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Tea Collection

Monday, March 12th, 2012


I am the worst reviewer ever. Bug received this beautiful dress from the Tea Collection almost a year ago and I never got around to taking photos of it and writing about it here. Part of it was my fault for ordering the dress a size too large and waiting for Bug to grow into it…and then there was the weather and the fact that this review had no deadline. I just never got around to it! I am the worst when it comes to deadlines. If you want me to get something done, give me a deadline.

tea collection

Look at this dress! Isn’t it the cutest?!! Of course Bug is a well-trained model and looks good in everything but really, everything from the Tea Collection is darling and beautiful. I urge you to click over and peruse.

jumping dancer

I’m sad to say that because I waited so long to write about this dress it is no longer available. They’ve moved onto Bali. Which is very pretty also and I may just order Bug a few things from their latest collection. This dress was from their Mexico collection.


It’s super well-made and durable. You could wear it to church or play rugby in it, it could handle both. Not that Bug is into Rugby or anything but she does play hard and she likes to be feminine so this dress is perfect for her.

virtual shopping

I’m a happy customer! I think I’ll be buying dresses from the Tea Collection for many years to come. By the way, they make clothes for moms too! And boys and babies…Check ‘em out!