that.

  245. Nichole Says:

    My favorite feature is absolutely the seat warmers. Love ‘em.

  246. Isabel Kallman @AlphaMom Says:

    Random draw? Heck, I’ll enter. Who knows?

    Yeah, fave technological feature in my dream car?

    I don’t have a car but would love to have a windshield round to my prescription. Can that be done? Can it be done technologically? so that the passenger’s side is unaffected and the driver’s side is changed?

    Is this valid?

    If not, I’ll be boring and say loudspeaker so that you can communicate with the third row without shouting. You know, a Voice of Mom button? I saw it in a car prototype once. Very cool.

  247. Ann Says:

    Two features I never thought I would like…and now I love:
    Seat warmers and the Keypad on the door.

  248. Eva Says:

    I live having a DVD player …

  249. Shannon S. Says:

    What a snazzy ride!

    I’m pretty easy when it comes to extra features since our car has none. I love electric locks and windows, keyless remote and even the keyless start system is pretty nice.

  250. Ruth Says:

    my dream feature: the car that parks itself

  251. Sylvie W. Says:

    Music, music, music. My car has a great stero system that wraps the music all around me. It makes any drive fantastic.

  252. Jim Darts Says:

    I drive an old beater-a 96 Ranger 4 x 4 with 144,000 miles on it. I would looove the heated seats and the stereo system plus all the extras on the beautiful and scrumpotious Lincoln–Great, great vehicle.

  253. Katy M Says:

    I drive a Mazda 3 right now and my favorite feature on it is the seat warmers. Nice!

    I wish it had a docking system for my iPod, though. I’d love that!

    Thanks for the great review and giveaway!!! :)

  254. Vickie Bartlett Says:

    I like my anti lock brakes and cruise control

  255. Vickie Bartlett Says:


  256. Vickie Bartlett Says:


  257. Wendy Taunton Says:

    I have a Mazda MPV and I love that the third seat easily folds flat without having to take out the seat.

  258. Cujo Says:

    My “dream” feature is heated seats and a remote starter. I live in Michigan and some winter days are brutal. These features make my life easier.

  259. Renski Says:

    The lumbar support in my car is lacking. I know they have power lumbar support in upscale vehicles. My next car WILL have this feature.

  260. Debra F Says:

    I drive a Jeep Cherokee and it is very low tech. I really want a car that will play my Ipod…simple.

  261. April G. Says:

    My car is 11 years old. The only technological feature it has is cruise control! I’d like to have GPS. I rented a car with that once and it was so fun. Or bun-warmers. My friend’s car has them and they are wonderful, especially here in Massachusetts.

  262. laurie murley Says:

    i would love to have a car that parell parks itself.

  263. laurie murley Says:


  264. Tiffany Pettey Says:

    I love the built in bluetooth feature… I have a tendency to chat while driving and now it is hands free.

  265. Tiffany Pettey Says:


  266. Jessica Says:

    My favorite feature of my mommy-van is the DVD player, it’s a lifesaver (which now that it is broke has really come to light!)

  267. Dawnalee Says:

    As my current vehicle that isn’t very old approaches 200K miles, I’ve been wondering what I would like next. Will definitely have to check out the MKT.

  268. Steve Stone Says:

    gps is best feature cant live without

  269. Tiffany Pettey Says:

    blogged it

  270. Kirsten Says:

    I love the heated rear view side mirrors. Great when you live someplace that gets a lot of snow and ice!

  271. samantha jo campen Says:

    The favorite feature of my car is that it’s paid off. Oh wait. . .uh, it doesn’t have any bells or whistles, so I guess I’ll go with that it has four doors. That comes in handy.

    samanthajocampen at gmail dot com

  272. mary gallo Says:

    My favorite feature would be in my dream car. My dream car is a conversion van , that is totally handicapped accessible, and the coolest feature would be a driver’s seat that turns sideways, down and out to make getting into the car virtually effortless.

  273. Kelly Says:

    I think I’d love having an Onstar system or something like it in my dream car. But at this point, I think I’d just like to have a car, period, since I’m currently doing the bike thing!

  274. becky Says:

    My favorite thing right now is my Droid phone, that I can take into any vehicle & it serves as my GPS. Love that! But for a built-in feature, I think I’d like to have what my mom does – the ability to plug in my iPod, so on long trips I could listen to what music I want to… especially in areas where there isn’t much reception at all. (When we travel cross-country, there are pockets of dead air as we go across the desert.)

  275. Tammy Kennedy Says:

    My car is a 2003 so it doesn’t have many options at all.
    Since most of our family lives 1200 miles away we spend time on the road driving
    So I have learned what gadgets are a must in a car.
    I would like to see more usb and 12 volt plug ins for the car, so kids can charge their mp3 players, plug in their portable dvd player and much more. I understand you can’t overload the sockets or you blow a fuse so if they could run more of them in the car on their seperate lines.

  276. Debby James Says:

    My favorite thing about my car( Nissan Altima) is that it will be paid off in August….Yeah! But the feature I love the most is my sound system….love listening to music on the open road…oh and those girls are too sweet…

  277. Anne G Says:

    My current car has very few technological features, and I guess my favorite would be the cruise control. My dream car would have a GPS!

  278. Anne G Says:

    I tweeted

  279. jennyonthespot Says:

    Seat warmers. Nectar of the gods. Or something like that ;)

  280. Julie SMith Says:

    I don’t have a car right now; but my favorite technological feature of THIS car is the ability to preset the speed and radio volume – with a young soon-to-be driver in the house, that is a major worry.

  281. Tracy Roe Says:

    I love the orange dot, blind side feature, wish it was on my Taurus, especially now that so many people speed up and down the highway and in town.

  282. Anne G Says:


  283. David Gresh Says:

    Love my heated seats on those cold mornings

  284. Trish Gannon Says:

    Cruise control can’t live without it

  285. Gloria Dornin Says:

    I love my keyless entry and starter, what a great thing

  286. Kerri R Says:

    I like how i can start my car from the inside of my house its great in the winter

  287. Lois Suttles Says:

    I love everything about that car.