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Make and Takes for Kids: A Book Review

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Make and Takes for Kids

Being the artsty fartsy mom is great but sometimes I just want to take a break and not be so artsy fartsy. I hate to admit that but it’s true. Sometimes kids come over to my house and they look at me with these big eyes as if they expect me to bust out some kind of super-fun project at the drop of a hat. If I don’t start something they start crafting by themselves with glue and post-it notes and before I know it there is a mess on my dining room table because my house is the crafting house and that’s what we do here!! Don’t you know?

But secretly, between you and me, I don’t always feel like it. I get tired of cleaning up messes, I get tired of shopping for supplies. I don’t always have the best ideas. GASP! And I’ll admit that but I’m not always 100% on. You know? Sometimes I’m buried under my own deadlines and worries and sometimes I’m just tired. Sometimes I’m NOT the fun mom. It sucks.

I’ve never bought a craft book before because that would be cheating right? Just like I can’t buy cute greeting cards at Target because I know I could make them (but I never do. blaah.) But when I heard my friend Marie Le Baron had a book out and she offered to give me a free copy if I reviewed it, I jumped at the chance. And now I know why other moms buy these sorts of books!! It’s awesome!!! Seriously, every craft in this book was super simple, didn’t require any crazy trips to the craft or hardware store and I could pretty much give the kids the book let them go!

It was actually really nice.


This book is divided up by months and each month has four seasonal crafts. The photography is beautiful and very helpful for explaining each step. This is great because children can really do it all by themselves instead of hollering for me every five seconds. Though I admit I was hovering because I can barely stand any crafting going on and not be in the middle of it too.

taking notes

Bug made the Rainbow-Colored Cooling Fan all by herself the first day we got this book.

easy fan

fan she made all by herself

She thought that was the bomb.

reading the recipe

And then later the neighborhood kids came over and made Snowman Smoothies.


adding milk adding chunks of coal aka brownie

long-nosed snowman

So simple and so yummy!


My reputation as the funnest-crafting-mom-in-the neighborhood is still intact and I didn’t have to do any work!! In fact, I think the kids really enjoyed that I let them pick what craft they wanted to do instead of setting them up with something I had already master-minded. It was a win-win!

So if you are looking for some simple crafts to get you and your kids through those long afternoons, I recommend this book. I love it. I think you will too!